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Cube Team is the overall champion at the "2015 Idol Star Athletic Championship"

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Cube Team is the overall champion at the

Cube Team takes the overall victory at the 2015 Idol Sports Athletic Championship.

C-Team includes 4-MINUTE, BTOB, BEAST, and Roh Ji Hoon take home the overall victory for winning basketball, football, and archery. On the 2nd part of the event, the total wins are combined and C-Team rises on top making them the overall champion this year.

In the photos released by Cube, C-Team pose with their trophy. Congratulating them are A-Team"s Apink. Congratulations on your 2nd consecutive overall win!

Shindong Of Super Junior Says Hosting 'Idol Star Athletic Championship' Taught Him How To Tell Which Stars Are Dating

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Shindong Of Super Junior Says Hosting 'Idol Star Athletic Championship' Taught Him How To Tell Which Stars Are Dating (Photo : Mnet) When Super Junior vocalist Shindong accepted the gig as the host of the "Idol Star Athletics Championship," he couldn"t have expected this extra perk.

On Tuesday"s broadcast of the South Korean television program "Beatles Code 3D" Shindong explained the invaluable lesson he learned at the celebrity athletic competition.

"There is this certain pose that the members of girl groups do," Shindong said.

"First the female pop star member leans on her closest bandmate and starts twisting her body near a boy idol. If you watch her closely, she starts making eye contact with the male pop star that she"s near. And then I find out [in each case] the two are dating and there are already rumors about them."

When Shindong, who also hosts "Beatles Code," looked over at his guests, the six-member K-pop boy band VIXX they were speechless.

"Why are you guys all frozen?" he asked. "Why did you put your hands together when you didn"t do anything wrong?"

Known for his provocative interview questions the Shindong put VIXX on the defensive when he made the assertion the notion that the meteoric success of rival K-pop group Exo has hurt their career.

"Do you think the fact that your popularity has not increased even more than it has was because of EXO?" asked the Super Junior singer.

VIXX frontman N, shot down the suggestion, while his bandmate Ravi admitted it is possible that Exo, the first Korean group in 12 years to sell one million albums in one year in 2013, could have stolen some of their band"s thunder.

But he likes the idea of how loyal that makes the fans they currently have.

"Exo are close friends of ours and our promotions often overlapped," Ravi said.

"If there was no Exo, there is the possibility that the interest that they attracted could have been directed toward us. However, we are promoting with the thought that the people who love us, will always love us."

Over 100 idol stars to participate in the ’2013 Idol Athletic Championship’

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Over 100 idol stars to participate in the ’2013 Idol Athletic Championship’

MBC will be organizing another ‘Idol Athletic Championship‘ with the participation of more than 100 idol stars.

The list of competitors includes ZE:A, SISTAR, Nine Muses, KARA, miss A, 4minute, INFINITE, B1A4, TEEN TOP, Dalmatian as well as rookie groups such as BTOB and TAHITI.

According to a representative from the agency of one of the idol groups, “After being confirmed of their appearance, they practiced separately during their busy schedule.”

Another representative revealed, “There are many idol stars who have really focused on practicing. Because the viewer ratings are good, and a lot of spotlight is given, they all have competitive spirits. In the case of top idols, they try to be more careful of their bodies to prevent injuries. But rookie groups are participating with a lot more zeal in order to gain attention. The idols have already started their battle of dignity.”

The ‘Idol Athletic Championship’ special will be pre- recorded on the 28th and put on air at a later date.

Jooyeon at MBC Idol Star Athletic Championship

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Jooyeon at MBC Idol Star Athletic Championship

After School fans pics, with Jooyeon focused (and lots of Nana too), at the MBC Idol Star AthleticSwimming Championship 2011.

Credits: Afterschooldaze, as tagged

Girl’s Day’s Minah Says She Can Spot Couples at “Idol famous person Athletic Championships”

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Girl’s Day’s Minah Says She Can Spot Couples at “Idol Star Athletic Championships” Girl’s Day‘s Minah has given a little insight into the behind-the-scenes atmosphere at the set of MBC’s “Idol Star Athletic Championships,” revealing that love is no doubt in the air.

On an upcoming episode of MBC’s “Radio Star” set to air on November 11, she talks about the dating patterns among idols.

Minah says, “I can’t assist yet realize the entire idol couples around me every time I attend ‘Idol Star Athletic Championships,’” revealing that spotting couples at the sports match is rather easy.

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun and BTOB‘s Minhyuk immediately trust Minah, and add that they've also witnessed idols flirting with their crushes at the sports event.

The complete episode and main points about Minah’s tale might be printed at the November 11 broadcast of “Radio Star.”

Can you spot the idol couples at the MBC 'Idol Athletics Championship'?

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Can you spot the idol couples at the MBC 'Idol Athletics Championship'?

Apparently, MBC"s special "Idol Athletics Championship" isn"t all just sports!

Minah was a guest at the 11th"s episode of "Radio Star" along side the alternative actors of "Sweet Family". Throughout the talk, she revealed, "When I"m at "IAC", i could be in a position to see the idol couples obviously." Super Junior"s Kyuhyun and BTOB"s Minhyuk also admitted they"ve observed idol couples around, making every person on set curious!

Have you spotted any idol couple interactions during fancams? Who do you observed they might be?

KARA’s Goo Hara Lives Up to Her popularity as Athletic Idol

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KARA’s Goo Hara Lives Up to Her repute as Athletic Idol Girl crew KARA‘s Goo Hara lived up to her reputation as an athletic idol.

On the October 31 broadcast of SBS‘s “Fists of Shaolin Temple,” the contributors start their schooling on the 2d one day.

During the broadcast, the members are required to position their feet up on a ledge and reinforce themselves the use of best their arms. On most sensible of that, they are asked to do push-ups in that position.

The only individual that is realistically in a position to do the push-ups is Kim Byung Man. Seeing this, Goo Hara also pushes herself to finish 50 push-ups.

When asked in an interview later, Goo Hara says, “I don’t understand how I did it. I’ve never done push-ups yet I did them because if I didn’t, I’d have to stick in that position. i suspect that used to be the toughest section physically.”

Meanwhile, “Fists of Shaolin Temple” is a wide range display going through celebrities going to Shaolin Temple to acquire their working towards and be told their arts.

Did B2ST's Doojoon turn out himself once back as the 'futsal ace' in the 'Idol Superstar Athletics Championship'?

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Did B2ST's Doojoon turn out himself once back as the 'futsal ace' in the 'Idol Superstar Athletics Championship'?

During the futsal (a changed type of soccer, played indoors) semi-final rounds for the "Idol Star Athletics Championship (ISAC)," 4 teams, adding Makchester United, Goaldaeseuriga, FC Chungdam, and Realmakdribble, competed opposed to one some other to safe their position in the finals. 

In the primary futsal round, Realmakdribble went up against FC Chungdam. thank you to MYNAME Seyong"s loose kick, which used to be shot with lightning speed, Realmakdribble turned into ready to transport directly to the futsal ultimate rounds. FC Chungdam had relentlessly attacked Realmakdribble at the offense; however, ZE:A"s Taeheon had deflected lots of the oncoming kicks, assisting his team in advancing to the overall match. 

For the alternative semi-final, VIXX"s Leo and B2ST"s Doojoon, who were a phase of Goaldaeseuriga, showcased wonderful teamwork against Makchester United, with Leo shooting a purpose with his left foot in exactly 1 minute and 30 seconds into the match, and Doojoon making the 2d one objective no longer long after. Makchester United was also capable of gain one target against Goaldaeseuriga, when 100%"s Changbum"s chanced a well-timed kick into the opposing team"s goal post. Unfortunately that wasn"t ample and Goaldaeseuriga advanced.

The very last between Realmakdribble and Goaldaeseuriga will air on the September 29 episode of "ISAC".

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Who took the gold medal in 'Idol Megastar Athletics Championship' women's 60m dash?

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Who took the gold medal in 'Idol Megastar Athletics Championship' women's 60m dash?

The Chuseok holiday is still in complete force over in Korea and you know what that means! It method the "Idol Star Athletics Championship (ISAC)" has aired, appearing your favourite idols fiercely compete in rounds of sports starting from basketball, futsal, music and field, and wrestling to archery! 

The first episode of "ISAC" broadcast on September 28, and the 2nd one and ultimate episode is determined to air the next day. at the first episode, which aired previous these days (KST), Dal Shabet"s Ga Eun placed first in the 60m sprint for the track and box a phase of the games! Ga Eun"s seizure of first position and the gold medal got here as an unforeseen surprise, as KARA"s Hara has normally been the only to win in track and field. 

Before the match, Hara had expressed her worry, saying, "I feel like the seconds get slower as I run. It"ll be tough to win, I think. I"m also the oldest among the competitors." Ga Eun said, "I think Hara will win first place," making Hara smile at the fellow"s compliment.

Hara, who had stepped up as a runner for the preliminaries, took first place, living up to her moniker of "track and field queen" and advancing into the finals. yet without equal winner in the overall rounds of the 60m dash used to be Ga Eun, who changed into conferred the gold medal. 

Great activity to either Hara and Ga Eun! 

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Rainbow’s Woori Discusses Idols Flirting at the “Idol Sports Athletic Championships”

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Rainbow’s Woori Discusses Idols Flirting at the “Idol Sports Athletic Championships” Rainbow‘s Go Woori used to be a guest at the fresh episode of “Radio Star,” where she mentioned flirting at the “Idol Sports Athletic Championships.”

While discussing the reality of idols dating, she says, “It’s challenging to flirt. SNS is too complex now,” and looks disappointed.

She continues, “During ‘Idol Sports Athletic Championships’ in old years, idols enjoyed making eye touch with each and every other during the program, yet now the boy teams simplest care about communicating with their fans. They don’t even glance at woman groups, they just appearance at their fans.”

Sounds like excellent news for fans!