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C-Clown Announces Disbandment; Members′ Contracts Will Remain Unchanged

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C-Clown Announces Disbandment; Members′ Contracts Will Remain Unchanged

--> With the announcement of C-Clown′s disbandment after 3 years together, the group′s firm stated, "Their exclusive contracts will remain the same."

C-Clown′s agency, Yedang Entertainment, said to Newsen on October 5, "Beginning from today, C-Clown could be disbanded after debuting three years ago. the verdict was once made after discussions with the agency and the members. all the contributors agreed to it."

The rep from Yedang stated, "Although the crowd C-Clown has disbanded, the six members′ exclusive contracts with Yedang will reside the same. One of the vital members will be active as manufacturers below Yedang, whilst the alternative members, following a member reinforcement and reorganization process, will go back as a set with a new name."

Yedang Entertainment announced the inside of track of C-Clown′s disbandment by way of Facebook previous today. Yedang stated, "C-Clown has officially disbanded as of today. With our heads bowed, we would like to explicit our gratitude to the six C-Clown members and the numerous Crowns who have enjoyed C-Clown′s music for the beyond three years. Even if C-Clown′s activities have unfortunately come to an end, we ask for your encouragement and applause as the members every return to their position and get ready for new challenges."

C-Clown members fight over a petty dorm issue

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C-Clown members fight over a petty dorm issue

C-Clown encountered a petty issue in their dorm.

Members Rome, Siwoo and Kangjun wanted to watch the on-going 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. However, they had to battle with the other three members, Ray, T.K and Maru. The latter wanted to watch 'My Love From the Sky' instead.

The problem was they only have one TV. The guys had a playful argument on this. To settle the issue, their leader, Rome, requested for another TV.

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C-Clown Members Take Trips Home Ahead of Next Week's Comeback

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C-Clown Members Take Trips Home Ahead of Next Weeks Comeback (Photo : Yedang Entertainment)The members of K-Pop boy band C-Clown have a busy next couple of months ahead of them, and to wind down and relax before kicking off the promotional schedule, the guys took trips to their hometowns.

On January 3, Yedang Entertainment, the agency C-Clown is signed under, revealed photos from the members' respective vacations home ahead of the group's comeback on January 6.

C-Clown is set to come back with brand new music on Monday and will engage in a jam-packed schedule of promotions throughout February.

In order to rest up and visit with family and friends, each of the six group members returned to their hometowns for a vacation.

"We hope that this vacation becomes an opportunity for each member to become more natural and practice creative thinking as artists," explained Yedang Entertainment.

Images of TK in Seoul, Kang Jun in Mokpo, Si Woo in Gwangju, and Rome back home in Australia were revealed by the agency.

While those of us in the northern hemisphere are experiencing a chilly winter, Australian-born Rome hung out on the beach down in Australia.Si Woo also spent time in the sun during a trip to Thailand saying, "Vacation in Bangkok is the best."

Other photos released by the group members give fans a glimpse of TK visiting an amusement park and Ray enjoying an elaborate home-cooked meal from his mother.Maru prepared to hang out with old friends by taking a selfie and Kang Jun's selfie shows a big smile as he arrived at his family's house.

Hopefully the guys are feeling well rested and ready to kick things off with their comeback next week!

Members of Block B Transform into Crazy Clown Thieves for “Very Good” MV Teaser

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Members of Block B Transform into Crazy Clown Thieves for “Very Good” MV TeaserBlock B previously released the track “Be the Light” ahead of the group’s third mini album release. The last few seconds of the music video hinted of a new music video in store with one of the members dressed in black on a rainy day waiting for his ride while suspiciously holding a clown mask.

On September 27, the group dropped a teaser for title track “Very Good.” It has a similar grainy cinematic style with previous track “Nillili Mambo.” The same black van makes an appearance with the clown masks. The members are prepared with guns and clown masks while wearing suits. The place they’re crashing and causing mayhem hints to be a bank. At the end, a member claims, “I’m very very good”

Block B will drop its album “Very Good” on October 2.

[Exclusive] Video Interview with C-CLOWN Members and "Shaking Heart" Album Giveaway!

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Soompi got the amazing opportunity to meet C-CLOWN during an interview. The six boys, who just wrapped up promotions for their third mini-album Shaking Heart, kindly answered our questions, often with witty answers! Members were all pretty excited by the little game we prepared for them, and didnt hesitate to dish on other members! What youve always wanted to know about C-CLOWN, who tends to look at girls most, which member thinks of himself as the best looking, or whos an SNS addict, youll get all the answers watching this interview! Now check out the interview to find out what C-CLOWN has to say to international fans, striking aegyo from the members, and much more!

Here is the interview, and dont forget to turn on the captions for English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitles!

Additionally, Soompi is giving out twenty C-CLOWN Shaking Heart autographed CDs!

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Upcoming group C-CLOWN reveals 2nd batch of MV teasers for each members

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Upcoming group C-CLOWN reveals 2nd batch of MV teasers for each membersA few days ago, Yedang Entertainment revealed the first first music video teaser for their upcoming male group, C-CLOWN ("Crown Clown"). C-CLOWN will be releasing its first mini-album and track, "Not Alone," which was written and composed by Shinsadong Tiger, known for producing tracks for BEAST, 4minute, T-ara and his own group EXID.

On July 12th, C-CLOWN released individual teasers for each members, effectively introducing the group members as well as revealing more scenes of the music video.

They will release their debut mini-album on July 19th.

Are you looking forward to their debut?

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Girls' Generation speak about their just about highest teamwork as 8 members

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Girls' Generation speak about their just about highest teamwork as 8 members

Members of Girls" Generation spread out about their teamwork in their contemporary exclusive concert "Girls" Generation 4th excursion Phantasia in Seoul" on November 22 at Olympic Park in Seoul.

The girls said, "There are a massive number of glad memories when having a look back at this beyond year." Hyoyeon continued, "Shooting a truth display with all of the participants was once the maximum memorable. It changed into actually a laugh and i used to be actually happy, we speak about it even to this day. We had the most efficient teamwork this past year. It was nearly perfect."

When asked about their secret to being in a position to continue reigning the pinnacle for almost ten years, Tiffany answered, "We continuously released song as a result of the affection that our lovers have given us. We persistently promoted and worked on our music with passion. We expected new tracks and kept reminding ourselves to paintings hard. It"s all due to teamwork."

Meanwhile, it was printed that the director of Girls" Generation"s currently held exclusive concert was Rino Nakasone, worldly renown choreographer who has worked with Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, Chris Brown, and more.

No 'Sour Grapes' For San E And Mad Clown As Collaboration Single Sweeps Music Charts

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No 'Sour Grapes' For San E And Mad Clown As Collaboration Single Sweeps Music Charts

(Photo : Facebook ) There is no "Sour Grapes" from hip-hop artists San E and Mad Clown this time around.

San E and Mad Clown"s collaboration single is doing great as it reached number one on online music charts such as Melon, Olleh, and Bugs on Thursday, Nov. 19.

"Sour Grapes" was released on 1theK"s official YouTubechannel on Wednesday, Nov. 18, and the song tells about two guys who fall in love but acts bold and irrationally when blinded by love.

San E"s previous collaboration was on June 10, 2014, which he released his single titled "A Midsummer Night"s Sweetness." The song featured After School"s Rania, and it topped number one on multiple music charts.

Mad Clown has also had great collaborations as he worked with artists such as SISTAR members Soyou and Hyolyn. His last promotion was earlier this year, on Jan. 9, which he released his single titled "Fire" where EXID"s Hani was featured in the music video.

San E and Mad Clown’s “Sour Grapes” Dominates Quite so much of song Charts

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San E and Mad Clown’s “Sour Grapes” Dominates Numerous Music Charts Singer San E and Mad Clown‘s double unmarried album “Sour Grapes” is a large hit!

This single was once released on November 19 at midnight, and it has crowned the music charts in Melon, Bugs, Mnet, Olleh Music, Genie, Naver Music, and more as of nine a.m. KST of that same day.

San E has ruled the music charts earlier than with his duet song with 15&‘s Yerin, and Mad Clown has done the similar with his song “Fire” in the beginning of this year. The collaboration result of those two talented artists is only over the top.

Watch the music video below!

Meanwhile, Mad Clown and San E are making plans to go through promotions with “Sour Grapes” soon thru different music shows.

Mad Clown and San E lust after 'Sour Grapes' in complete MV

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Mad Clown and San E lust after 'Sour Grapes' in complete MV

The full MV to San E and Mad Clown"s new collaboration music "Sour Grapes" is out y"all, and it's miles slightly lewd, to mention the least.

There are so much of innuendos and sexual references all during this MV and the lyrics. the 2 rappers liken a girl to an "inedible persimmon," as she won"t let them "taste" her. There may be scene where they are pounding with hammers on some dough...and I don"t think they mean to characterize the making of rice cakes...

And, of course, there is the section where they parody Drake. That"s still the maximum efficient element in the MV