Chinese audition program ‘Birth of a Star’ blatantly plagiarizes ‘Produce 101’

Chinese audition program ‘Birth of a Star’ blatantly plagiarizes ‘Produce 101’

Chinese audition program ‘Birth of a Star’ is under fire for blatantly plagiarizing South Korean competition series ‘Produce 101’.

‘Birth of a Star’ was broadcasted on Chinese video site IQIYI from November of 2016 to January of 2017. A total of 65 contestants participated in the competition to become the final 8 of the debut group. The concept is greatly similar to ‘Produce 101’, where 101 trainees compete to become the final 11 debut members. In addition to the general concept, ‘Birth of a Star’ blatantly plagiarized the small segments within the show. 

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Some are the great similarities of the two programs are:

Picking the top visuals: 

Ranking announcements

Theme songs – ”Push Me”/ ”Pick Me”

The only major difference between the two programs is that ‘Birth of a Star’ has both male and female contestants. 

iQiyi had previously purchased exclusive rights for some Korean dramas, however, in regards to ‘Produce 101,’ Mnet commented, “We have never sold the licensing rights to China. We’re currently looking to find out which production company created the show.”

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