Can You Love Them Even Through These Pictures?

Can You Love Them Even Through These Pictures?

Whenever I open my high school graduation album, I can’t decide if I want to cringe or laugh. Most of the time I end up doing both. As time pass by, fashion changes. Let it be the hairstyle, clothing or even make up and accessories. That is why when we look back at our past, we find ourselves quite ridiculous in the style we once thought looked perfect on us.

If normal people like us feel this way, we are sure that the famous people suffers this case even stronger. Their past is on media everywhere and some of the legendary “bad” pictures keeps on popping up to our newsfeed!

Lee Jong-suk (ft. Hwang Kwang-hee)

Lee Dong-wook (Also, the first picture of the article)

Some of them are not too bad but some of them are making me go, “Oh my oppa what happened to you here (Crying + laughing)?!” But true fans will love even their most embarrassing and silly moments! Also, I’m super excited that they will get even cooler and more handsome as time pass by because I think they are walking the state of perfection right now (: