Cheetah puts aside rap to sing on ‘Immortal Song’

Cheetah puts aside rap to sing on ‘Immortal Song’

Rapper Cheetah performed for the first time on the May 13 installment of ‘Immortal Song’.

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On part 2 of the Kim Hee Gab and Yang In Ja special, Cheetah surprised everyone by putting aside rapping to sing instead. She said before getting on stage, “To be honest, I feel pressured by the ‘Immortal Song’ stage. Everyone performing is so talented. I want to put on stage that’s very human and genuine.”

She covered legendary singer Cho Yong Pil’s hit song “Q” for a performance that fans have not seen before. 

However, she wasn’t able to defeat musical star Min Woo Hyuk, who took the final win.

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