'Cheo Yong: The magical Detective - Season 2' Hyosung and Kim Kwon, vehicle date and kiss

'Cheo Yong: The magical Detective - Season 2' Hyosung and Kim Kwon, vehicle date and kiss

Stills of juvenile ghost Han Na-yeong played by capability of Hyosung and youngest member of the detective squad, Han Tae-kyeong played by Kim Kwon were released.

The stills are from the OCN drama "Cheo Yong: the mystical Detective - Season 2". the 2 of them are so close their lips practically touch and it seems like they"re almost in a romantic relationship.

At the similar time, in the next 7th episode, the complex instances adding media and politics get started to get exciting. A reporter is located dead and it turns out she used to be getting ready a piece of writing about a noted politician.

The reason Oh Ji-oh rounded up an investigative team with satan attorney Han Gyu-hyeok and Kang Ki-yeong starts to unravel, adding mystery to the mystery. Hyosung and Ha Yeon-joo"s courting also takes a turn as the drama heads to the climax.

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What Super Junior and U-Kiss Do When They Take Shower They Are So Naughty!

What Super Junior and U-Kiss Do When They Take Shower They Are So Naughty!

Ryeowook shocked fans with a confession regarding bizarre hobbies of Super Junior's members!

During the February 5th broadcast of  KBS Cool FM’s Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio (SuKiRa), Ryeowook shared that, “The Super Junior members take pictures of each other when they take a shower.”

Besides, the guests also discussed the topic of something that they’ve tried when they were alone at home.

U-KISS’ Hoon said, “The U-KISS members dance as they take a shower.”

When asked, “Who does that the most?” Hoon answered, “Soo Hyun and Eli.”

Hoon added, “Surprisingly, Kevin is like that,” and Rainbow’s Ji Suk and Hyun Young expressed their surprise saying, “That’s really unexpected.”

SUJU’s Ryeowook Reveals that Members Take Pictures of Each Other When They Shower

U-KISS asked Ji Suk and Hyun Young, “Do girls also take showers together? The U-KISS members take showers together, five members at a time. We sing in harmony as we take a shower,” shocking the Rainbow members.

Then Ryeowook revealed, “Super Junior tends to be sensitive when there is a schedule the next day but at other times we play around by taking pictures of each other.”

Ji Suk commented, “It would be a disaster if you lost your cell phone,” bringing out laughter.

Meanwhile, Rainbow’s Ji Suk and Hyun Young and U-KISS’ Hoon and Ki Seop appeared as the guests of the day.

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Teen Top to release 1st season album

Teen Top to release 1st season album "Snow Kiss"

Teen Top announce that they will be releasing their 1st season album "Teen Top Snow Kiss" on December 10.

The album will include a total of three songs such as its title track "Snow Kiss", "Merry Christmas" which is composed by Changjo, and "Winter Song", composed by C.A.P.

The tracks are described to be filled with sweet and exciting melodies suitable for winter season. Moreover, the album is personally designed by members themselves. There are also Christmas cards with handwritten messages from the members for their fans.

The tracks will be available online on 10th and will be released offline on 12th.


Dongjun, Taemin and U-KISS to visit Japan for 2014 season of musical Goong

Dongjun, Taemin and U-KISS to visit Japan for 2014 season of musical Goong

ZE:A‘s Dongjun, SHINee‘s Taemin along with boy group U-KISS will be visiting Japan together for the 2014 musical remake of hit drama “Goong”!

Dongjun, Taemin, Soohyun and Hoon will portray Lee Shin, while Kevin and Kiseop will portray Lee Yool.

Dongjun expressed, “I think it is an honor for me to stand on stage for a popular musical like “Goong”. I am practicing my acting and singing to show a new image to fans through my role as Shin.”

The musical “Goong” will be open from May 10 to 24 at Akasaka ACT Theater, Tokyo.


"I Need Romance Season 3", Yoon Seung-ah and Park Yoo-hwan kiss

Actor Park Yoo-hwan and Yoon Seung-ah are increasing anticipations for the fourteenth episode of the drama "I Need Romance Season 3".

Lee Woo-yeong (Park Yoo-hwan) discovered Jeong Hee-jae (Yoon Seung-ah) in the staff room not being able to stop her hiccups.

Woo-yeong just bluntly said, "A kiss would stop that" as he was making coffee and Hee-jae thought that was ridiculous when she dropped her cup as she was arranging papers.

Woo-yeong accidentally grabbed her hand to stop her from picking up the pieces and there was an awkward moment between them.

Woo-yeong looked at her lovingly and said, "I'll keep it short" then he kissed her.

On the fourteenth episode will be broadcasted at 9:40PM on the 25th.

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"I Need Romance Season 3" Yoon Seung-ah's kiss parade

Yoon Seung-ah went on a kiss parade.

ON the new tvN drama "I Need Romance Season 3", Jeong Hee-jae (Yoon Seung-ah) showed off her intimacy with her boyfriend.

She spoke about the hot kiss between them and said, "We wanted to part with just a light kiss but it didn't work. We moved deeper into the alley and couldn't stop".

The scene moved onto Yoon Seung-ah and Jeong Woo-sik deeply kissing in various places.

Sin Joo-yeon (Kim So-yeon) was listening to this when she said, "Why didn't you just get a room?" and Yoon Hee-jae said, "We don't have money. If we go whenever we want to, that's half our paycheck. We decided to go once a month".

Meanwhile, "I Need Romance Season 3" Kim So-yeon and Alex kissed in the emergency stairwell.

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SBS’s ‘Kiss & Cry’ to launch second season in April

SBS’s ‘Kiss & Cry’ to launch second season in April

SBSs KissCry to launch second season in April

SBSs KissCry has confirmed that theyll be returning for a second season this April!

According to broadcasting officials, the show is still working on a time schedule and casting for the show. One representative revealed, KissCry will begin airing in the first half of the year. They are still talking about who to cast and discussions are still taking place. April appears to be the likely broadcast date, should there be no other problems.

Whether or not Kim Yuna will still host the second season is up in the air, but expectations for the show are high, especially since the city of Pyeongchang was confirmed to host the 2018 Winter Olympics.

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Sunhwa and Minho have an indirect kiss on ‘Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2′

Sunhwa and Minho have an indirect kiss on ‘Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2′

Sunhwa and Minho have an indirect kiss on Lets Go! Dream Team Season 2

Sunhwa and Minho shared a kiss on Lets Go! Dream Team Season 2!

Thankfully for fans of both of these stars, the kiss wasnt quite realit was more of an indirect kiss. The members of SHINee were guests on the May 12 episode of the variety show. Since Sunhwa was also a guest MC, she was one of the athletes for the Face-Soccer match where the players were only able to use their heads to score.

Onew popped up the ball first, but it hit Minhos lips and bounced away. Thankfully, Sunhwa was able to catch the ball without handing it over to the opposite team, trapping it between her lips. She passed the ball to Minho, who was directly behind her and he caught the ball within his lips immediately.

Of course, the MC couldnt just let this golden opportunity pass! He yelled, Youre holding it at the same exact place Sunhwa did! and emphasized the indirect kiss. The audience shrieked at his comment, and Sunhwa was embarrassed for a second before she shouted, Put it in the goal behind you!. Minho, of course, didnt let anything falter him from winning, and he pulled the game to a 5:1 victory for his team.

The indirect kiss clip starts at 30:56 below!

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"I Need Romance" Season 2 Shocking Kiss Scene in Shower!


I Need Romance Season 2 Shocking Kiss Scene!On June 28, on cable channel tvN "I Need Romance," actors Jung Yoomi and Lee Jinwook show a shocking kiss scene.

These two lovers have been together for 12 years, breaking up 5 times and going back and forth between being lovers and friends.

This scene showed a shocking kiss scene that would usually not be seen on Korean tv.

This scene aired on the first episode of the drama and has been gaining a lot of attention. This scene is being called the "100 second kiss" online by viewers.


Kim Yu Na's Agency "There Will Be No Kiss and Cry Season 2"

Kim Yu Na's Agency "There Will Be No Kiss and Cry Season 2"

Kim Yu Na's Agency There Will Be No Kiss and Cry Season 2

Figure Queen Kim Yu Na's agency All That Sports decided not to make "Kim Yu Na's Kiss and Cry Season 2." On February 15, All That Sports stated, "We have been preparing for 'Kim Yu Na's Kiss and Cry Season 2' as the show was the first on-ice variety show and adored by many fans. However, the programming of the show has been delayed on the broadcasting company's part and there has been some difficulties casting celebrities for the show. Such lack of preparation led us to decide not to proceed with the production of the show earlier this month."

In 2011, All That Sports partnered with SBS to jointly produce "Kim Yu Na's Kiss and Cry." All That Sports added, "We are disappointed that 'Kiss and Cry' will not be on air this year, as the show contributed to promote figure skating and Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. But as we put the program's degree of completion as number one priority, we came to a conclusion that we cannot proceed without proper preparations and planning."