Chinese paparazzi spread malicious rumors about Luhan

Chinese paparazzi spread malicious rumors about Luhan

Zhuo Wei, a Chinese Paparazzi, has recently been trying to spread rumors concerning a variety of different celebrities including former EXO member Luhan.

The well-known Chinese paparazzi, Zhuo Wei, held a paid QA session on April 13, where those attending could ask as many questions as they want and get his honest answer.

After the session was over, Zhuo Wei uploaded it online, and whoever was willing to pay could listen to it.

Zhuo Weis answers provided zero fact-based evidence and the QA session appeared to be a fake rumor generating machine.

Zhuo Wei was asked if its true that he gave up on following Luhan and whether or not Luhan has a girlfriend. Zhuo Weis outrageous reply surprised many of the attendees.

Its false, we will not give up. According to an informant, not only does he have a girlfriend, he also has kid(s).

Luhans manager, Yang Siwei, promptly addressed this absurd rumor and denounced Zhuo Weis words.

With the obsession with rumors, the power of speech might not be strong enough in defense.

The truth reveals itself with time.

Hes daring enough with his words

because the misfortune of others is his joy

Luhan didnt stay silent either and released his song, Roleplay, which targets paparazzi and the fake rumors they spread.

The rumors didnt just stop with Luhan. Other famous Chinese celebrities, including, Angelababy, Chen He, Yang Mi and Hawick Lau were accused of outrageous accusations, which were also phrased in an extremely offensive manner.

Following Luhans footsteps, Angelababy, Yang Mi and Hawick Laus did not tolerate such acts, with their company answering back and belittling Zhuo Wei petty actions.

Hes making up stories without basis, like a clown trying to gain popularity and attention from the crowd

— Yang Mi and Hawick Laus Company

All victims of the rumors spread did not stay silent and stood their ground.

Check out Luhans Roleplay below, where he calls out all the paparazzi!

Source: Sina Entertainment

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