CNBLUEs Jung Yong Hwa Opens Up About Being Suspected Of Insider Trading

CNBLUEs Jung Yong Hwa Opens Up About Being Suspected Of Insider Trading

CNBLUEs Jung Yong Hwa finally opened up about his experience being suspected of insider trading last year.

On the June 20 broadcast of tvNs Life Bar, Jung Yong Hwa revealed, [When I was caught up in all of it], I was having all sorts of thoughts. I had never experienced anything like it before.

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Last year, Jung Yong Hwa was suspected for insider trading when he acquired 400 million won (approximately $347,000) worth of FNC stocks, with which he made a profit of 200 million won (approximately $173,400) when FNC recruited a major celebrity shortly afterwards. After undergoing a prosecution inquiry, Jung Yong Hwa was acquitted of charges.

On Life Bar, Jung Yong Hwa said, I am so sorry to the people around me, and am particularly sorry to my mother.

Jung Yong Hwa, who left for Paris soon after the incident to film a drama, continued, Im so grateful for those who believed in my innocence and allowed me to continue on with my work. I know people might see this as a bad thing, but during that time I just stayed at home to avoid facing the issue. I just hated the fact that I was mixed up in all of this.  I threw myself into my work, so I didnt have any friends at the time.

Jung Yong Hwa finished by stating, As these shocking events were unfolding, I felt so sorry and thankful towards the fans and people around me who believed in me. I have realized that there are many times I have forgotten to be grateful and have needlessly gotten annoyed at my busy schedule. However, because of these events, I have found myself to be truly thankful again.