Choa Is Confirmed To Take A Break From AOA & All Its Activities

Choa Is Confirmed To Take A Break From AOA & All Its Activities

AOA’s fans have been worried that Choa might be leaving the group since she is not active in group activities. Fans wonder whether she has a plan for leaving the group. Finally, the agency has released a statement.

Fans noticed Choa’s absent on May 3 when AOA performed as the guest on 25th Yeoncheon Jeonggok-ri Paleolithic Festival. Seolhyun and Choa were absent from the event. Seohyun’s absence was known because she was in France for ad filming. But for Choa, fans had no idea why she was absent, AllKpopreported.

Fans have been really worried that Choa might be leaving AOA. Choa is a cheerful member who cannot be replaced. Her absence is really questioned by fans. There have been many rumors spread that Choa will be leaving AOA since her Instagram account was removed from AOA’s profile on Naver.

When fans are left with a big question mark, finally FNC gave their official statement. Hey said that Choa is taking a break from AOA and all their activities, Koreabooreported. With the clear statement, the rumors about Choa leaving the group have been proven to be false.

AOA’s fans are really happy to hear the news that Chao will not leave the group. Fans give their support for Choa in her break. It can be really exhausting being an idol with a tight schedule. Choa deserves to have her break for her need. Thus, fans hope that she can enjoy her break well.

AOA has done really well as a group with years of experience. Their sexy concept is always perfect and the group has many hit songs to make them popular. Even though Choa is inactive, the group has been doing well with the rest of the members. They have been doing well in their comeback and promotions. Fans hope that Choa will soon join the group again.

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