Certified A+: Back-To-School Beauty Looks Inspired By K-Pop Idols

Certified A+: Back-To-School Beauty Looks Inspired By K-Pop Idols

Heres some homework youll probably be more than happy to do: learning how to cop the beauty looks of your favorite K-pop stars just in time for the new school season. Of course, what makes shopping for school essentials more fun is not just buying highlighters, pens, and notebooks, but also adding some beauty must-haves in your kit. If youre looking for a simple change or something more drastic, get some inspiration from these K-beauties:

Go to school with a fresh start. If youre the type who doesnt have time to put on makeup in the mornings, focus on your skin care routine instead. Whats good about Korea is that it has a ton of choices to help you achieve dewy, glowing skin. Just keep your skin clean, blemish-free, moisturized, and sun-protected so that all you need to do is swipe on that lip gloss.

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AOA Seolhyuns I-woke-up-like-this look:

While you cant really put on too much makeup for school (because youre there to learn, after all), there are different ways to brighten up your look. Try a touch of pink as blush or on the lips for that pretty fairy look.

While HyunA is known for her sexy image, she also looks great in softer, toned down makeup:

Taeyeon is the perfect peg for that pretty doll-like look:

If youre wearing specs to school, that doesnt mean you cant apply makeup. You can still make your eyes pop by putting on a bit of mascara and light colored lips.

Tzuyu and Jeon Somi look ready to hit the books in style:

Krystal is hipster glam in her oversized eyewear:

The Korean version of on-fleek eyebrows is straight and clean, giving the face an innocent, youthful look.

PRISTINs Kyulkyung has enviable eyebrows that look natural and effortless:

Apinks Naeun also has the signature straight brows:

If you want to have a point to your look, try adding a subtle wing tip with your eyeliner just like Jennies:

Try on some contact lenses that will complement your skin tone and hair color, just like Hanis:

Need to give a boost to your hairstyle so youll turn heads when you walk your school hallways? Here is some much-needed inspo.

Doyeon wears the ultimate peppy cheerleader hairstyle with pretty curls:

If youre not quite game for a big cut yet, let Irene give you ideas on how to style your bangs:

Go for a cute bob like G-Friends Eunha, and you can style it either straight or wavy:

Keep it sweet and clean like IUs top bun:

If your school is not that strict or if youre in university already where you have the freedom to wear a bolder style, take cues from Tzuyus pretty shades of purple:

Tiffanys braided hairstyle is perfect for a lovely daily school look:

Give your hair some volume to keep it from being flat. Minas hair has a nice, subtle wavy volume and a great color, too!

Hey Soompiers, which look are you excited to try for the new school season?

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