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DATV to Broadcast Kim Hyun Joong Drama City Conquest

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DATV to Broadcast Kim Hyun Joong Drama City Conquest

DATV has announced they will air the Kim Hyun Joong drama City Conquest this summer.

The program will be aired in July and features Kim Hyun Joong in the role of Baek Mi-reu, a young man who takes revenge on society after becoming bitter with his father for abandoning their family.

Though filming had begun and the drama was pre-sold to several different countries, it went unaired after KBS denied it a slot in their 2013 lineup. However, footage from the show was aired last October as part of the City Conquest Memorial Event put on by Henecia, the official fan club of KHJ.

The drama also features Jeong Yu-mi, star of the 2011 melodrama A Thousand Days Promise. When City Conquest was unable to secure a time slot, Jeong Yu-mi went on to accept a  lead role in the show Wonderful Mama.

With the news that DATV will be airing City Conquest, the question that fans are asking is will they finish filming the television series now that it will be broadcast. However, no details have been announced at this time.

Are you looking forward to the new drama?

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Kim Hyun Joong Drops Drama “City Conquest”

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Kim Hyun Joong Drops Drama “City Conquest” It’s been reported that singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong will be withdrawing from the upcoming drama “City Conquest.”

On February 6, a representative of Key East Entertainment stated, “We are in the process of withdrawing from the cast of ‘City Conquest.’ We’re currently talking with the production team to find the right timing to leave, but he will be leaving.’ He continued, “We’re very sad to have him drop ‘City Conquest’ as it was an opportunity for him to greet his fans through the small screen. We have been pushing back a lot of other schedules for ‘City Conquest,’ so he will be busy catching up with all of them. Kim Hyun Joong is scheduled for a Japanese tour until March. For now, he will be focusing on his activities as a singer.

“City Conquest” has been busy filming since last summer. Had he stayed with the series, Kim Hyun Joong would have played Baek Mir, who fights the corrupted society that destroyed his family. Meanwhile, Nam Goong Min and Jung Yumi are also in discussions of dropping out of the drama.

Kim Hyun-joong steps down from "City Conquest"

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Kim Hyun-joong steps down from

Kim Hyun-joong stepped down from the drama "City Conquest".

Apparently, the process for him to quit the drama is at ending stage after hearing 2 weeks ago that the drama was in a tough spot for ground wave organization. Kim Hyun-joong is currently in Japan on a tour and is planning a world tour at the later half of the year.

Meanwhile, it seems like Jeong Yoo-mi also seems to be in the process of negotiating release from the drama.

Kim Hyun Joong to withdraw from ‘City Conquest’

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Kim Hyun Joong to withdraw from ‘City Conquest’

Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong is in the process of withdrawing from the cast of City Conquest. The drama ran into problems earlier this month with a rejection from KBS.

His agency Key East Entertainment announced, Were in the process of wrapping up [Kim Hyun Joong's] leave from the drama Were rescheduling the events previously put aside for City Conquest, and for now, hell start his promotions as a singer with his Japan tour, world tour, and more.

The label also added that Kim Hyun Joong is planning to star in a drama later this year, and that theyre currently in the midst of reviewing offers.

Actors Nam Goong Min and Jung Yu Mi are discussing their withdrawal from the drama as well.

Kim Hyun Joong leaves City Conquest

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Kim Hyun Joong leaves City Conquest Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong is taking steps to leave the TV series City Conquest.

On February 6, Kims agency said, Kim is currently in discussions to leave City Conquest.

The production crew for the series and we are taking final proceedings for leaving the series but Kim has practically left the series.

We have postponed a lot of work to shoot the series. Kim will do his postponed works for a while.

We also feel sorry for leaving the series because it was a chance for him to meet his fans through the small screen after a long time.

Since Kim has to tour Japan until March, he will keep himself busy as a singer. Kim is planning to appear on a TV series or a movie later this year. We are reviewing various scripts for him.

The initial plan was for the series to air in the first half of the year on KBS but the plan misfired. The production company for the series and KBS suffered from a conflict because of it.

Nam Goong Min and Jung Yoo Mi, who were cast in the series with Kim, are also discussing their appearances with the production company.

KBS decided not to air Kim Hyun Joongs City of Conquest

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KBS decided not to air Kim Hyun Joongs City of Conquest

Fans of Kim Hyun Joong were all excited when the news of his new drama was first released last year during his Asia Tour. However, the drama has been facing difficulties in airing since last year December and KBS has recently decided not to air the drama even after the script was modified.

The dramas production company Media100 was quick to reply and stated that in order to meet the requirement of TV broadcasting station, they have changed script writer and re-edited their script, a large amount of money has been spent and subsidized by the production company themselves.

But after many changes were made, KBS has made final decision that they will not air City Of Conquest. According to Media100, the reason given by KBS is that the drama contains too much violence, it is not suitable to be aired right after South Koreas new presidents inauguration, blaming KBS for violating their contract.

However, KBS has denied this accusation and stated that the reason for dismissal of City Of Conquest is simply because of the drama is unable to meet the standard even after much editing. Besides of the inappropriate content to be aired on TV due to too much violence, but whether the drama will get a good audience response is the main reason.

Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Yoo Mi are the lead roles for City Of Conquest, the production fees have exceeded 4billion won. The drama started shooting last year in Japan and was originally scheduled to air on KBS2 early this year. Now that the TV station has decided not to air the drama, we wonder if Kim Hyun Joong will choose another drama soon?

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Kim Hyun Joong’s drama ‘City Conquest’ rejected by KBS, producers considering legal action

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Kim Hyun Joong’s drama ‘City Conquest’ rejected by KBS, producers considering legal action

Theres some drama surrounding Kim Hyun Joongs drama City Conquest as it has been rejected by KBS.

City Conquest gained much attention from all over the world because of its lead Kim Hyun Joong. The drama was expected to broadcast on KBS, but in a sudden turn of events KBS made the decision to reject airing the drama because it lacked in quality.

The sudden drop infuriated the producers of City Conquest, who responded, KBS revealed that after they looking over the submitted plan and script, they decided that the content was not up to par and it was inadequate to be broadcast on public television. These are only excuses. We produced this in conjunction with KBS subsidiary, KBS Media, but they decided not to air it anyway. There arent any words of apology or explanation to the producers and the domestic and international fans who are waiting for this drama.

They accused KBS of having political reasons instead, saying, We definitely heard them saying that the content is good and it has potential, but that it was not adequate to air because of the way violence was depicted, especially with the new turnover in government. When the time comes, we will provide the evidence we can prove ourselves with if necessary.

They continued, KBS told us to change writers, edit the script, and even change a part of the cast. We did everything they required even though we were hurt from it, but we were told that the drama could not be aired. This is unreasonable.

However, KBS shot back that the claims were all false, responding, We held 4 drama planning meetings because of City Conquest, and had continuously requested the producers to improve the drama. However, the plan and the script submitted in the most recent planning meeting were still not up to par. The drama also contains excessive violence, and was judged to be unfit for public broadcast. This is why we decided that we would not air it. In a report we issued them, the fact that the drama will not be aired if the script is not up to par is clearly outlined. The producers have asserted that were being political, and they also used an expression that defames the character of one of the high-ranking names of the drama industry. We will take strict actions against the producers because they are saying things that arent true.

Source: TV Report via Nate

"City Conquest" not to be shown on KBS

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The drama “City Conquest,” featuring the appearance of Kim Hyun Joong, will not be shown on KBS.

According to Media 100, the production company of “City Conquest”, “KBS gave us a grace period from October 2012 to the end of 2013. We received an ‘Official Indication to Air’ and up until January 2013 we continued discussions with KBS.”

Media 100 added, “We tried our best even with extreme production costs and we produced the drama alongside the KBS subsidiary ‘KBS Media.’ We even gave them shares regarding the production. However, after the new CEO was brought in, a high-ranking drama executive was replaced. All of the sudden, we received the news that the drama would not air. We received the following message, “Although the contents of the drama and its profitability looks great, there is too much violence and it does not fit in well with the beginning of a new government.”

A representative of KBS’ drama department announced, “Media 100’s accusations are not true.” KBS also stated that the drama will not be broadcasted on KBS due to its violent and irrelevant content.

Kim Hyun Joong Reveals BTS Photos of Upcoming Drama "City Conquest"

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Kim Hyun Joong Reveals BTS Photos of Upcoming Drama City Conquest Kim Hyun Joong has updated his fans with a set of photos.

On January 29, Kim Hyun Joong posted his updates on his Weibo account. He posted a short message that read, Middle of winter, along with a set of photos. Kim Hyun Joong is wearing a series of different uniforms. One particular photo stands out where he is sporting a scuba suit and is about to dive into the water with snow in the background.

Netizens who came across the photo commented, You look so cold, entering water in the middle of winter, I was wondering about your whereabouts so its nice to see this update, The weather is so cold so be careful of the cold, and more.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong was cast as the male lead for the upcoming drama. City Conquest, as Baek Mir. Baek Mir is a strong young man who struggles with the loss of both parents and had a rough upbringing. But he transforms into a weak man in front of love.

Check out some of the stills from City Conquest that were released last year.

'City Conquest' Jung Yoo Mi and Nam Goong Min Pose Together

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City Conquest, Jung Yoo Mi, Nam Goong Min

'City Conquest' Jung Yoo Mi and Nam Goong Min Pose Together 'City Conquest' Jung Yoo Mi and Nam Goong Min Pose Together"City Conquest" stars Nam Goong Min stands at attention next to Jung Yoo Mi.

The photo was revealed on the morning of Wednesday and they seem like a very intimate couple at Japan's Tobu World Square Miniature Park.

Jung Yoo Mi is smiling sweetly and Nam Goong Min stands at attention, which could be a glimpse into his caring and gentle character.

Internet users said, "The pose is funny" "Well-mannered?" and "Can't wait for more pictures."

Nam Goong Min has returned with a much fitter body and will woo the hearts of many women with the drama.