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Super Junior′s Choi Siwon stocks mind on ultimate Drama Earlier than Enlistment

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Super Junior′s Choi Siwon stocks mind on ultimate Drama Earlier than Enlistment

--> Super Junior′s Choi Siwon printed how he's coming near his ultimate assignment earlier than heading to the army.

At a production presentation for new MBC drama She used to be Pretty, held at the MBC Golden Mouth corridor in Seoul′s Sangam-dong on September 14, Choi Siwon said, "As it′s my last drama before my enlistment, I′m shooting with a feeling of responsibility."

Choi Siwon will play Kim Shin Hyuk, a feature editor at a manner magazine. He is a mysterious personality who seems to be outgoing and slick at the outdoor yet doesn′t open himself up.

His character is expected to attract various laughs as he alternatives on the editorial team intern, Kim Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) and the 2 bicker like siblings.

Choi Siwon said, "As it′s a romantic comedy, the ambience on set is sweet. the primary episode airs on September 16, so please song in."

She Became Pretty is a witty romantic comedy targeted on 4 men and women: ′the closing unsightly girl′ Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum), ′lucky guy who′s at his peak′ Sung Jun (Park SEO Joon), the reputedly absolute best but ′spacey horny girl′ Ha Ri (Go Joon Hee) and the veiled ′psychotic man stuffed with twists′ Shin Hyuk (Choi Si Won). The drama will start airing on September 16 at 10 p.m. KST, following Scholar Who Walks the Night.

Choi Siwon Grows Hair on His Butt in second Teaser for Drama “She used to be Pretty”

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Choi Siwon Grows Hair on His Butt in 2nd Teaser for Drama “She Become Pretty” The moment teaser for the recent MBC Wednesday and Thursday drama, “She Was Pretty,” was released on August 31. It displays Choi Siwon and Go Joon Hee looking at a drama together.

In the teaser, Choi Siwon tells Move Joon Hee, “You’ll get a hairy butt while you cry and laugh at the similar time. Why are you watching this? It’s no fun.” However, he himself loses it when he is going into his room and watches an analogous drama alone. The teaser closes with the scene of hair creating out of Choi Siwon’s butt.

“She Was Pretty” is a romantic comedy also starring freckled, curly haired Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum), a replaced guy Sung Joon (Park SEO Joon), close to absolute best Ha Ri (Go Joon Hee), and mysterious Shin Hyuk (Choi Siwon).

The first episode of “She Was Pretty” will air on September 16 as a follow-up to the drama “The student Who Walks the Night.”

Check out the new teaser here.

Hwang Jung Eum, Choi Siwon, Park Search engine marketing Joon, and Move Joon Hee take part in First Script Reading for New Drama

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Hwang Jung Eum, Choi Siwon, Park SEO Joon, and Go Joon Hee take part in First Script Reading for New Drama Upcoming MBC drama “She used to be Pretty” has officially kicked off productions with the primary script reading.

The drama released behind-the-scenes footage from the primary script reading that happened on July 30. The foremost cast Hwang Jung Eum, Park SEO Joon, Choi Siwon, and Go Joon Hee were all provide for the script reading.

At the script reading, the director Jung Dae Yoon commented that he was satisfied that his no 1 casting alternatives were all forged in the drama. The drama’s production corporate Bon Factory also stated, “The complete cast, adding the 4 primary forged members, showed wonderful synergy and chemistry at the primary script reading, as though it were a real shoot. We try our perfect to make a perfect drama, so please look ahead to it.”

“She used to be Pretty” will air on MBC in September, after the final touch of “Scholar Who Walks the Night.”

super Junior′s Choi Siwon to Enlist in navy afterward Drama Wraps

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super Junior′s Choi Siwon to Enlist in navy afterward Drama Wraps

--> super Junior′s Choi Siwon′s enlistment is impending.

super Junior′s firm, SM Entertainment, acknowledged to A reporter on July thirty, "[Choi Siwon] volition enlist later on he finishes MBC′s She used to exist existautiful. he volition enlist equally An Active responsibility soldier."

Choi Siwon has existen showed for MBC drama She used to exist existautiful, which is determined to Air in September. this can exist A sixteen-episode miniseries that may conclude someday in November.

The rep Acknowledged, "An precise date hasn′t existen made up our minds. then Again, he′s making plans to enlist later on filming wraps. we can update when the date is made up our minds."

Choi Siwon can exist the 7th super Junior member to enlist. Kangin, Yesung, Kim Heechul And Leeteuk take finished their provider, whilst Shindong And Sungmin Are lately serving in the Army.

Hwang Jung Eum, Park search engine optimization Joon, Choi Siwon, and move Joon Hee confirmed for New Drama!

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Hwang Jung Eum, Park SEO Joon, Choi Siwon, And cross Joon Hee showed for New Drama! the solid describeup for the hot MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama “She was once pretty” ( running name) has in spite of everything existen confirmed!

Actors Park SEO Joon, Hwang Jung Eum, cross Joon Hee, in Addition super Junior’s Choi Siwon accept finalized their soliding to big name in the Approaching drama.

On July xxx, An companion of the drama shared, “Hwang Jung Eum, Park SEO Joon, cross Joon Hee, And Choi Siwon accept All made up our minds to settle for the soliding be offering [for ‘She was once pretty’] And may officially big namet arrangements for filming.”

“She was once pretty” is A ro guytic comedy that tells the tale of the ‘first dearest’ seek for A girl (Kim Hye Jin, played by way of Hwang Jung Eum) who was once A horny daughter of A wealthy relations, yet transforms for the worse subsequently her circle of relatives’s industry runs to the floor, in Addition a guy (Ji Sung Joon, played by way of Park SEO Joon) who was once obese all of the way via his youth, yet transforms himself by way of dropping the weight And boasting A fashion-like figure.

Hwang Jung Eum And Park SEO Joon could exist reuniting via this upcoming product subsequently prior to now running in combination in MBC’s “Kill Me, Heal Me.”

cross Joon Hee could exist taking at the part of Man Ha Ri, A hotelier And nigh friend of Kim Hye Jin, who boasts A voluminous, very existst frame describe And draws all of the men. Choi Siwon volition Act every bit Kim Shin Hyuk, a mag feature editor alongside A unfastened-spirited personality And mysterious air of mystery.

“She was once pretty” is scheduled to big namet out Airing this coming September following the of entirety of “pupil Who Walks the evening.”

What Are yousr mind in this drama describeup? Are yous taking A look ahead to IT?

tremendous Junior’s Choi Siwon Courted for New MBC Drama

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 tremendous Junior’s Choi Siwon Courted for New MBC Drama tremendous Junior‘s Choi Siwon would possibly in spite of everything exist creatingA modest screen comebackAfterwards two years and 8 months.

On July 27, control firm SM Entertainment showed that Choi Siwon is in talks for upcoming MBC Wednesday-Thursday night drama “She was once pretty” ( running identify). “Choi Siwon has wonA soliding be offering for the drama ‘She was once pretty’And is undoubtedly takingA look over information technology,”A spokespersonAcknowledged.

Choi Siwon rounds out the candidate roster for the key solid of “She was once pretty,” which lately is composed of Hwang Jung Eum, Park search engine optimization Joon,And pass Joon Hee.

If he is taking the function, Choi Siwon volition play mag capabilities editor Kim Shin Hyuk,A self- self-assured cosmopolitan yet in the long run mysterious guy who’s were given more going on at the interior than he we could on.

WhatAre your mind in this possible primary solid?

Choi Siwon and Hong Soo Ah Captured Filming Their Chinese Drama “Billion Dollar Heir”

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Choi Siwon and Hong Soo Ah Captured Filming Their Chinese Drama “Billion Dollar Heir” A picture of Choi Siwon and Hong Soo Ah filming the Chinese drama “Billion Dollar Heir” has been revealed.

On May 5, a picture was uploaded onto the “Billion Dollar Heir” official Weibo account along with a comment regarding the photo. It read, “Hong Soo Ah and Choi Siwon filmed a scene where it rained. Although they had to act without any dialogue, the two people were able to film with smiles on their faces.”

In the picture, Choi Siwon and Hong Soo Ah are standing together, wet from the rain. Although Hong Soo Ah is seen smiling brightly, it hasn’t been revealed as to what’s happening in the drama, raising the curiosity of many people.

Chinese fans who saw this picture said, “I’m curious as to what they were talking about,” “Please be careful not to catch a cold,” “I’m looking forward to ‘Billion Dollar Heir,” and “Both of you are awesome.”

“Billion Dollar Heir” is a story about an innocent boy who is revealed as the hidden grandson of the president of a large company. Through the fight over the inheritance with his step-brothers, the hero finds his true love.

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon Cast as Lead Actor for Chinese Drama ‘The Heirs’

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Super Junior’s Choi Siwon Cast as Lead Actor for Chinese Drama ‘The Heirs’

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon has been cast as the lead actor of an upcoming Chinese drama The Heirs.

SM Entertainment told Newsen on February 3, “Choi Siwon has been cast as the protagonist of a Chinese drama. He will be heading over to China soon to start filming.”

The Heirs (translated) is a drama about the competition to inherit a huge fortune from a wealthy grandfather. It is not an official remake of the Korean drama of the same name.

Choi Siwon will be acting as the hidden grandson who competes for the fortune, and form a love line with actress Kan Qing Zi.

Choi Siwon’s Drama Manager, Park Kyu Sun Hilariously Attempts the Giyomi Song

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Choi Siwon’s Drama Manager, Park Kyu Sun Hilariously Attempts the Giyomi Song

The Giyomi Song is still trending and it’s finally caught up with Super Junior Choi Siwon’s manager from SBS’ The King of Dramasand comedian, Park Kyu Sun.

On February 27, Choi Siwon tweeted, “Thank you Seong Min hyung. Seriously. ^^.”

He posted a short clip of Park Kyu Sun, who adorably (?) does the entire Giyomi Song in front of the camera.

Before he can finish, comedian Seong Mi, unable to handle the cuteness (?) cuts the performance short with a hilarious twist at the end.

[Twitter Roundup] Choi Siwon Wraps Up Drama Filming, 2NE1 Snaps Pics With Lee Hi and More

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[Twitter Roundup] Choi Siwon Wraps Up Drama Filming, 2NE1 Snaps Pics With Lee Hi and More

Happy 2013!A new year brings new adventures and happenings from your favorite stars’ SNS so let’s get started with today’sTwitter Roundup.

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon began 2013 on a bittersweet note as he tweeted after completing shooting for his drama, The King of Dramas on January 2 writing, “done. thank you so much who loved hyunmin kang in this drama :) really appericiate :).”

In the snowing outdoors set, the drama production crew were seen wrapping up their final shoot with Choi Siwon in the winter night.

Are you going to tune into the last episode?

Super Junior’s Kangin revealed he has been kicking off the new year in detox mode as he tweeted on January 2, “Thanks to the gift of my friend Han Byul I drank about nine servings of Neera detox and hmm… as the toxins fell away, my skin seems to have cleared up. Han Byul… thanks to you, my skin has improved. Keke Now let’s stop seeing each other. Keke.”

The attached photo showed Kangin bundled up in a winter jacket and posing next to his detox syrup.

Have you tried Neera and experienced similar results like Kangin?

Seungri from Big Bang tweeted a short, “Happy New Year !!!!” on January 2 and showed a picture of himself and a green-haired Daesung, both sporting black outfits and flashing thumbs up.

Will green hair be the new trend in 2013?

Psy tweeted from New York’s Time Square on January 1 as he took in the revelry saying, “with @MCHammer @carlyraejepsen @neontrees right before the countdown!~”

The picture showed Psy, MC Hammer, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Neon Trees members posing for a group picture together.

Psy later tweeted, “happy new year from @psy_oppa and @MCHammer!”, along with a photo with the rapper.

What did you think of Psy’s New Year’s Eve performance?

Speaking of Psy, Infinity Challenge’s director, Kim Tae Ho tweeted a picture of some of the Infinity Challenge members on stage with Psy during the New Year’s Eve performance as he wrote, “Wow! New York is Infinity Challenge Style!!”, on January 1.

With Psy, MC Hammer and Infinity Challenge’s members hitting the stage together, we couldn’t think of a better combination!

The official Live Works Company tweeted photos of Kim Dong Wan on January 1, fresh off his drama award win at the KBS Drama Awards, writing, “[From Kim Dong Wan] In 2012, beginning with Shinhwa’s comeback there were so many good things that happened that we don’t know what to do. With so many people’s support and attention, 2012 has passed with a big win on the final day, which we are truly honored.”

It added later, “[From Kim Dong Wan], Truly not expecting this prize, I regret not mentioning my fellow actors on Cheer Up Mister Kim and the Live Works Company family.”

The included pictures showed Kim Dong Wan cradling his award and beaming.

Congratulations, Kim Dong Wan!

Sean revealed Big Bang’s G-Dragon had made a big donation with his pet Gaho as Sean tweeted on January 2, “G-Dragon’s pet Gaho surviving winter at Dolce Vita”, and showing Gaho in his dog house and wearing a sweater amidst the snowy environment.

Sean later tweeted, “Thank you G-Dragon for donating and participating on $10miracle to build children’s rehabilitation hospital. @Dolcebita café.”

Attached was a plaque that certified G-Dragon had participated in Sean’s ongoing campaign to collect funds for building hospitals for children.

Both G-Dragon and Gaho must be feeling warm in their hearts right now!

CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa tweeted on January 2, “Hello everyone! It’s Yong Hwa Keke. Everyone, the weather outside is really cold ㅠ The CN Blue title track being released on January 14 is my own composed song! Keke Everyone, just as much as you’ve been waiting for us, we will show some great performances. Please be in anticipation. We will be with you soon!”

Included were two shots of Jung Yong Hwa in his production room as he worked in front of a keyboard and computer in composing.

Are you anticipating the new single?

2NE1’s CL tweeted this photo of some YG Family love from the girls as she tweeted on December 31, “Welcome 2013!!!”

The included photo showed four cuts of the 2NE1 members striking poses to mark the New Year with a special appearance by Lee Hi.

Lee Hi and 2NE1 performed a collaboration stage at the MBC Gayo Daejejeon, taking on each other′s hit singles.

Photo Credit: Above mentioned stars’ SNS