Choiza & Sulli Seem To Have Moved On From One Another By Deleting All Pictures On Their Instagram

Choiza & Sulli Seem To Have Moved On From One Another By Deleting All Pictures On Their Instagram

Sulli has been in the spotlight with her dating and breakup with Choiza. Recently, Choiza deleted all Sulli’s pictures on his instagram and few hours later, Sulli did the same. Many were wondering whether they really wanted to forget each other.

Sulli first noted to date Choiza in 2014. Both SM Entertainment and Amoeba Culture confirmed that the two were dating, AllKpopreported. In addition to that, Choiza also confirmed his relationship with Sulli. They started of as senior and junior relationship then grew interest to each other and decided to date. Many fans were happy about their relationship.

After leaving f(x), Sulli got many critique for her braless pictures on her instagram. Yet, she gave no reply to the hate comments. After dating Choiza, the two once had a nice sate in Bali. Sulli shared some pictures of her date with Choiza in Bali, KpopSkyreported. In one picture, Sulli was drinking alcohol and in another picture, she was posing with Choiza with the background of Seminyak Beach.

There was one controversial picture from the trip in Bali. In one of Sulli’s posts, there was a picture of fried rice in the shape of dick. People started to wonder about Sulli’s mental health. For Choiza, netizens wanted him to take care of his girlfriend more. As Choiza is older than Sulli, netizens wanted him to give advice for Sulli and didn’t act that way, OneHallyureported.

After the controversial dating of Choiza and Sulli, they then decided to end their relationship in March 2017. SM Entertainment gave their statement too about it, AllKpopreported. No one knew about the real reason of the breakup as they gave no official statement about it.

On Apr. 26, Choiza shocked everyone by deleting all Sulli’s pictures on his instagram. A few hours after that, Sulli deleted all of her posts in her instagram and left her instagram in a blank, AllKpopreported.

Many people predict that Sulli’s deleting all her posts in her instagram is the respond of Choiza who deleted her pictures first on his instagram. It seems that the two have moved one to one another. Read Next: Rumor About Park Bo Gum Being In ‘Descendants of the Sun 2’ With Song Joong Ki Song Hye Kyo