Fan’s Selection of K-Pop Idol Pre-Debut “Haduri” Webcam Images  Is going Viral In Korea

Fan’s Selection of K-Pop Idol Pre-Debut “Haduri” Webcam Images Is going Viral In Korea

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Fanatics are at all times curious to peer what their favourite idols seemed likesooner than they made their respective debuts. 

And whilst many fans have came upon onetimetopcollegecommencementfootage of infantphotographs of many most sensible idols in the past, a up to date post on Daum Cafe has attracted numerous attention online for how many predebut webcam photos its been in a positionto discover and compile.

The photos, which have been taken the use of Haduri, an old webcam application that was once incredibly popular among teenagers and ulzzangs, display many of todays most neatly liked idols from before their debut, many without makeup at all.

BIGBANGG-Dragon and Taeyang

Girls GenerationYoona

Girls Generations Taeyeon

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This K-Pop Idol’s “Ideal” Weight And Frame Proportions Are The Envy Of ladies All Across Korea

This K-Pop Idol’s “Ideal” Weight And Frame Proportions Are The Envy Of ladies All Across Korea

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterThe attractivenesscriteria in Korea had been known to be incredibly strict, with maximum Korean ladiesdesiring to existeither tall and thin. 

In fact, many of us accept even referred to the usual of cosmetic in Korea as unrealistic, as the ideal height of 162 cm (approximately five feet and four inches) and weight of 42 kg (about 93 pounds) is considered asmoderately underweight and most likely dangerously unhealthy.

However, a up to date broadcast published that rookie group CLCYoojin perfectly suits this ideal, causing many fanatics to compliment her for having accomplishedthe easiest pinnacle and weight through Korean beauty standards.

But whilst Korean fans have overtly showered Yoojin with praise for her amazing height and weight, many global fans have expressed considerations for her fitness and well-being.

Check out the song video for CLCs newest song No oh oh below:

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Former K-Pop Idol Trainee/Rapper Sentenced For Marijuana Smuggling In Korea

Former K-Pop Idol Trainee/Rapper Sentenced For Marijuana Smuggling In Korea

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAn idol trainee grew to become rapper in the past suspected for smuggling marijuana is now showed to were sentenced to probation. 

Back in May, it was once reported that the Seoul Prosecution place of job that a former idol turned hiphop artist has been stuck smuggling a minimum of 20 kilograms of marijuana which he ordered online.

On June 16th, the hiphop artist changed into sentenced to 3 years probation by way of the courts after having shownaccountable of the act. It was also detailed that the artist ordered the acquire online during the use of Bitcoin, yet was confiscated after the buy was caught thru international. The artist, most effectiverecognized every bit Choi, to start with admitted to the crime after reflecting on his wrongdoings and was hence given a lighter sentence.

Choi was once being groomed as one of the vitalparticipants for an idol group, but later on made up our minds to leave and worked as a solo artist.

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This Male Flight Attendant Is Going Viral In Korea For His K-Pop Idol Looks

This Male Flight Attendant Is Going Viral In Korea For His K-Pop Idol Looks

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith a Chinese flight steward gaining a enormous following for having a look like Song Joong Ki, a Korean flight steward is receiving the similarreaction of his flawless, just right looks. 

On June 9th, the webcame upon the identity a definite male Korean flight steward as his privatepictures went public. The normal post described him for having a feel an identical EXO’s as a photo of the flight steward posing even as on a shuttlein a foreign country exposed his minimum style, flawless skin and awesome visuals.

Another photo of him with his colleagues whilstdressed in their uniform baffled netizens after learning that he was once indeed a common, normal citizen and now not a celebrity.

Netizens who have observed the photos in an instant agreed on his advanced looks, while another recognized him as a student that attends Hanseo University’s flight services and products department.

Check out the remainder of the photos below.

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Police apprehends former idol for smuggling marijuana into South Korea

Police apprehends former idol for smuggling marijuana into South Korea

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterA former idol is making the scoop afterward it used to be reported through the media that he has been arrested for smuggling marijuana into the country.

According to the Seoul prosecution workplace on Might 7th, the police apprehended hip-hop artist Choi after he becomestuck smuggling approximately 20g of marijuana that he had ordered online. Its additional reported that to steer transparent of suspicion from the Korean police, Choi attempted to confuse them and somebody else being attentive by paying for the marijuana in a couple of ways.

It was being delivered thru mail when he was caught.

This isnt the primary time Choi has been suspected of the use of marijuana as he was wondered by the police closing April.

Though his identity has no longer been published to the public, it's faracknowledged that Choi is a former idol who left his staff and has released a hip-hop album.

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A WINNER Fan’s Non-public  Tale Of A In point of fact Compassionate K-Pop Idol Is going VIRAL In Korea

A WINNER Fan’s Non-public Tale Of A In point of fact Compassionate K-Pop Idol Is going VIRAL In Korea

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens compliment a WINNER member for his beneficiant act toward crying primecollege student

There are many reviewsreferring to idols that enthusiasts or netizens post on blogs and quite so much of websites. Whether they are true or not, many fans and netizens read and display their evaluationsin regards to the story. Yetmay just this tale existgenuineon account of photo evidence?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens praise WINNER member for his alleged act toward highs faculty student.

Titled Idol Who Used to be Generous Against Crying High School Student, here's the direct translation of the post and comments below.

Translation: I am a senior in high school I reside around Hapjeong and 2 weeks ago, I in the endwere giveneffects from my examine and I used to be devastated by capability of the results. I changed into crying at the corner of Starbucks alone since I didnt would like tocrosshousedue to the grades.. But I felt as thoughsomeone kept having a look at me. I was covering my face and head so I couldnt tell who it was but I determinedto headhomestead after crying. And somebody spoke to me. But it was Jinwoo from WINNER! I was stunned and then I was now notin a positionto speak but he asked me why I was crying and what I was unhappy about. So I told him my story as a high school student and how I was unwell of it. He told me that the total thing was going to be ok and tell me to feel better. He was with a pal of his I think. You'llagree with that this is a true story right..?

Translation: He comforted me or even signed my prevent watch. He also told me to feel better.

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at thenormal article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this text being published.

67 / -1 He's my ideal type. He is so great and innocent. I know he is dumb every now and then but I just think he is too nice. But he is so good-looking every bit well.

59 / -2 Im truly worried because he is so fine T_T_T Im scared that he may get used by bad folks T_T_T_T He has to be pleasant to a restrict and now not be so blameless and natural T_T_T_T__T_T_T_T Pure Jinwoo I have to be offeringcoverage to him all the style through his lifetime haha

53 / -1 He is seriously too nice and handsome.. I even feel bad gambling jokes on him.. I suspect Ill be apologetic about IT T_T

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Who were the most mentioned idol groups and artists on Twitter (Korea) in the first half of 2015

Who were the most mentioned idol groups and artists on Twitter (Korea) in the first half of 2015

"Twitter Korea" has just announced the top mentioned keywords for the first half of the year for three categories: "Society", "Music" and "TV Shows/Movies"! But we know the category you"re most curious is the "Music" one! So who was the top mentioned idol group on Twitter so far this year?

It was none other than the boys of BTS! Which might not come as much of a surprise considering this year has been their most successful year yet! What also stands out is that BTS member Jungkook makes it into the number 10 spot all by himself! TEEN TOP also make it onto the list and member Niel makes it onto the list all by himself at number 6.

Top 10 - "Music" category:

1. BTS


3. EXO

4. GOT7


6. TEEN TOP"s Niel

7. Shinhwa


9. Big Bang

10. BTS" Jungkook

Top 10 - TV Program/Movie:

1. British film "Kingsman"

2. drama "School 2015"

3. movie "Twenty"

4. movie "Gangnam 1970"

5. variety show "Running Man"

6. drama "Let"s Eat 2"

7. competition show "Mask King"

8. variety show "Infinity Challenge"

9. drama "Heard It Through the Grapevine"

10. drama "Producer"

Top 10 - "Society":

1. Sewol Ferry


3. Sung Wan Jong

4. muk-bang (eating broadcast)

5. price of cigarettes

6. helpnepalchildren

7. baseball

8. employment

9. feminist

10. Asian Cup

The results are based on the number of times the keywords were mentioned on Twitter from January to June 2015. 

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NS Yoon-G  has reportedly  shared about her  perfect types from the Idol Groups in  Korea

NS Yoon-G has reportedly shared about her perfect types from the Idol Groups in Korea

NS Yoon-G Names Her Ideal Types From K-Pop Idol Groups NS Yoon-G has named her ideal idol types from among K-pop group members.

She makes the revelation while appearing on part two of the “Muscle Queen” special of KBS2’s “Let’s Go! Dream Team” on June 28. When asked who her ideal type was during the episode, NS Yoon-G replies, “I like the younger idols. INFINITE’s L and Sunggyu are my ideal types, and I also like Bangtan Boys (BTS) these days,” she confessed.

ns yoon_g

Meanwhile, Jang Do Yeon, Kim Ji Won, Chun Yi Seul, Asia, Hello Venus’s Lime, Oh Hyun Jin, Nancy Lang, Jung Ah Reum, Jessica, Jung In Hye, Lee Yeon and more also appear to compete in the episode.

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Six Reasons EXO's D.O. Is Korea's Rising Acting Idol

Six Reasons EXO's D.O. Is Korea's Rising Acting Idol

D.O. captured the attention of audiences with his cameo role.

(Photo : KBS2 ) D.O. (Do Kyung Soo) of EXO is swiftly becoming one of the most sought after acting idols in Korean entertainment. While many K-pop stars attempt to effectively break into the market, few succeed at demonstrating the ability to capture the attention of audiences beyond their existing fan base.

D.O. continues to generate buzz with his on-screen performances, even when he is placed against a cast of seasoned actors. His recently provided a noteworthy cameo in the KBS2 drama "I Remember You," as Jun Young, a coldblooded sociopath. While it was only a two-episode stint, his headline-worthy appearance continues to be one of the most talked about K-Drama moments of June 2015.

His next highly anticipated project is "Pure Love," a romantic drama which teen actress Kim So Hyun. "Pure Love" will focus on the trajectory of the lead couple"s relationship, as told through a series of letters that are read on a radio station. While D.O. has yet to portray a leading man, the role could potentially elevate him beyond cameos and supporting characters.

Here are six reasons D.O. is Korea"s rising acting idol.

1. D.O. was selected by entertainment insiders as the number one actor among idols.

On a March 2015 episode of "Entertainment Weekly," D.O. received the news that he was named as the top actor out of 40 idols in 2014.

2. He debuted as an actor in "Cart," a film which provided social commentary on unfair working conditions.

Rather than selecting a romantic comedy, his first acting role was in a film which advocated for fair treatment of workers and the development of unions.

3. His portrayal of Han Kang Woo in "It"s Okay, That"s Love" was compelling and equally matched the performance delivered by Jo In Sung.

4. While he exceeds expectations in melodramatic roles, he served as comic relief in "EXO Next Door."

D.O. demonstrated excellent comedic timing in "EXO Next Door." The strength of his acting was one of the primary reasons to watch the web series.


About the writer: Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor for KDramastars. She is also a contributing writer for Kpopstarz, MTV Iggy and CJ Entertainment"s KCON blog. Her passions include a love of K-pop and Asian drama. When she is not writing, she is hanging out on Twitter (@retrogirladdy).


Korea and China’s First Joint Idol Audition Show “Super Idol” Announced, Featuring BEAST, Kim Jong Kook, and More

Korea and China’s First Joint Idol Audition Show “Super Idol” Announced, Featuring BEAST, Kim Jong Kook, and More

On April 21, MBC Music and 60 other related domestic and international organizations gathered at Seoul Westin Chosun Hotel for the opening ceremony of the Super Idol project.

Super Idol is the first-ever joint project between Korea and China, produced by MBC Music and Chinese media TV ZONE, in which they train future idols who will debut in Korea.

According to local media reports, this upcoming show is considered top-quality because Chinas representative broadcasting station and media will sponsor the program, and K-Note, a music academy led by songwriter Kim Hyung Suk, will be in charge of training the participants of the show.

Moreover, BEAST will write and sing the theme song of Super Idol themselves, along with Kim Jong Kook and The One appearing as judges on the show.

Even though the event in Westin Chosun Hotel was just the opening ceremony and not the official press conference for the show, 20 Chinese portal sites and organizations gathered for Super Idol and showed great interest in it.

The representative of Anhui TV stated, Im anticipating this joint project of Anhui TV and MBC Plus Media. We will work hard so it can become the best program.

MBC Plus Medias representative also stated, Super Idol will be a very fun music program, first picking 30 contestants out of the many and then five people in the final stage. Not only will Anhui TV and MBC Music film and air the participants training period, but we will also support the five final contestants in the end so that they are deemed true superstars in China and Korea.

The representative of the affiliated Chinese media also said, Super Idol will be different from other audition programs that only show contestants becoming stars overnight; we will capture the trainees passion, hard work, and sweat as they make it through everything. We will provide both fun and heartwarming moments to the audience as we show the trainees progress

Songwriter Kim Hyung Suk, who will be in charge of training 30 Korean and Chinese contestants to grow as superstars, said: I made connections with China in 2010 for the first time as a producer and thats when I saw great potential in Chinese idols. K-pop is spreading beyond Asia and is going global. The process of training and educating idol groups play a big part in that influence. We are trying to combine the two countries advantages through this program. Now we have everything ready, from talented kids and the best mentors to the most influential broadcasting station.

Meanwhile, Super Idol will have their press conference in July and air on the Chinese broadcasting station Anhui TV and Koreas MBC Music, MBC Every1, and MBC QueeN.

Source (1)

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