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What’s Too Young? Child Girl Group Little Muse Debuts With ‘Syubibi Syubappa’

(Photo : WEF Entertainment)

It"s not rare for Korean entertainment companies to have middle schooler-aged trainees, but it is extremely rare for idols to debut that are younger than high school age. But WEF Entertainment just debuted Little Muse, none of whose members are older than middle school.

While the five members are adorable as magic school students in their music video for ""Syubibi Syubappa" ," the song draws attention to their raw, un-idol-like performance.

 The song itself is about growing up and following dreams, and is an extremely cute idea for a children"s song. But the five-member girl group, with synchronized dancing, is obviously an imitation of idol groups.

Although WEF Entertainment doesn"t share the member"s ages on their website, none of the girls close to the age of the typically debuting idol

Kim Woo Bin Impresses in Reality Show Fishing Adventure

Actor Kim Woo Bin has been showing off his fishing skills in the latest episode of “Four Sons, One Daughter”. The actor is currently appearing alongside fellow actors Kim Min Jong and Kim Jae Won in the MBC reality TV show.

The show’s stars have headed to the Gangwon Province countryside to become a large “family”. The latest episode features a fishing scene where Kim Min Jong went fishing with Kim Woo Bin and the rest of the cast.

In the episode, Kim Min Jong was particularly keen to wipe out the bad memories from a previous episode, where he had been tricked by his “family members”, who filmed him using a hidden camera. Kim Min Jong had hoped to rescue some pride by dazzling everyone with his fishing abilities. But it was Kim Woo Bin who stole the show in the latest episode with an impressive fishing display

Sunny shares what she thinks Girls’ Generation would be good at and career goals

Girls" Generation"s Sunny, who has branched out into the dubbing sphere as the voice of Jewel the parrot in the animated movie "Rio 2", shared what her members would be good at doing and her career goals!

During her recent interview with Newsen, when asked if she thinks there are any members who haven"t shown their hidden talents yet, Sunny shared, "I think that if Hyoyeon were to do a musical, she would be really good at it. I think she would be a perfect fit for a dance musical... I think that YoonA would suit voice acting for a child character. She has a unique way of saying, "Eung eung~". Now that I think about it, I think she would do really well. Please recommend her."

Sunny was also asked if she would pursue an MC role or acting to which she said, "In terms of choosing what kind of work to do, it depends on whether I can handle it or not

SBS postpones the broadcast premiere of ‘Roommate’ #PrayForSouthKorea

SBS has decided to postpone the broadcast premiere of its new reality show 'Roommate's first episode.

To join the mourning on the 3rd day since the sunken ship tragedy, SBS moves the date from 20 to 27th. Thus, SBS's 'Roommate'is going to air its first episode a week after its original airing date.

"Roommate" cast are actors Shin Sungwoo, Seo Kangjoon, Park Minwoo, comedian Jo Saeho and EXO's Chanyeol and actress Hong Soohyun, After School's Nana, 2NE1's Bom, MMA fighter Song Gayeon and model Lee Sora.

The cast are going to be monitored through 60 cameras which will reveal their most candid and natural living routine with their roommates.

Song Seung Hun and Lim Ji Yeon Show Deep Chemistry in Both Film and Photoshoot

Actors Song Seung Hun and Lim Ji Yeon showed their compatibility through a recent photoshoot for Vogue. Having filmed the movie “Human Addiction,” which is set to be released in May, the two have previewed their teamwork and onscreen chemistry through the recent photoshoot. One recently released photo from the Vogue shoot shows Lim Ji Yeon leaning against the legs of Song Seung Hun. While the actress gives a longing stare towards the camera, the actor’s gaze seems to be set on someplace else.

Furthermore, the intense crimson color is quite noticeable, as the deep color foreshadows the depth of emotions that would be portrayed in the upcoming film. “Human Addiction” will portray a shocking love story between those of superior and inferior ranks that takes place in the military residence of soldiers during the 1969 Vietnam War

Hyun Bin Gets on a Horse for a Dreamy Beach Photoshoot

Actor Hyun Bin has turned into a charismatic and fashionable horseman.

The behind-the-scenes pictures were revealed by Hyun Bin’s agency on April 16. Despite the snapshot quality, the professionalism and of Hyun Bin can be felt through the photos that show him posing with beautiful horses.

In the first photo, he is wearing a green suit and leaning against an elegant white horse, looking dreamy but cool while staring at the horizon. For the second one, Hyun Bin has got in the saddle and is posing for the camera in a more casual attire. The beautiful location gives the photos a mystic feel, and we can only imagine Hyun Bin galloping away on the beach!

The actor stars in the highly anticipated movie “The King’s Wrath,” which will premiere on April 30.

Lee Joon Used to Be a Wig Model Before His Debut?

Lee Joon of MBLAQ recently revealed that he used to be a model in the past, and not just any model, but a wig model.

On the April 15 episode of MNet’s “Beatles Code 3D,” the photos of Lee Joon modeling were unveiled by the MCs.

MC Shindong asked the guests, “Is there someone who has worked since a young age?” and Lee Joon was the first brave one to answer, “I appeared on the movie ‘Ninja Assassin‘ before my debut.”

When asked to reveal what he did before that, the idol confessed, “Stuff like home shopping… I even worked as a fitting model for wigs.” Hearing this, Shindong grabbed photos proving this and revealed old pictures of Lee Joon showcasing a variety of wigs.

Even though the photos are taken before his debut, his good looks and charming smile look exactly the same

Sung Joon Shows Off Charming Stares and Curly Hair for InStyle Magazine

Actor Sung Joon has put on his model mode for a spread on InStyle Magazine.

The quirky but cool photos were revealed on April 16. Spring is in full bloom, and the concept of the photoshoot seems to have been inspired by pastel tones often associated with warming weather.

Dressed in muted tones of pink, grey, and green, Sung Joon is posing for the camera with charming confidence. His hair has been styled in a messy way, with his sassy curls giving him a fresh look. Being the professional he is, the model-turned-actor shows off his impressive variety of expressions that bring out the cool and carefree guy inside of him.

During the interview part of the shoot, he revealed his latest addiction; cycling. After wrapping up tvN’s “I Need Romance 3,” he confessed to commuting by bike from his home in Yangjae-dong to Apgujeong-dong

Kim Woo Bin Has A Habit Of Sticking His Tongue Out? Compilation Of Pictures

Actor Kim Woo Bin"s cute habit was caught on camera. (Photo : sidushq)

Actor Kim Woo Bin"s cute habit was caught on camera.

Today, agency Sidus HQ revealed a compilation of pictures of Kim Woo Bin during his Asia tour fan meeting "Kim Woo Bin, The 1st Fan Meeting in Asia".

In the pictures, Kim Woo Bin was sticking his tongue out during his fan meeting. Whenever he was looking at his fans, received a difficult question to answer, was listening to the translator speak, or was about to speak, he stuck his tongue out a little bit.

Photo Credit: SidusHQ

San E, Picture With A Girl While Sleeping? New Song ‘Body Language’ Teaser Photo

Rapper SanE revealed the concept image of his new single "Body Language" being released on April 22. (Photo : brand new music)

Rapper San E revealed the concept image of his new single "Body Language" being released on April 22.

In the picture released today, San E is sleeping without a shirt on and a girl is posing for the camera. Her face is covered with her hair, arousing curiosity.

"Body Language" has provocative, rated-R lyrics. Agency Brand New Music said, "This picture was prepared by San E himself and it was to bring fun to his fans. It brings odd imaginations to the viewers, just as his new song is provocative and sexual."

Photo Credit: Brand New Music