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G.NA and SECRET’s Hyosung to play a mother and daughter in ‘Salamander Guru’

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G.NA and SECRET’s Hyosung to play a mother and daughter in ‘Salamander Guru’

Having been denied the chance to debut as a girl group together, G.NA and SECRETs Hyosung will be reunited as mother and daughter for SBSs Friday sitcom, Salamander Guru.

On February 16th, it was revealed that G.NA and Hyosung would be making their acting debut through Salamander Guru. G.NA will play as a 54 year old tarot card reader named Krystal, while Hyosung will take on the role of Soo Yeon, her daughter.

In the sitcom, Krystal is at loggerheads with Beom Gyu (Lee Byung Joon) after she snatched his customers away from him. Although shes 54, shes still able to make her male customers go crazy over her, thanks to her sexy appearance.

G.NA expressed, This is my first acting role and to bring out my sexy figure, I had to wear outfits that really isnt suitable for a cold season. It was really difficult filming in these conditions. To make my appearance mysterious, like that of a modern tarot card reader, I put in a lot of effort on my outfit and makeup. My acting might be lacking in some areas, but Ive already applied what I learnt during my acting classes, so please rate my performance sparingly..

Hyosungs character is described to be the key in helping Min Hyuk (SHINees Minho) to regain his childhood memories.

G.NA and Hyosungs episode will air on February 17th.

SHINee's Minho to play a runaway in new film?

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SHINee's Minho to play a runaway in new film?

SHINee"s Minho would possibly transform one of the most leads in a new film entitled "Net"!

SM Entertainment"s rep said on November 19, ""Net" is a production he's undoubtedly having a look over. He"s no longer in the confirmation level yet."

"Net" centers on one guy who is chasing after 4 young those that ran clear of their homes. He has won the be offering to play one of the runaways. Will he accept? remain tuned!

Do Hee to Play Jung So Min′s Best possible Friend in ′Dad is Daughter′

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Do Hee to Play Jung So Min′s Best possible Friend in ′Dad is Daughter′

--> Do Hee has been forged in Dad is Daughter.

Do Hee, who is lately starring MBC weekend drama Mom, has been showed for the movie Dad is Daughter.

Do Hee is decided to play Jung So Min (Do Yeon)′s top friend, Jin Young, a frightening top college student with a pointy tongue, who at all times helps to keep Do Yeon on her toes.

Many are curious to peer Do Hee′s transformation in the approaching film.

Dad is Daughter is a heartwarming film about a father and daughter who get a peek into every other′s non-public thoughts, which ultimately ends up in them rediscovering their love for one some other and memories that were long forgotten.

Do Hee might be starring along Yoon Je Moon, Jung So Min, Shin Goo and Shim Hyung Tak. Dad is Daughter is slated for a 2016 release.

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Chorong apologizes for her 'Play for Paris' mistake

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Chorong apologizes for her 'Play for Paris' mistake

A Pink"s Chorong apologized for her typo.

as a result of the horrendous incidents at Paris on Friday, many idols did what they might and presented their condolences on social media. Chorong used to be probably the most many concerned and she rushed to her fancafe to write "Pray for Paris". However, in her rush, she by chance wrote "Play for Paris" instead.

She temporarily mounted the post and then later added,

regardless of how stupid I am, I"m now not any person who"d upload anything without knowing the spelling... I don"t know why I wrote it like that. I"m curious to my arms as well... In any case, I did write it wrong, so I bet I should be an fool ^_^ I shocked myself when I saw it published and constant it appropriate away... yet you already screenshot it and mentioned it... I didn"t comprehend it changed into this well-liked till my friend texted me about it.. Aigoo haha...

Anyway! i used to be just rambling because I was upset. I intended smartly and I actually sought after to pay my respects, but one letter off made the which means totally different. I"m truly sorry and I"ll be more careful next time!

Kang So Ra and Rain to most likely play romantic interests in upcoming SBS drama

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Kang So Ra and Rain to most likely play romantic interests in upcoming SBS drama

Actress Kang So Ra and Rain are reported to be starring contrary each and every other in the impending drama "Hello My Beneficial Person".

The SBS drama marks Kang So Ra"s go back to the drama world, and this may be the primary time that she and Rain will be running together. An insider published that Kang So Ra made up our minds at the romantic comedy after taking into account more than one comeback dramas.

"Hello My Precious Person" is in accordance with the japanese Novel "Seven Days of Manager Tsubakiyama", which tells the tale of a middle-aged salaryman who passes and is given the danger to be a lovely lady for a couple of precious days.

Actor Kim Soo Ro is acknowledged to be gambling the salaryman, who"ll be living in Kang So Ra"s stunning body. 

The drama is scheduled to air early next year. 

Ji Jin Hee And Lee Ji Ah Play Lovers In The Past And The Present

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Ji Jin Hee and Lee Ji Ah (Photo : Seol Ryeon"s Story)

If you like fdramas that are short and sweet, "Seol Ryeon"s Story," starring Ji Jin Hee and Lee Ji Ah might deliver just the right dose or fantasy romance.

The two episode drama begins on November 11. It concerns two lovers who met a thousand years ago and are reunited in the present.

Following a time-honored k-drama tradition, actress Lee Ji Ah plays a woman who disguises herself as a man. Photos show her dressed as man both in the past and the present. K-dramas have taught viewers that Korean women had to pretend to be men to get an education in the Joseon era. It was a risky proposition that could get a woman killed. But it was often the only way.

However, it"s not clear what her character"s motivation is for pretending in the present. It has something to do with a lie that her character"s sister told. Lee Ji Ah, last seen in the 2013 drama "Thrice Married Woman," sports a short haircut in the present episodes of "Seol Ryeon"s Story" that makes her look like a very pretty man.

Little is known about the drama"s plot except that it"s implied things did not work out well between the characters in the Joseon era. While some fantasy dramas actually involve lovers traveling through time, as did "Queen Inhyun"s Man" or "Nine: Nine Time Travels," other dramas rely on reincarnation to set a love story right. For example, "Gu Family Book" used reincarnation to avoid an less than satisfying ending.

Ji Jin Hee, who won praise for his role as an adulterous husband in "I Have A Lover" joins Lee Ji Ah in both the drama"s past and the present. The other actors in this drama are Seo Ji Hye, last seen in the drama "Punch," and Ahn Jae Hyun, last seen playing a leading role in "Blood."

Song Hyun Wook, who directed "Super Daddy Yeol" and "Marriage, Not Dating," will direct the two-episode SBS drama. Min Ji Eun wrote the screenplay.

When You’re stuck Seeking to Play It Cool whilst Gazing Your favourite K-pop Groups

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When You’re Caught Wanting to Play It Cool While Watching Your Favorite K-pop Groups I’ve been to a couple of displays where the camera tries to capture the faces of the target audience while they are watching a performance, and it’s a nerve-wracking enjoy for any individual who is camera shy. You need to pay attention on the show, yet as a rule you’re taking a look at a little screen in the corner of the corridor where they’re exhibiting what is airing on TV, attempting to make certain the camera doesn’t catch you wide-mouth and drooling. I know it’s especially a fear for some lovers who lied to their folks and told them they were at the library studying, now not screaming their heads off for their biases.

Writer and actor Yoo Byung Jae, who is managed by YG Entertainment and has risen to status via his participation in “Saturday evening are living Korea” and “Infinite Challenge,” was once one of the ones unlucky souls who become caught unaware on camera while fortuitously watching a lady crew perform. He was watching Namjoo carry out A Pink’s “Mr. Chu” like any fanboy would, with a huge, dumb smile on his face, till he realizes the camera is on him. Straight away he becomes emotionless, but it’s a little too overdue and everyone, adding his female friend watching at home, has noticed how he in reality feels inside.

Whether it was staged or not, Yoo Byung Jae perfectly captured the hearts of secretive and shy fans all over the place – playin’ it cool when inside of you’re just jumping up and down.

Here is iKON giggling at Yoo Byung Jae.

Here is Red Velvet’s reaction to Yoo Byung Jae’s face change.

How about you guys? Do you brain

Lee Joon Ki to Play Lead Role in Remake of Chinese Drama “Moon Lovers”

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Lee Joon Ki to Play Lead Role in Remake of Chinese Drama “Moon Lovers” Actor Lee Joon Gi is showed to play the foremost personality in the approaching drama “Moon Lovers.”

The actor’s firm Namoo Actors confirmed, “He had won the affection call and it used to be one of the most projects he changed into taking a look over. There are still some main points to paintings out.”

This is a remake of the Chinese drama of the similar name, which was very talked-about when it aired.

Lee Joon Gi could be gambling the Emperor’s heir, who does no longer would like to be in the highlight yet is naturally born into royalty. His personality is as bloodless as ice.

The tale plot comes to a woman named Jang Hyo, who is in the existing time, abruptly traveling back to the historic period.

Actor Kang Ha Neul has also proven to famous person in this drama, and it's going to get started filming once it completes all casting selections.

“Moon Lovers” will commence airing at the beginning of next year.

Sung Hoon Will Play So Ji Sub's Rival In ‘Oh My Venus'

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Sung Hoon Will Play So Ji Sub's Rival In ‘Oh My Venus'

Not only does "Oh My Venus" have So Ji Sub playing a shapely physical trainer and Shin Min Ah playing his out-of-shape love interest, the rest of the drama cast is shaping up nicely too.

In "Oh My Venus" So Ji Sub plays the celebrity trainer Kim Young Ho. Shin Min A plays the frazzled, frumpy lawyer Kang Joo Eun. She was once known for her svelte good looks but she"s gained a lot of weight since high school. Losing self-confidence and facing health issues, she hired Kim to help change her life.

The drama also stars Yoo In Young as the woman whose physical transformation and new self confidence inspires Shin Min Ah"s character to start working out. And the extremely personable actors Henry Lau and Jo Eun Ji have signed on for roles in the drama. Henry Lau of Super Junior M will play So Ji Sub"s likable American friend. Henry recently appeared in the drama "Persevere Goo Hae Ra" while Jo Eun Ji has more drama experience. She displayed comic charm in such dramas as "Personal Taste" and "Falling for Innocence. Jo Eun Ji will play Shin Min Ah"s friend and confidante.

Sung Hoon, who had a breakout role in the recent drama "Noble My Love," is the most recent addition to the cast. Sung will play another popular personal trainer, So Ji Sub"s rival in work and love. Sung knows all about staying in shape. The 32-year-old actor was a professional swimmer until an injury made it difficult for him to compete. He turned to acting, debuting in 2011 in "New Tales of the Gisaeng." He also had a role in "Faith: The Great Doctor" with Lee Min Ho.

He will have something in common with So Ji Sub, who trained for a career as a professional swimmer before he began modeling.

Jung Gyu Woon, who appeared in "Wonderful Mama," "God"s Gift - 14 Days" and "Birth of a Beauty" signed on for an as yet undisclosed role in "Oh My Venus."

Gu Hye Sun To Play The Wife Of 'The Legendary Tycoon'

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Gu Hye Sun To Play The Wife Of 'The Legendary Tycoon'

Gu Hye Sun"s next project will be a Chinese drama. Gu will play the wife of a Chinese film magnate Run Run Shaw in the drama "The Legendary Tycoon."

The news that she was considering the role first surfaced in September but her management finally confirmed her casting on November 6, the same day she left for Hengdian, in eastern China to start filming. She is expected to spend the next three months in China, working on the drama, returning to Korea only for her first concert on November 21.

The drama will focus on the life of the film industry tycoon Run Run Shaw, who founded Shaw Brothers Film Studios in the 1960s. The media mogul popularized Chinese Kung Fu movies in the west and worked in the entertainment industry for 80 years. Known as The King Of Asian Entertainment, Shaw died in 2014 at the age of 107.

The legendary tycoon will be portrayed by actor Zhang Han, known for his roles in the dramas "Let"s Watch The Meteor Star," "Fairy Tale" and "Braveness of the Ming."

Gu will play only one of the women who were important in Run Run Shaw"s life. The other women will be played by Taiwanese stars Guo Zi Qian and Chen Qiao En, and the Chinese actress Song Yi.

Gu Hye Sun has worked in China before. In 2012 she appeared in the drama "Absolute Darling," with Taiwanese actor Wu Chan. That drama was produced by Huace Media, which is also producing "The Legendary Tycoon." One of the reasons that Huace Media reportedly cast Gu Hye Sun is because of her ability to cope with the language barrier.

It doesn"t hurt that she has been popular in China since she first appeared in "Boys Over Flowers" with Lee Min Ho. Gu Hye Sun"s last k-dramas were "Blood" with Ahn Jae Hyun and "Angel Eyes" with Lee Sang Yoon. The vampire drama was so popular in China that Gu"s previously released self-composed piano piece, "Rain," topped China"s QQ music chart in April 2015, six years after it was originally released.