Celebrities Expanding Their Talent and Becoming an Author

Celebrities Expanding Their Talent and Becoming an Author

Celebrities are talented people who have overflowing creativity within themselves. Some actors and actresses bring their beautiful voice into songs, some singers/ K-pop idols challenge themselves in acting. Some celebrities decided to branch out and start their own business by becoming an owner of a restaurant, coffee shop, and even bookstore.

However, today, we are going to talk about celebrities who transformed themselves into a unique position. Which is becoming an author! Following celebrities have released a book or two under their name, expressing their thoughts and imaginations.

Actor Sin Dong-wook was diagnosed with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) back in 2010 and disappeared from the screen for a while but just last year, he made a return as a writer. He published his SF novel, “Writing, Space Journal”. It’s a story about a man who gets stray on the other planet while he was out there to work on a scientific project.

Actress Koo Hye-seon have been active in many criteria including being a script writer, a movie director, and even being a painter. In 2009, she published a romance novel called “Tango”.

Cha In-pyo have published two books already. First book “Good bye, Hill” highlighted the painful past of our history regarding the Comfort Women. His second book “Today’s News” is a comical story about 3 men who’ve gotten cornered in their lives.

Tablo wrote a book “Pieces of You” in English and released a translated version in Korean afterward. The story is about his life in New York. Also in 2016, he released a quote book called “Blonote”.

Her first work was a compilation of essay titled “Vivre Sa Vie”. In 2015, she wrote a novel called “Paris Apartment” where the heroin in her 30’s goes on a journey after painful heartbreak.