Changwon in Major Tourism Push

Changwon in Major Tourism Push

Changwon Mayor Ahn Sang-soo (sixth from left) and other dignitaries attend an event to promote tourism to the city in South Gyeongsang Province on Aug. 29.

The southeastern port city of Changwon has rolled up its sleeves to attract more visitors. City officials have formed a committee to ensure that 125 individual plans progress smoothly to achieve that goal.

In 2016, a little over 10 million people visited the scenic port city, and it aims to draw 15 million visitors next year.

The city wants to publicize the major sights, search for new attractions and address repeated complaints. It will bolster hotels and other tourism infrastructure to entice visitors to stay longer.

Lighting is being set up to illuminate prime spots at night, and there will be walking tours and more sports facilities.

The city will also set up help centers throughout town, telephone hotlines to help address tourists’ problems, increase the number of affordable hotels and improve the bus information system. Restaurant and other store owners are to undergo training to improve their service quality.

Changwon plans to publicize its assets by hosting the 16th World Korean Business Convention, K-Pop World Festival and 2018 ISSF World Shooting Championship as well as its annual chrysanthemum festival, cherry blossom festival, Korea’s biggest spring festival, and sculpture biennale.

The shooting championship is expected to attract 4,500 athletes from 120 countries around the world.

Changwon Mayor Ahn Sang-soo said, “Next year will serve as a milestone for our city to take the next leap in tourism”.…