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CNBLUE’s special limited edition of ‘Re:BLUE’ sold out in Japan

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CNBLUE’s special limited edition of ‘Re:BLUE’ sold out in Japan

CNBLUEs special limited edition of Re:BLUE is off to an explosive start in sales in Japan.

On February 6, CNBLUEs agency FNC Entertainment announced that the bands Re:BLUE special limited edition has been sold out in Japan. With this achievement, the album topped in album sales chart of the album distributor, Hot Tracks. Also, the regular edition of the album ranked 2nd on the chart.

CNBLUE members made significant participations in the album designs. The members drawings and messages, which express how the members each felt while working on the new album, are currently receiving an enthusiastic response from the fans.

The special edition of Re:BLUE was designed in four different versions, and it includes the same six tracks from the original edition.

CNBlue sells out "Re:BLUE" limited edition

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CNBlue sells out

CNBlue recently sold out the special limited edition of their fourth mini-album, “Re:BLUE”, showing off their unwavering popularity.

The limited edition includes individual jacket photos of members Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jung Shin. The four members designed their edition by themselves.

CNBlue’s agency FNC Entertainment stated, “The record is doing well in the domestic charts and overseas, particularly in Japan. We have received news that it is currently out-of-stock and we are flooded with inquiries for reorders.

Besides the special limited editions, the regular editions of “Re:BLUE” will be available in Taiwan on February 20th and in the Philippines on February 23rd.

CNBLUE to release limited edition of ‘Re:BLUE’

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CNBLUE to release limited edition of ‘Re:BLUE’

CNBLUE will be releasing individual members limited edition version of their fourth album, Re:BLUE.

FNC Entertainment announced on January 24 that the band will be releasing four versions of limited edition copies of Re:BLUE. The special album will feature the four members on the covers as well as artwork by the members and exclusive postcards.

The agency stated, As the album contains each members unique style, were looking forward to a good reaction from fans. The members not only composed all the tracks but also took part in the albums production, so its all the more meaningful.

CNBLUE to Release Individual Member 'RE:BLUE' Limited Edition Albums

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CNBLUE to Release Individual Member 'RE:BLUE' Limited Edition Albums CNBLUE to Release Individual Member RE:BLUE Limited Edition AlbumsBand CNBLUE will be releasing each individual member's limited edition version of their 4th album, Re:BLUE.

The members worked together to create each member's own jacket cover for the limited edition albums.

Their agency commented, "Because each member is so different, and they've put a lot of effort into this album, we decided to create each member a limited edition album."

On the other hand, CNBLUE is currently busy with their new song, "I'm Sorry."

CNBLUE brings out limited edition of ‘Re:BLUE’ album

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CNBLUE brings out limited edition of ‘Re:BLUE’ album

CNBLUE will be bringing out the limited editions of their ‘Re:BLUE‘ album.

The special album will come out in 4 different editions, featuring the participation of all 4 members. Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Minhyuk, and Jungshin also personally put their work onto the design of the albums.

According to agency FNC Entertainment, “As the albums hold each member’s unique style, we’re looking forward to a good reaction from fans. The members have [composed and took part in producing all the songs on the album], so it’s all the more meaningful.”

Meanwhile, CNBLUE is currently doing promotional activities for their title track “I’m Sorry“.

CNBlue Begins Pre-Sales for Limited Edition of "Ear Fun"

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CNBlue will release the limited version of their third mini album “Ear Fun” on April 10. CNBlue’s “Ear Fun” was number one in album sales when it was released on March 26.

The “Special Limited Edition” will have the same songs as the original album. However, the limited edition will contain pictures of the members taken in the U.S. Besides the 140 page photoshoot, the limited edition will also contain a DVD with 20 minutes of footage during their time in the U.S. There will also be supplemental photos for each member.

Pre-sales for the special limited edition version of “Ear Fun” will begin today on April 6 through different album websites.

Here is the title song of “Ear Fun,” “Hey You”:

CNBLUE to release a limited edition of their mini album ‘EAR FUN’

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CNBLUE to release a limited edition of their mini album ‘EAR FUN’

Rock band CNBLUE will be releasing a special limited edition of their 3rd mini album EAR FUN.

According to FNC Music, the limited edition version will include the same tracks on the mini album but will also include pictorial shots that were taken in the U.S., as well as the members individual photos.

There will be 140 pages of pictorial photos and a DVD containing a 20-minute clip of the members shooting in the U.S. In addition, the special limited edition will also include four supplemental sections for each of the members. The limited edition of the mini album will be sold starting on April 6th.

CNBLUE is currently actively promoting Hey You from their 3rd mini album EAR FUN, and other tracks on the album are also receiving positive response from the public.

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CNBLUE's Minhyuk and Kangnam freak out on 'I Reside Alone' - and it's hilarious

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CNBLUE's Minhyuk and Kangnam freak out on 'I Reside Alone' - and it's hilarious

CNBLUE"s Minhyuk and M.I.B"s Kangnam are outright hilarious in this week"s episode of MBC"s "I Live Alone." Whether they"re failing at making kimchi for the wintry weather for the primary time or screaming at the sight of a bug, they most certainly are incredibly entertaining to watch.

On the November 20 installment, the 2 headed over to Kangnam"s position out of the town to lend a hand out here and there. At one point, they determined to transport the sofa, which is when Minhyuk jinxed things with, "I feel like there might be a computer virus when we lift this," with valid concern.

As he predicted, when they lifted the sofa and moved it, Minhyuk all of sudden screamed to Kangnam"s alarm. Right away Kangnam joined in because they saw a huge, dead cockroach where the couch had been!

Minhyuk said, "How do you sleep where there are bugs?" then the two debated who will have to blank it up, leading to a fit of rock, paper, and scissors. In the end, Kangnam had to wash it up. It"s lovely funny - watch above!

Twitter unearths why they selected CNBLUE's Yonghwa as the welcoming face for their login page

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Twitter unearths why they selected CNBLUE's Yonghwa as the welcoming face for their login page

CNBLUE"s Yonghwa, in conjunction with actors Woo Hyun and Kim Sun Young are the faces that greet you at the login page of Twitter Korea. This comes as a nice wonder to the entire social media users who hadn"t expected to look the singer"s face smiling back at them, least of all on the very front page of Twitter. The photo in query is of the actor posing with his "Three Musketeers" co-stars, a welcoming smile on his face. 

Apparently, Yonghwa"s surprising appearance on our laptop displays was once now not an remoted incident. This particular image has also seemed in a scene of "She Was Pretty," and on more than a few Twitter login pages everywhere the world. So, to get down to the ground of Twitter"s mass diffusion of Yonghwa"s picture, a Ten Asia reporter without delay asked the social media provider its goal at the back of the probably random usage of the singer"s face. 

A Twitter rep stated, "The background pictures are random. Because Yonghwa became dressed in a standard hanbok and sported an overly culturally Korean look, we made up our minds to take benefit of the image. There are numerous K-Pop lovers on Twitter and we believed that this is a photo that is a superb representation of Korea. It"s an image that hasn"t most effective been used in Korea yet also in other countries round the world.

Does Yonghwa display up on the login page on your country?

CNBLUE To 'Come Together' With Fans In Singapore For 1-Night Only Performance In February

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CNBLUE To 'Come Together' With Fans In Singapore For 1-Night Only Performance In February

(Photo : One Production) South Korean pop rock band CNBLUE will greet Singaporean fans with an pre-Valentine"s Day concert this coming February.

On Feb. 13, 2016, the CNBLUE Come Together Tour will hit the Singapore Indoor Stadium after recentsuccessful concerts in Shanghai, China and Seoul, South Korea, where the group charmed audiences with a string of hits for over two hours. They played a total of 21 songs - out of which 19 were composed by the band themselves - including those from their latest album 2getherand Japanese single album White.

Fans in Singapore can look forward to a night of endless surprises, as the quartet showcases their vocals and demonstrate their musical talents through live performances and new renditions of their songs. "Domino" and "I"m a Loner" will be given fresh leases of life on the synthesiser, and audiences can expect a wide array of musical styles ranging from the jazz pop intro in "LOVE," to the reggae-influenced "Rollercoaster," as well as ballads "Hold My Hand" and "Irony."

The 2016 CNBLUE LIVE [COME TOGETHER] in Singapore concert is promoted by One Production and organized by FNC Entertainment. Tickets are priced from $118and will go on sale from Nov. 22, 12 noonvia Sports Hub Tix. 200 limited VIP packages(only available via online,hotline and Singpore Indoor Stadium Box Office)which will include entry to VIP soundcheck party and twoofficial concert merchandise items, are also available for purchase at $98 for all ticket holders.


Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

Ticket Price: $268, $208, $178, $148, $118

Booking Website:

Booking Hotline: 3158 7888

Tickets also available at all Singpost outlet (except VIP Package)and Singapore Indoor Stadium box office.

(Maximum of 8 tickets is allowed per transaction)