CL is hot under the sun for ‘W Korea’

CL is hot under the sun for ‘W Korea’

CL recently posed for fashion magazine ‘W Korea’s June issue.

On May 15, ‘W Korea’ revealed a photo via Instagram with the caption “Taking the world by storm with her powerful performance. #CL stars on #WKorea June issue cover.”

Wearing a colorful swimsuit, the singer looked like a goddess under the sun striking a majestic pose.  

She represented the true essence of being a fashionista donning a pair of fancy shades and rocking a classic blonde wig.

Stay tuned for the full pictorial release.

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파워풀한 퍼포먼스로 전 세계를 사로잡은 한국의 자랑스런 여성 뮤지션. 멋진 ‘언니’ CL(@chaelincl)이 더블유의 커버를 장식했습니다. 탄탄하고 건강한 보디라인이 스윔웨어와 함께한 촬영에서 빛을 발했죠. 또 다른 버전의 커버 이미지는 더블유 편집장 @hyejoo_w 인스타그램에서 확인하세요! – #CL stars on #WKorea June issue cover. – 에디터: 백지연 헤어: Sami Knight @ Starworks Artists 메이크업: Kali Kennedy @ Art Department 스타일리스트: Matthew Mazur 프로덕션: SJP Production 프로듀서: Crystal Sang 로컬 프로듀서: Peter McClafferty

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