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Akdong Musician take 2nd ‘M! Countdown’ trophy with ’200%’

Akdong Musician have taken another #1 trophy with "200%" on the April 24th canceled broadcast of "M! Countdown"!

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This is the duo"s second consecutive win on the show since they debuted with "200%" earlier this month. Like last week"s broadcast, this week"s "M! Countdown" was not aired due to the Sewol ferry tragedy.

The other nominee for the trophy was A Pink with "Mr. Chu", while Mad Clown took third, Lee Sun Hee took fourth, and Orange Caramel rounded out the top 5. 

Congratulations to Akdong Musician, and stay tuned to see if they"ll take the trophy again on the next "M! Countdown".

Akdong Musician Continues Winning Streak with Second “M!Countdown” Win

The adorable siblings of Akdong Musician have taken home their second consecutive trophy on “M!Countdown!”

While the show did not air today, this week’s Top 5 was revealed through MNet’s homepage. Due to the Sewol ferry tragedy, Korea is in the state of mourning, and the major broadcast companies are showing their respect for the situation by canceling their variety and music shows.

According to the chart, Akdong Musician is this week’s winner with their highly successful title track “200%.” The other high-ranking artists this week are A Pink with “Mr. Chu,” 15& with “Can’t Hide It,” Lee Sun Hee with “Meet Him Among Them,” and Mad Clown with “Without You

Mnet Cancels Major Show Programs Including “M Countdown” and “Beatles Code”

Cable channel Mnet"s major show programs have also announced cancellation this week.

CJ E&M announced the cancellation of "Beatles Code 3D", "Wide Entertainment News", and "M Countdown" this week.

In addition, Onstyle"s "Get It Beauty" and other tvN programs have also decided to cancel their programs. CJ E&M plans to substitute the program slots for drama reruns.

Since the sinking of the Sewol, many programs have been canceled; they are not projected to broadcast on regular schedule for the next few weeks. 

Akdong Musician belatedly win first place on ‘Inkigayo’

Despite the cancellations of music programs in respect for the ferry incident, the broadcasting companies still revealed the winners of their shows. It turns out that Akdong Musician proved their popularity by winning on this week"s "Inkigayo" for catchy tune "200%".

"Inkigayo" updated their official homepage with the rankings as they could not air a new episode. Akdong Musician took first place with "200%" and was also fourth with another title track, "Give Love."

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IU and HIGH4"s "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms" placed second while A Pink"s "Mr. Chu" came in third as you can see in the picture below.

Meanwhile, Akdong Musician also won on the "M! Countdown" on April 17

‘M! Countdown’ and more to be canceled for 2nd week in a row

In light of the Sewol ferry tragedy, networks have come forward to announce the programs that will be canceled for the second week in a row.

On April 22, CJ E&M Mnet confirmed, ""Beatles Code 3D", "Wide Entertainment News", "M! Countdown", "Get it Beauty", and more are canceled," adding that "Share House", "No Brain Dessert 2", "French Family Food", and "Olive Show" will not be airing either.

There are reports that "Show Champion", "Music Bank", "Show! Music Core", and "Inkigayo" will be delayed until early May as well.

Stay tuned for updates.

M!Countdown Will Not Be Airing for the Second Week Running

Music program “M!Countdown,” along with Mnet’s main variety programs, will not be airing for the second week running.

On April 22, CJ E&M revealed that Mnet “Beatles’ Code 3D,” “Wide Entertainment News,” and “M!Countdown” will all not be airing, which means that April 24 will be missing its main Mnet variety programs.

Moreover, Onstyle’s “Get It Beauty,” to air on April 23, has been canceled, as well, in addition to all of tvN’s variety programs until April 24.

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KBS Programming Dominates TV Ratings After Ferry Disaster

Akdong Musician Takes First on “Inkigayo” After Dominating “M Countdown”

Akdong Musician won first place on "Inkigayo" after their victory on "M Countdown".

Akdong Musician placed first on SBS "Inkigayo", which did not air on April 20. This was their second trophy after the April 17 airing of Mnet"s "M Countdown".

The show was canceled due to the sinking of Sewol; the rankings were posted online - runner-up for first place was High4 and IU"s "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms", while A-PINK"s "Mr.Chu" took third. Akdong Musician"s "Give Love" followed closely on fourth place.

Akdong Musician"s new track has been ranked #1 even after two weeks of release. The song has received #1 on various music programs and music charts, with additional tracks such as "200%", "Melted", Give Love", and "Artificial Grass" also ranked on top tiers.

Akdong Musician Wins No.1 for SBS Inkigayo with “200%”

Sibling duo Akdong Musician has taken their second win with debut track “200%“! Following one from “M!Countdown,” Akdong Musician won first place at SBS “Inkigayo.”

Unfortunately, like the April 17 episode of “M!Countdown,” the April 20 episode of “Inkigayo” did not air due to almost non-news related TV programs being halted while the Sewol ferry disaster is ongoing in Korea. Akdong Musician’s win on “Inkigayo” was announced through the show’s homepage.

Akdong Musician’s “200%,” HIGH4 and IU‘s “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms,” and A Pink‘s “Mr.Chu” were the front runners, with Akdong Musician taking the win with a total of 9556 points from 6000 points for digital sales, 3500 points for SNS, and 56 points for viewers’ votes

Akdong Musician Claims #1 For The First Time Ever On A Music Broadcast!

[Source: Ilgan Sports]

Akdong Musician has snatched their first music show win since their debut!

On the April 17 broadcast of Mnet"s M! Countdown, the brother and sister duo won first place with their title track "200%" off their debut album PLAY.

Despite the upbeat news, however, we are reminded once again of the tragic maritime event that has been flooding the news ever since its happening. Because of the catastrophe of this accident, Mnet has restricted the content of its website and has decided to display only the rankings of the week. With Akdong Musician as #1, A-PINK is shown to have been the other contestant for the top position.

Mad Clown jumped up to #3 with his new single "Without You" and Lee Sun Hee dropped two rankings, placing 4th with "Meet Him Among Them"

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – April Week 3

A Pink’s “Mr. Chu” comes from outside of the top 10 and moves up 16 spots to become our new No. 1 song this week!

This song swept all the music shows last week and easily won over Lee Sun Hee’s “Meet Him Among Them.” Orange Caramel’s “Catallena” rounds out the all female top three this week.

“Mr. Chu” is the title track of A Pink’s 4th mini album, “Pink Blossom.” It is a cute pop dance song about the thrill of sharing the first kiss with one’s significant other. The various synth effects and the upbeat rhythm highlight the sweet and lovable qualities of A Pink. This is A Pink’s second No. 1 song on our chart as they did it last year with “NoNoNo.” Congratulations to A Pink.

Besides “Mr