Comedian Hong Hyun Hee apologizes for blackface skit

Comedian Hong Hyun Hee apologizes for blackface skit

After 7 days since the controversystarted, comedian Hong Hyun Heehas apologized for her participation in the blackface skit on SBS”People Searching for Laughter’.

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On April 26, Hong Hyun Hee posted the following to her Instagram: “This is comedian Hong Hyun Hee of ‘People Searching for Laughter’. I’m sorry, and I sincerely apologize to all those who were hurt by my thoughtless gag. I’ll try my best to think more carefully and deliver more healthy laughs in the future.”

As previously reported, there was an uproar after Hong Hyun Hee appeared in a comedy skit wearing blackface on the SBS show. Many viewers, international and domestic, complained that the skit was racist and offensive. ComedianSam Hammingtonalso gave his two cents on the matter.

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