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A-Pink Former Member Yookyung Updates Her Fans Since Her Departure

Yookyung, a member of K-Pop girl group A-Pink hasn"t been seen in the limelight since her departure and fans are happy to see her again through the latest update.

In the photo shared on an online community, Yookyung seems to be happy and cheerful as ever, making her aegyo(cute) pose on the camera.

Yookyung is said to be currently focusing on her studies. Fans are looking forward to seeing her again. 

Latest Update on A Pink’s Ex-Member Hong Yoo Kyung

It’s been more than seven months since fans had any updates on former A Pink member Hong Yoo Kyung’s whereabouts. Last August, her father posted couple photos of her online where she’s seen driving a car in the United States.

Recently, an online community bulletin posted a photo of her under the title “Hong Yoo Kyung update.”

She looks innocent with minimal makeup and long, straight black hair. She cutely puckers her lips as the guy in front plays with the camera’s angle.

Exactly a year ago on April 22, A Cube Entertainment announced that Hong Yoo Kyung will leave the group to focus on her studies. However, her father left a comment on his personal SNS account that questioned the validity of the agency’s reason for her departure

3 Best Scenes In ‘Secret Love Affair’


The cable channel JTBC"s "Secret Love Affair" aired 10 episodes already. Every episode, the cable channel JTBC"s "Secret Love Affair" is providing the audience fun filled with suspense. The first best scene in cable channel JTBC"s "Secret Love Affair" is when Oh Hye Won, played by Kim Hee Ae, with her husband Kang Joon Hyung, played by Park Hyuk Kwon, first visited the house of her student Lee Sun Jae, played by Yoo Ah In. Oh Hye Won on this visit stepped on a sticky rattrap sticker, and expressed her pain. Her husband Kang Joon Hyung ran out of the house murmuring that he hates rats. Lee Sun Jae picked Oh Hye Won up and took her to the bathroom to take the sticker off her foot.

The second best scene was when Oh Hye Won went to see her boss"s mistress. Oh Hye Won"s boss"s wife Shim Sung Sook, played by Shim Hye Jin, realized that her husband has been having an affair, and asked Oh Hye Won to take care of it

2PM Chansung Expresses Dark Feelings About Sewol Ferry Disaster

Group 2PM Chansung revealed a self-camera picture taken during concert rehearsal. (Photo : twitter)

With the entire nation of South Korea focused on the ongoing search and rescue efforts of Wednesday"s tragic Sewol Ferry incident, new evidence is coming into light that has upset many.

Among the outspoken is idol group 2PM"s Chansung.

Over the years, Chansung has become somewhat well-known for his no-holds social commentary and voicing his opinions freely through his personal Twitter account.

Early on April 20, the boy band member opened up about his feelings regarding the sad circumstances surrounding the Sewol Ferry disaster stating that "Society is diseased."

In a long message to his fans and followers Chansung expressed, "Accident can occur.Bus the way it is handled reflects our society

Akdong Musician’s Soo Hyun Found Dieting Difficult

Akdong Musician, who has been topping charts with their debut album “Play,” not only worked hard to the best music they could, but also physically prepare themselves for the camera.

The sister member of this sibling duo, Lee Soo Hyun, saw how people’s perspective of her changed as she became a celebrity. People would tell her that her small nose was cute but she should lose some weight.

Apparently, someone in the beauty pageant industry approached her mom after “K-Pop Star 2″ ended and said she should put her daughter on stage as a model like Jang Yoon Joo.

Female in the center: model Jang Yoon Joo

Akdong Musician underwent a diet and exercise routine through their agency, YG Entertainment. If she didn’t properly stick to her routine, her brother, Lee Chan Hyuk, nagged her

Why Drama ‘Secret Love Affair’ Is Popular


Kang Joon Hyung, played by Park Hyuk Kwon, broke down. He went around looking for his wife Oh Hye Won, played by Kim Hee Ae, and his student Lee Sun Jae, played by Yoo Ah In. He checked the cameras installed in various spaces in the auditorium, but could not find them. His eyes shook and his legs lost strength. The only thing he could do was to shout, "Please go."

"Is she dating someone?"
Oh Hye Won"s boss Han Sung Sook, played by Shim Hye Jin, asked her secretary. Han Sung Sook recognized the strange atmosphere between Oh Hye Won and Lee Sun Jae.

He knows. She knows too.

The people at the arts institute are chasing after Oh Hye Won and Lee Sun Jae. Oh Hye Won and Lee Sun Jae quieted their breaths and ducked down. However, they could not avoid people"s eyes

How is former A Pink member Yookyung doing since her departure?

Former A Pink member Yookyung resurfaced recently, and her fans were happy to see her again since her departure almost exactly one year ago.

The photo was posted to an online community earlier today. She seems to be as happy and cheerful as ever, making an aegyo-filled pose for the camera with her friend!

Yookyung is currently focusing on her studies and it remains to be seen if she will ever make a comeback, either as an idol or in another capacity. We hope we can see her on the stage again soon!

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Jewelry’s Yewon Lands a Role in “Hotel King”

Kim Yewon, actress and member of girl group Jewelry, was cast in the MBC weekend drama, “Hotel King.”

Kim Yewon recently made her small screen debut in MBC’s “Miss Korea,” which concluded earlier this February. She played Oh Ji Young’s (Lee Yeon Hee) colleague and had many opportunities to appear in front of the camera. However, the amount of her appearances drastically decreased midway of the drama and she dropped out before the drama ended.

She was going back and forth from her singer activities when she made her acting debut. Although she had a minor role, she prepared for the part thoroughly through doing character analysis. Nevertheless, she was not able to fully demonstrate her passion for acting.

While the drama was still ongoing, she appeared on MBC’s “Radio Star” and sent a video message asking the production staff of the drama to give her more camera time on the drama and showed a strong will

EXO Members Were Busy Scrambling Around While Filming “Overdose” MV

EXO revealed a small behind the scenes secret of their “Overdose” music video after their new mini album comeback show on April 15.

The music video of “Overdose,” the title track of the new mini album of the same name, was filmed in using the one-take technique that the group previously used for their “Growl” music video. Because of this the “EXO-K members had to run around trying to hide while the EXO-M members were being filmed so we don’t get caught by the camera; it was fun,” revealed EXO-K member Chanyeol.

EXO has only officially revealed a teaser clip for “Overdose” for the general public, while showing the whole music video for the audience of their comeback show on April 15. EXO’s album release, which was originally scheduled for April 21, has been postponed due to Sewol Ferry tragedy that took place in Korea on April 16

Sunny Spills on How SNSD Has Changed Over the Years

How has Girls’ Generation (SNSD) changed over the years?

Recently dubbing animated film Rio 2, SNSD’s Sunny mentioned her SNSD members in an interview saying, “We have become something other than family to each other. We cheer for one another no matter where we are and what we are doing. I realized that even our individual activities are part of SNSD. I always support them.”

There are nine of them. They dreamed their dreams together, made their debut and grew. It would be a lie to say there were no conflicts along the way. All nine could not receive the spotlight evenly all the time.

Sunny agreed and said, “When we were younger, there was a time when all nine of us had more greed for individual benefits. I think we wanted to stand out among the other members.”

She continued, “We all had different thoughts, such as ‘I can do this well, I want to do this, I want to sing alone, I want to act…’ But there came a moment when we started understanding each other and got to know more about one another