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‘Comeback’ 2NE1, Dancing Barefoot?


2ne1 dancing barefoot

Girl group 2NE1 came on their comeback stage barefeet, catching much attention.

In Mnet "M! Countdown" aired yesterday, 2NE1 made their comeback stage with their new song "Falling in Love." The stage was filled with sand with the beach as their background, and the 4 members came on stage barefeet.

Many girl groups had endured the pain to dance in high heels because high heels make legs look prettier. But even though 2NE1 members were wearing short skirts, they boldly and confidently danced with no shoes on, revealing their confidence in their bodies.

Photo Credit: OSEN

CNBLUE Want To Know, ‘What Turns You On?’ With Their Newest LP

CNBLUE, new album, What Turns You On?, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun, Lee Jung Shin, Kang Min Hyuk, Japanese Album

Korean Rock sensation CNBLUE ask the question, 'What Turns You On?' with the super surprise announcement of yet another major Japanese album release this year, this time letting loose a full size LP by the end of summer to satisfy fans' appetite for new music. This news comes as a shock on the heels of the single album they already have set to hit the stores later this month on July 31st. 'What Turns You On?', slated to hit shelves on August 28th 2013, promises to be a sexy addition to CNBLUE's already heated repertoire (judging by the title), leaving fans both eager to see what CNBLUE has in store for them and equally hurting in the pocketbook

JYJ Junsu (XIA) Unleashes D-2 Teaser Image, Answers Fan's Question

JYJ Junsu (XIA) has unveiled a new teaser image for the D-2 countdown to his second solo album release.

Titled “Incredible,” the album contains the title song of the same name among its numerous tracks, whose music video teaser has previously been released. You can check that out here. Starting yesterday, Junsu has unveiled a image cut from the music video to count down the days till the July 15 album release. Along with the image, Junsu also answers randomly selected questions from fans, one per day. You can leave your questions at JYJ’s official Facebook page.

For D-2, Junsu answered username Beata Skop’s question from Poland. He replied, “For this album, I referred to many songs from other artists for inspiration and spent countless hours focusing on this album over several months

JYJ Junsu Releases MV Teaser Online, ‘Shocking Neon Suit’

JYJ, Junsu, Incredible, MV, Teaser

JYJ Junsu Releases MV Teaser Online, 'Shocking Neon Suit'

JYJ member Junsu revealed his colorful suit attire in his music video teaser.

With his comeback just around the corner, he revealed his music video teaser that showed off a fun poolside party theme that is fit for this summer season.

His agency stated, "With just 3 days before his comeback, he have started an official countdown on our JYJ official Facebook page. We have released the teaser for his fans around the world."

The JYJ Facebook page will be releasing a teaser cut online each day before his release date.

His album will release on July 15.

JYJ Junsu's "Incredible" to Feature Puff Daddy's Son Quincy Brown

JYJ‘s Junsu (aka Xia) is gearing up for the release of his second solo album, “Incredible,” and released a teaser image from the music video.

A representative of his agency said about his upcoming solo album, “We have started a countdown event on Junsu’s Facebook starting from D-3. Since Junsu received a lot of love domestically and internationally, we wanted an event that could reach our worldwide fans.” According to his official Facebook, Junsu will release a different teaser every day until the release of the his upcoming solo track, “Incredible.”

The song will also feature Quincy Brown, a young rapper and actor who is also known as Puff Daddy‘s son. Quincy Brown will have an English rap part in Junsu’s “Incredible

Sandara Park and Park Bom launch Double Park TV


On July 11, 2NE1’s agency, YG Entertainment, posted the first installment of a new video blog titled Double Park TV by 2NE1 group members Sandara and Bom and named for the fact that the surname of both girls is Park. Through this program, Sandara and Bom will be acting as a promotional team for their group.


The trailer has a “2NE1 TV” vibe to it, and it seems like it will be a show that isn’t going to take itself too seriously. Sandara is being the general manager for the 2NE1 Communications Team and Park Bom is a mere agent.


The 2NE1 members even received official gear and business cards. They will report news related to their group and its activities. Fans can check the program out on YouTube, YG’s official blog, the 2NE1 official lite, or Naver TV Cast

SISTAR, “Diet? We Can’t Sing Without Food”


sistar interview

On July 4, girl group SISTAR was interviewed after their performance Mnet "M! Countdown."

For a late lunch and an early dinner during the interview, SISTAR members visited a Korean restaurant. The members showed frank and genuine sides as they talked freely about topics that crossed their minds and as they scooped big spoonfuls of food from their bowls. This genuinity is something not easily shown in girl groups, but was possible because it was SISTAR.

Dasom said, "To show a healthy image, we just have to eat. We can't sing without food. We do get something called 'camera massage,' so we don't gain as much weight as we used to." Soyoo said, "We don't gain weight, but we don't lose either."

In the midst of the countless number of girl groups, the group that catches most attention as the 'sexy group' is SISTAR

2NE1 To Perform On ‘Music Core’ For The First Time In 2 Years

2NE1, YG Entertainment

2NE1 "Falling In Love"

It did not come as a shock to many when 2NE1's latest single "Falling In Love" shot to the top of the charts after its release on July 8.The wildly popular girl group had not released a new single in a year and fans were eagerly waiting for it to drop.

It also was not a big surprise when their label, YG Entertainment decided to hold the comeback stage on Inkigayo the day before the track officially dropped - they always seem to be testing out new promotion ideas (such as with the initial release of G-Dragon's "MichiGO").

But what did catch many off guard was the announcement Thursday morning that 2NE1 will be appearing on MBC's Music Core this weekend on the July 13 episode.

It has been nearly two years since the girl group appeared on the program and their return to the stage will follow a Thursday appearance on Mnet's M! Countdown

2NE1 to Appear on "Running Man"

All four members of 2NE1 will be appearing on “Running Man” in the near future! This will be the first time in four years that the 2NE1 members appear on a variety show that requires much physical movement.

On July 10, a certain broadcast source spoke with Star News and said that CL, Sandara Park, Park Bom and Minzy will be filming “Running Man” soon.

The source commented, “2NE1 will be filming ‘Running Man’ next week and the episode will be aired around the end of this month,” and “The 2NE1 members are big fans of ‘Running Man’ so they picked it as their first variety show after their come back.”

All four members of 2NE1 appeared on the past KBS talk show “Win Win” in 2010 but this is the first time all of them will appear on a show that requires a lot of movement

2NE1 confirmed for a guest appearance on "Running Man"

2NE1 will once again show their entertaining skills as they are confirmed to appear on an upcoming episode of SBS "Running Man."

On July 10th, YG Entertainment confirmed that all four members of the group will be filming for the show next week, with the episode slated to air by the end of this month.

The agency previously stated that they will try to incorporate more variety show activities in their promotions, starting with 2NE1's comeback this month.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 will kickstart with their promotions for "Falling in Love" start with Mnet M! Countdown this week.

Source: TenAsia