Chinese Broadcasting Station Under Fire For Allegedly Plagiarizing Hyoris Homestay

Chinese Broadcasting Station Under Fire For Allegedly Plagiarizing Hyoris Homestay

Chinese broadcasting station Hunan TV was recently accused of plagiarizing JTBCs Hyoris Homestay, following their previous plagiarism controversy regarding tvNs Youns Kitchen.

The station recently posted on their official Weibo account, Hunan TVs new variety program Dear Visitor (literal translation) will be scheduled to air after Chinese Restaurant (literal translation) this October. It will air every Saturday at 10 p.m.

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Dear Visitor is described to be an observational reality program about two famous celebrity couples running a homestay, and viewers will be able to observe their lifestyles. Not only will other celebrities appear on the show, but the two couples will also interact with the guests through cooking and more, which is highly similar to the format of Hyoris Homestay.

Chinese netizens and media criticized the broadcasting station for creating a program that plagiarized yet again another Korean variety show. Previously, tvNs Three Meals A Day was reportedly plagiarized by Life Yearned For (literal translation) and Youns Kitchen was allegedly plagiarized by Chinese Restaurant (literal translation).

Some criticisms from Chinese netizens stated, When you look at it, you think of Hyoris Homestay immediately and Was the Chinese ban on Korean culture so that Hunan TV could plagiarize [Korean shows] easier.

One Chinese media outlet stated, This isnt Hunan TVs first plagiarism, and it wont be their last plagiarism. Mentioning how Hunan TV had legally purchased the rights for the Chinese version of Running Man and therefore was able to cast top Korean actors such as Song Joong Ki, the media outlet also pointed out, Isnt it be better to kill two birds with one stone by showcasing a programs influence in a fair manner [like this]?

What are your thoughts on this controversy?