Chanyeol Shares How EXO Feels About Upcoming Comeback During Broadcast With Lee Dong Wook

Chanyeol Shares How EXO Feels About Upcoming Comeback During Broadcast With Lee Dong Wook

On July 12, Lee Dong Wook held a Naver V Live broadcast called On the Air where he invited EXOs Chanyeol as a guest.

The two of them showed off their close relationship during the broadcast and Chanyeol said, I came because I wanted to see you, hyung. While I was watching the broadcast, I had a thought. When youre talking on the phone with listeners who have called in, I think slang is your weakness. I thought I would come help you with slang words. Im addicted to my phone so I know a lot of words like that.

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Lee Dong Wook also talked about how grateful he was for Chanyeols participation on the Goblin OST. I felt good doing it, Chanyeol said. Its a song that did well for us. A lot of people dont know that I also sing but I like to sing. Im glad that I could show off that side of myself and a lot of my friends contacted me about it so I felt good.

Chanyeol also teased a little of EXOs upcoming comeback during the broadcast. All the members participated a lot in the making of this album, he said. Thats why we have a lot of ambition [for this album]. Ko Ko Bop doesnt really have a solution but ko ko has a fun vibe and bop means to dance so we combined it. We took a lot of time on the performance. I think everyone [in the group] has a lot they want to achieve.

He added, At the end-of-year awards ceremonies last year, we knew we wanted to work hard to create something epic for this year. Everyone practiced hard. I think people can anticipate it. Overall the music has a reggae base so its perfect for this time of year. The music video also has a Hawaiian vibe. I think its a bright concept.

EXO is slated to make their comeback on July 18 with their new album, The War.