Chief Kim’s Foodie Sociopath, Junho’s Childhood!

Chief Kim’s Foodie Sociopath, Junho’s Childhood!

Do you remember Junho? A member of the K-pop boy group 2PM and now an outstanding actor? The one that delighted us from the drama, “Chief Kim” early on this year as the foodie sociopath, Seo-Yool? Now that you start to recall him, see this adorable little boy! Junho released his adorable childhood picture on his SNS on the 28th.

Yesterday, he posted this gem on his official Instagram along with the caption, “There are no selfies no matter how much I look”. (Which is a bit of sarcasm, considering his Instagram is full of selfies! haha)

In the picture, little Junho is smiling so innocently next to a huge snowman. Many fans smiled at this picture since his cute little squinty smile is still there.

Since the drama, “Chief Kim” ended, he’s been busy fulfilling his duty with the singer career.

Junho released a solo album ‘2017 S/S’ in Japan and starting this August, he will be going on a tour in 5 different cities in Japan. For now, there are no plans regarding acting, but we hope to see him soon in another movie or drama (:…