Chocolate Treat Kit Kat Is Totally #TeamSehun

Chocolate Treat Kit Kat Is Totally #TeamSehun

An EXO fan got Sehun noticed by Kit Kat, a popular chocolate confection brand!

The fan previously tweeted comparisons of EXO members and their chocolate equivalents. Each member is likened to a chocolate treat provided with reasons for the similarity.

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Xiumin got compared to Hersheys Kisses, Suho with Ferrero Rocher, Lay with Cadbury chocolate bars, Chen with Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Baekhyun with Hersheys chocolate bars, Chanyeol with Toblerone, D.O. with MMS, Kai with Kinder Joy, and Sehun with Kit Kat. The fan also matched EXO-Ls with Choc Nuts.

The U.S. Twitter account for Kit Kat noticed the comparison and replied Only the best for the best and added #TeamSehun.

Check out the cute tweets below!

-everyone loves kisses

? (@cinnamyeonrolls) June 8, 2017

-yummy from first layer to last

-packaging is screaming with so much classiness


-smooth chocolate quality

-attractive packaging

-people either love or hate it

-the taste will make you want for more

-combi of two strong flavors

-simple packaging but exploding with great taste

-triangle-shaped packaging

-everyone knows toblerone

-loooooong and thiccccccck ?

-comes with different colors



-always come with surprises

-chocolate with a fine milky filling AHHHhhH ?

-literally AMAAAAZING

-taste like hEAVEN

-i dont know why I chose choc nut ?????

Only the best for the best ❤️ #TeamSehun

Kit Kat (@KitKat_US) June 12, 2017

Thanks to Tommie for the tip!