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EXO Lu Han to Act in Chinese Version of ‘Miss Granny’

EXO’s Lu Han is challenging himself into the world of acting.

On April 23, a Chinese news platform announced that Lu Han has been cast in the movie Back to 20s (translated), directed by Chen Zhen Dao.

A SM Entertainment rep spoke with Newsen on April 23, saying, “Lu Han has been confirmed for Back to 20s. We’re currently tuning up the filming schedules.”

Back to 20s is the Chinese version of Miss Granny, which had eight million viewers in Korea. Lu Han will be playing the grandson of the main female character.

Back to 20s will star Yang Zishan and Bolin Chen as the leads. The movie will begin filming on May 20.

Meanwhile, Lu Han is currently promoting with EXO-M in China

Park Ki Woong Falls In Love With A Zombie


Park Ki Woong will display a range of conflicting emotions in the film "Mad Sad Bad." 

Last year the actor played a man with mixed feelings about his mission in the film "Secretly Greatly" with co-stars Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Hyun Woo. He was a North Korean spy pretending to be a rock musician but he got to like his new life. He also won a DramaFever Best Bromance award last year for his love-hate relationship with Joo Won in the 2012 drama "Bridal Mask." He appears in the Kim Ki Duk film "Made In China" and will enlist as a conscripted policeman in May.

His role in the 3D three-part film "Mad Sad Bad" is playing a man who hates zombies but then falls in love with one. Park Ki Woong appears in "Saw You," the second of the film"s three stories, which takes place after the feared zombie apocalypse

Lee Min Ho’s Representatives Respond To His Non-Appearance In A Beijing Show


Beijing fans were disappointed to find out that Lee Min Ho did not appear during a recent motor show; however, it turns out that he was not invited in the first place.

Lee Min Ho"s non-appearance in the recent Beijing Motor Show drew negative opinion from fans who came to see him during the event. As such, Starhaus Entertainment responded to the allegations by saying, "Lee Min Ho was not invited to the Beijing Motor Show."

"Please do not misunderstand. From the start, he wasn"t supposed to participate in the event. Currently, Lee Min Ho is filming the movie "Gangnam Blues", and his schedule did not permit him to visit his fans in China," the representatives added.

To save the actor from future misjudgment, the company said, "Fans will be informed on Lee Min Ho"s official activities in China through his Weibo account only

Chinese Magazine Releases Cover Image Featuring Jun Ji Hyun

Actress Jun Ji Hyun will be featured on the cover of the May issue of the Chinese edition of fashion and style magazine Harper’s Bazaar.

The front cover image was released on the magazine’s official Weibo site, and features the actress dressed in a hot pink dress with matching lip gloss.

Chinese web users were quick to post complimentary comments such as, “She looks so great”, “Pink really suits her”, “This really looks like a picture of Cheon Song Yi [referring to the character Jun Ji Hyun played in the SBS drama “Man from the Stars”] and “I am definitely going to buy that magazine”.

Jun Ji Hyun has enjoyed considerable popularity in China recently, where “Man from the Stars” has been a hit. She has also been featured in advertisements and has appeared at events in China, where her stock continues to rise

Celebrities Resuming Activities – Stuck Between Those In Favor & Those In Opposition

"That"s enough" vs. "Not yet"

Singers MC Mong, Andy, comedian Yang Se Hyung, actors Park Shi Hoo and Ryu Shi Won are either planning their comebacks or revealing their plans for comebacks.

Artists who had halted all activities are slowly and carefully showing movement towards their comebacks. However, members of the public that are coming across this news are showing quite different reactions. There are some who say "That"s enough mourning," while others who say "Not yet."

Returning Point - That"s the Question

The figure that"s been receiving the most attention with respect to his return is the singer MC Mong. Netizens who encountered news of MC Mong"s return are saying "That"s enough," and are welcoming his comeback. They"re saying that despite being aquitted he has spent enough time in self-restraint, and that it"s okay for him to return

Lee Min Ho Ranks Number 1 For Taiwan’s ’2014 Asian God’ Polls

Hallyu star Lee Min Ho has been ranked number 1 for Taiwan"s "2014 Asian God" polls. 

Other stars on the poll included EXO Kris and actor Kim Soo Hyun and gained much attention.

This poll was taken from January 26 and Lee Min Ho ranked first for the poll with 10,013,151 votes.

Lee Min Ho received huge popularity in China due to his role in the popular drama, "The Heirs."

The Chinese media revealed that in order to be considered as this "Asian God", they had to have good features as well as talent. After finding out the Lee Min Ho had topped the polls, they stated that he had long legs and was suitable for the the number 1 position for the polls.

K-Pop and the Hallyu could be seen in this poll as 5 of the top 10 people were K-pop idols and actors

Makeup Brand ‘Shara Shara’ Featuring Infinite′s L as Model to Launch in China

Makeup brand ‘Shara Shara,’ which Infinite’s L currently models for, will be launching in China.

Shara Shara announced on April 22, “On April 14, we signed a contract for sole agency with China’s Etude Global to launch the brand in China.”

With the signing of the contract, Shara Shara will be giving the exclusive right for the Chinese corporation to sell the brand′s items throughout China.

Kim Ok Yeop, Shara Shara′s director of marketing, said, “Shara Shara has been receiving a lot of positive responses from the Chinese customers in its stores in Myeong-dong and has been rising as a hallyu makeup brand. Based on its competitive design, quality and price, signing a contract for sole agency with our partner in China will allow the brand to succeed inthe Chinese market.”

Photo credit: Shara Shara

Jun Ji Hyun is pretty in pink for China’s ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ magazine

On April 21, China"s edition of "Harper"s Bazaar" magazine released the cover of their May issue featuring the lovely actress, Jun Ji Hyun.

Sporting a subtly waved hairstyle and a hot pink look on her cheeks, lips, and outfit the timeless beauty drew all eyes to the bright cover.

ine in April, showing that the "You Who Came From the Stars" fever is still going strong.

How well do you think she rocked this bright pink look?

Gong Hyo Jin Reveals Her Thoughts on Colleagues Cha Seung Won and So Ji Sub

Gong Hyo Jin has shared what she truly thinks of fellow stars Cha Seung Won and So Ji Sub.

The actress sat down with Chinese media outlet Sina on April 17 to discuss her past co-stars and her acting career. After appearing on “The Greatest Love” and “Master’s Sun,” her popularity and awareness in China have increased substantially.

Regarding Cha Seung Won, with whom he acted on “The Greatest Love,” she revealed, “He is a truly fun sunbae. Not only has he experienced more than me, but his acting is very delicate. When acting together, Cha Seung Won encouraged me a lot.”

She continued on to express her thoughts on So Ji Sub, “At first I thought he is a quiet person. But he actually laughs more than expected

Lee Min Ho, “I Didn’t Get Invited To Motor Show In China”


Actor Lee Min Ho explained the rumors that he did not show up on the Beijing motor show. Actor Lee Min Ho"s agency Star Haus entertainment said, "The agency is making the notice for the fans. Actor Lee Min Ho was not invited to the Beijing motor show. Please do not misunderstand any rumors around this." The statement added, "As you know, actor Lee Min Ho is currently filming the movie Kang Nam Blues. For his future activities in China, we will notify you through Weibo." Previously, a few Chinese newspapers reported that actor Lee Min Ho did not show up on the Beijing motor show. The fans who thought actor Lee Min Ho would show up on the Beijing motor show, which is the biggest motor show in China, visited the show in the hopes of meeting him, and went back home angry at realizing that Lee Min Ho was not there. One host in the Beijing motor show lured the fans saying the car in his booth is the model that actor Lee Min Ho advertises, and then said "Unfortunately actor Lee Min Ho could not come to the show today," and disappointed the fans