Meet After School’s Nana, The K-Pop Idol With The easiest  Frame And Proportions

Meet After School’s Nana, The K-Pop Idol With The easiest Frame And Proportions

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter School member Nana is understood to have one of the mosthighestframe figures in K-Pop and remains to beknown for it as netizens rave over it once again.

On Instiz, a netizen posts a chain of footage of Nana from fan taken images to behind-the-scene photos of her photoshoots for brands and magazines and more to turn the After Collegeparticipants figure.

Currently, After Faculty is following person activities with Raina set to unlock a new single.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this newsletter below!

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented at thelong-established article from our Korean source. The under comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

I wish I may pay to have her body ㅠㅠHer 2dimage is so prettyWow her bone layout and proportions.shes so gifted..meanwhile my body in this existence is.Man what a loopy trunk she hasHer waist to hip line danggggg Source: Instiz

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Seo Kang Joon Explains His Nickname From His Modeling Days In Prime School

Seo Kang Joon Explains His Nickname From His Modeling Days In Prime School

Seo Kang Joon Explains His Nickname From His Modeling Days In PrimeFaculty leonid June 18, 2016 0 Seo Kang Joon Explains His Nickname From His Modeling Days In High School Actor SEO Kang Joon has talked about his dream advertisement deal and a nickname he was once given while modeling in high school.

The actor seemsat the June 18 episode of KBS2s Entertainment Weekly for an interview where he stocks facts and reviews around himself.

The interviewer says to him, They say you were given an peculiar nickname, and he explains, Its Jesus. They called me that because in my 3rd year of high school, I worked as a fashion and my hair became long.

Seo Kang Joon also states that the varieties of commercials he needsto have a look at are for cell phone companies and beer. He tries to sell himself to attainableprospectsby way of saying, I will beverage beer like its the final beer on Earth, and pretends to drink beer. He then also displays off his talents at pretending to be riding in the hopes of grabbing a vehicle commercial.

Furthermore, the actor unearths his secret that there might be aunmarried white hair among his eyelashes. He says, I bring to mind information technology as a fortunate eyelash, so I dont pull it out.

Meanwhile, Seo Kang Joon is recently filming for the approaching tvN drama Entourage.

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Koreans notice an upcoming actor whose fame  used to be  a long way  awesome to EXO Kai’s in Prime School

Koreans notice an upcoming actor whose fame used to be a long way awesome to EXO Kai’s in Prime School

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterBorn Lee Il Min on August 31, 1992 in Seoul, South Korea to actor Lee Dong Jun and Yeom Hyo Suk, he graduated from Seoul Arts PrimeFaculty and is lately attending Hanyang University for Movie and Theater.

About actor Lee Gal, formerly referred to as Lee Il Min.

Lee Gal, followed in his fathers footsteps as an actor and debuted in the 2009 MBC drama The Jewel Family (Assorted Gems) as the youngest son Gung Ho Bak. He recently replaced his levelcall to Lee Gal and has persevered to pursue his acting career, acting in the KBS tv drama I Accept as true with in Love in 2011 and making his film debut in the 2013 sports movie No Breathing with a small role as a section of the swimming club 2.

On the new episode of GladIn combination he drew eitherwonder and laughter from the solidprovide revealing that he attended Seoul Arts School together with amongst many noted idols akin to Suzy, Sulli, Hyeri, EXO Kai, Juniel and B1a4. He also printed that trust it or now not he used to besome of themost smartly likedscholars in high school along facet Juniel jokingly boasting that his reputebecame much upper than that of Kai.

He also revealed that he naturally chose his occupationtrail equally an actor from his fathers influence. When I used to be young and my father was practicing, I might act other roles so he may justtrain his component and I learned so muchthru such moments. My mom was incrediblyby contrast career direction and I studied design in US for four years and then in China for a year. My family knew, however, that my skill lay in acting and they in the end succumbed. At that time ane returned to Korea and attended Seoul Arts High School. 

He also revealed that his career had already been riddled with hardships and screw ups as at one point after effectively debuting during the hit drama The Jewel Family His corporate went bankrupt and he was left without an firm and a observe up role.

이걸(이일민)(@skyeaglelee)님이 게시한 사진님, 2016 6월 4 오후 10:11 PDT

이걸(이일민)(@skyeaglelee)님이 게시한 사진님, 2016 6월 five 오후 3:22 PDTpick out me pick me pick me up!? #kpop #pickmeup #ioi #아이오아이 #전소미 #kbs #해피투게더 #이일민 #픽미업

이걸(이일민)(@skyeaglelee)님이 게시한 사진님, 2016 5월 28 오전 1:07 PDT대한민국의 대표 MC #유느님 영접과 동시에 대세 #조세호 형님과 함께 촬영 마무리 잘하였습니다! 감사합니다! #유재석 #조세호 #해피투게더 #이걸 #이일민 #kbs #kpop #kpopl4l #kpopf4f #korean #무한도전 #happy #happytogether

이걸(이일민)(@skyeaglelee)님이 게시한 사진님, 2016 5월 28 오전 3:22 PDT

이걸(이일민)(@skyeaglelee)님이 게시한 사진님, 2016 5월 20 오전 12:19 PDT

이걸(이일민)(@skyeaglelee)님이 게시한 사진님, 2015 12월 2 오후 6:24 PST

이걸(이일민)(@skyeaglelee)님이 게시한 사진님, 2015 8월 6 오후 12:02 PDT

Lee Gal recently gave the impression on Happy Together 3 with his father Lee Dong Jun. The similar episode also starred I.O.Is Jeon Somi and her father Matthew Douma in addition the making a song sibling duo, Akdong Musician.

Follow Lee Gal on his Instagram (@skyeaglelee)!

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Kim So-hyeon-I, an epitome of younger purity, displays off doll-like appearance at school uniform

Kim So-hyeon-I, an epitome of younger purity, displays off doll-like appearance at school uniform

Kim So-hyeon-I shared behind-the-scenes still iamges from tvN's upcoming drama, 'Bring It On, Ghost' on her non-public Instagram. Kim So-hyeon-I presentations off her blamelessattraction in a white blouse and a checkered skirt. With a loose tie round her neck, the way accentuates the free-spirted symbol of her character.

Her small face and excellentshare of her frame are noticeable in the images. Kim So-hyeon-I displays off her lean body that resembles a mannequin.

Kim So-hyeon-I will play a topcollegelady ghost, Kim Hyunji in tvN's approaching Monday Tuesday drama, 'Bring It On, Ghost'. The drama has been scheduled to premiere next month.

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SM Entertainment Making plans To Create World K-pop School

SM Entertainment Making plans To Create World K-pop School

SM Entertainment Planning To Create International K-pop School(Photo : Google)SM Entertainment is expanding their recruiting tactics in a fullyunparalleled way.

According to Korean media outlet Yonhap News on Would possibly 27, the Korean entertainment large is planning to create an overseas K-pop school in the midst of the Gangnam group in Seoul.

The school will have eithercenter and top school scholars and can be a joint task between SM Entertainment and Jongro Academy, a chain of after-school academies in Korea.

With an all-inclusive process of accepting aspiring celebrities from both inside Korea and abroad, the school will also teach elementarycategories like Korean, English, and math, as smartly asfunctionaltalentsessential to grow to be an idol: dancing and singing.

At the morning on May just 27, SM signed a freelance with Jongro Academy registering the call "K-pop International School," appearing that all sides are serious in pursuing the objective of setting up Korea's first K-pop school.

The school is recently being built, with an estimated finishing touch date of early 2017, according to both sides.

The school plans to settle for 70 % of it is students from China and other foreign countries, whilstthe remainder 30 percent will be made up of aspiring celebrities who are Korean. In total, the school will have 300-400 students.

With their trade expertise, SM will focal point on method and working the school, while Jongro Academy will be in command ofteaching the students.

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SM Entertainment to Open K-Pop School

SM Entertainment to Open K-Pop School

SM Entertainment is joining hands with a crammer to open an worldcollege for aspiring starlets and recruit scholars next year. The college volition have a center and primecollege curriculum for either foreign and local students, coaching them music, dance and set ornamentin addition Korean, English and math.SM and crammer Jongro Academy on Thursday stated they would like to "nurture global cultural talent" at the college amid creatinghobbyinternational in Korean pop song and culture. They plan to fill 70 % of a student frame of three hundred to 400 with foreign youngsters.

SM and Jongro Academy be expectinga widechoice of Chinese students to observe given the largeapproval for K-pop in China. A recruitment pressure in China is planned for November, the similar month local variety takes place. Typically if a teen is enrolled in a skill factory, all of the dancing and making a songeducation disrupts their categories at school. Yetthe recent school would deal with that hassleby way of seamlessly integrating the activities. SM will take care of the creativea section of the curriculum, whilst Jongro Academy will look after Korean, English, math and other instructional subjects.But the school is almost definitely notcompletely accredited, so students will must take a high-school equivalency exam at the end. Students may bereadyto select either a Korean or American curriculum.If the school is a success, the 2firms say they may open branches in a foreign country as well.

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SM Entertainment to build World K-pop School

SM Entertainment to build World K-pop School

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith the recognition of K-pop proceeding to expand, many entertainment corporations takebeganretaining global auditions to discoverskill from all over the place the world. 

However, SM Entertainment, some of thebest agencies in the entire industry, these dayspublishedthat they'remaking plans to build an overseas K-Pop faculty in Gangnam and shouldstart enrolling scholars next year. The school will consist of 30% Korean students and 70% International students, and its primaryinstructionaltopics are to consist of music, dance, and degree design in addition Korean, English and Mathematics.

SM Entertainments academy in Jongro told interviewers Interest in K-Pop is blowing up globally and because K-Contents is developing into one of Koreas most powerfulsourceswe've got planned to build a K-pop International School so asto get started outschoolingabilities globally.

They also added that they'll start recruiting students in China in November. The school will permit students inquisitive about K-Pop not to only turn into trainees, yet continue receiving other sorts ofschoolingby way of enrolling. As things stand, however, the abilityis most definitely not legally recognized as an academicestablishment  and students will want to take a separate exam to be known every bit a prime school graduate by the Korean education system.

The firm besides revealed that they are planning to build such collegesoutdoor of Korea in the arrivinglong term and plan to make it so students who have graduated from this collegecould bediagnosed as high school graduates in North America, China and Korea.

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Netizens speculate on Doyeon and Yoojung’s special admission to arts school

Netizens speculate on Doyeon and Yoojung’s special admission to arts school

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens suspect every other case of special remedyall over again after news of I.O.Is Doyeon and Yoojung’s move to Seoul Appearing Arts PrimeFaculty were reported. 

A few days ago, it was once reported that Doyeon and Yoojung carried out for a transfer to Seoul Performing Arts High School as eithercontributors attended school out of doors of the city. The verdictbecamebecause of I.O.I’s tight schedules thereby no longerpermitting the members to wait their categories timely.

However, the transfer led to some netizens to invest if the transfer was justsome other case of a unique admission making an allowance for that the 2 singers were celebrities. The comments phase of the post at the start posted on Pann mentioned the twist of fate equally to how many celebrities are enrolled at the school, in particular transfer ones.

Meanwhile, other I.O.I members reminiscent of Mina and Pinky also are enrolled at the similar high school.

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Red Velvet’s Joy All of sudden Collapses All the manner through  School Festival Performance

Red Velvet’s Joy All of sudden Collapses All the manner through School Festival Performance

Red Velvets Joy Abruptly Collapses All the style throughSchool Festival Functionality orionight Would possibly 26, 2016 0 Red Velvets Joy Suddenly Collapses During College Festival Performance Enthusiasts are appearing their fear for Red Velvet’s Joy following a daunting incident at a up to date college festival.

On May just 26, Red Velvet carried out their debut song “Happiness” at a school festival in Gyeonggi Province. However, in a fan-taken video of the performance, Joy is observed suddenly falling to the ground, grabbing at her hair and her ears. She stumbles when she gets back to her feet and finishes the song in spite of her fellow participants telling her to head backstage.

While in the beginning glance many fans idea she used to be startled by way of the air cannons, or that debris from them were given in her eyes, a closer video displays that the culprit seems to be her earpiece. In the video, sparks may also bevisible moments prior to Joy falls. As the ear is the middle of balance, it is going to make sense that she would stumble when she stood to her feet.

A video posted by Yook Sungjae Park Sooyoung (@sungjoyfamily) on May also 26, 2016 at 8:52am PDT

Hopefully there aren’t any serious lasting effects of the incident for Joy!

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Oh My Girl’s Firm Responds To Alleged Sexual Harassment Incident In school Festival

Oh My Girl’s Firm Responds To Alleged Sexual Harassment Incident In school Festival

Oh My LadiesFirm Responds To Alleged Sexual Harassment Incident At school Festivalehk38 Would possibly 24, 2016 0 Oh My Girls Agency Responds To Alleged Sexual Harassment Incident At University Festival Oh My Girls control agency WM Entertainment has replied to a sexual harassment incident that allegedly came aboutall over the teamsfunctionality at a school festival in Daegu.

After the festival, which was oncehung onMay just 20, one of the most attendees posted about the incident to SNS, and the scoop spread across online communities.

The nameless poster writes, To the guy that becameappropriate in front of the camera and the ladder at the festival the day pastat some point of Oh My Girls performance, you screamed actually loud toward the level I wish todevour them! I heard that and was dumbfounded. Thank you to you, it was my final festival, yetI used to be disgusted.

It gave the influence of there were a huge number ofcentercollegescholarsthe day sooner than thisand the ones who brought babies. Please dont shamethe college and men like that, the poster continues. Having a look at your face, it looked like you were very drunk, but if youre going to drink please drink with taste, and do a neateractivity of hiding the reality that youre trash. Please.

Not simplest were there plenty of minors in the audience, netizens have also pointed out that one of the individuals of Oh My Lady herself is a minor.

In reaction to the alleged incident, a WM Entertainment source told OSEN on Can also 24, So a ways as we know, none of the members immediately heard the sexual observation because they were in the midst of a performance. However, so as to save you such circumstances from happening, we plan to as a leadership agency take more than a few countermeasures for the security of our artists.

As news of the incident has circulated the internet, netizens, especially the scholars attending the varsity where the festival was held, have sharply criticized the mans alleged actions.

What are your mindin this incident?

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