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C-Clown member Kangjun Got You Falling In Stars With His Cover Version of "Lost Stars"

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C-Clown member Kangjun Got You Falling In Stars With His Cover Version of

C-Clown member Kangjun has pleased fan’s ears with his perfect cover version of the soundtrack, “Lost Stars” from “Begin Again” movie.

“Lost Stars” is originally performed by Adam Levin. Check out Kangjun’s smooth and soft vocals in this cover below:

Find out which member wins the 'Cook Battle' on C-CLOWN's 'Crown the Clown' Vol #2

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Find out which member wins the 'Cook Battle' on C-CLOWN's 'Crown the Clown' Vol #2

C-CLOWN"s new series, "Crown The Clown" is already on its second episode and the boys are wasting no time in flooding each show with their unique personalities.

The series is made and directed by member ROME (The Pink Reel) especially for the fans. In the latest episode, the boys show off their cooking skills in a cook battle.  

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There were some great dishes and some not-so-great plates, but in the end there could only be one winner. Find out who it was in the clip above.

C-CLOWN releases “Because You Might Grow Distant” MV ‘member version’

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After releasing its second mini album Young Love and a new round of promotions, rookie group C-CLOWN has just released a new music video for title song Because You Might Grow Distant.

Titled as member version, the new music video features the same drama story of the first official music video, with the bonus appearances of the C-CLOWN members.

Super Junior's Kyuhyun Sings As Former U-KISS Member Dongho Gets Married

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Super Juniors Kyuhyun Sings As Former U-KISS Member Dongho Gets Married(Photo : Xander instagram)The formerly youngest member of U-KISS is no doubtnow not young.

On Saturday, former U-KISS member Shin Dongho were given married. Shin is 21 by way ofglobal standards, and 22 according to South Korea's age system, and one of the crucial youngest K-pop idols to ever get married.

Super Junior's Kyuhyun and McKay Kim sang all the style throughthe marriage ceremony.

The wedding was once attended by every other former U-KISS member, Xander, who shared an image of himself with Dongho on Instagram. At the aspect of the picture, Xander wanted the couple neatly and wondered why he changed into still single.

According to theK-pop Herald, the wedding was held at Patio9 in Gangnam, Seoul, and arranged by an organization called iWedding.

"The rite was stunning and the couple looked very happy," an iWedding representative told Korean news outlets.

In October, Dongho announced that he would be getting married to the lady he dated for over a year. The bride is reportedly a year older than the former U-KISS member.

Dongho debuted as a member of U-KISS in 2008 and gave the impression in their first tune video for the song, "Not Young." He receivedstatus as a member of the crowd and also as a well-likedkinddisplay guest. In 2013, Dongho left U-KISS, mentioningprivate and fitnessproblems as the explanationat the back of his departure.

Watch a clip of Kyuhyun making a song at the weddingHERE.

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Former F.T. Island member Oh Won Bin forged in musical 'Son of a Hawk'

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Former F.T. Island member Oh Won Bin forged in musical 'Son of a Hawk'

Former F.T. Island member Oh Won Bin is solid in the musical 'Son of a Hawk'!

It's his first musical in four years since 'The 3 Musketeers' in 2011, and he is gotten the lead role in this one. He will existgamblingone of the crucial princes in line for the throne - with the exception of he leaves the palace on account of a mutiny and enters the village of a blacksmith. A prophecy starts from the village and he will be playing the core role in the musical.

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He said, "I'm glad to be playing a leading role in the largest Korean musical, and I amrunningdemandingto position on a truly perfect stage. Since it's my first time on level in 4 years, I willpaintings hard to be perfect."

San E and Mad Clown make 'Sour Grapes' MV

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San E and Mad Clown make 'Sour Grapes' MV

San E and Mad Clown have published the making in theirtrack video for "Sour Grapes".

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The two rappers' "Sour Grapes" MV had numerous innuendos and sexual references. San E and Mad Clown pound on some dough with hammers, and so they parody Drake's dance moves from the "Hotline Bling" MV.

Check out the making of their "Sour Grapes" MV above!

Shinsadong Tiger Describes Every Member of EXID

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Shinsadong Tiger Describes Every Member of EXID

Shinsadong Tiger Describes Each and every Member of EXIDleejd November 27, 2015 0 Shinsadong Tiger, manufacturer of womancrew EXID, expressed his affection for the crowd and described each member.

He explained that Hani is an excessivelyin charge and humble person. She knows when to attract the line between things she has or wishes to do and the things she needs to do. She is terribly logical.

He persisted to describe Solji. Solji had a troublesome past, especially thru her struggles in 2NB. She is, however, very robust and uses her enjoy to lend a handthe oppositeindividuals of EXID. EXID as community has excellentpoweras a result of her leadership.

He explained that LE represents the tunetaste of EXID. She knows about all of themaking a songskills and styles of every member and hence the members of the organizationpass to her, now not me, for advice. She says things like, “Since Junghwa is practicing singing bass notes, we must create this type of singing phase for her.” She cares for the members a lot. Regardless of making and generating the songs, she puts the portions of the members sooner than hers.

He then described Hyerin as the temper maker of the group. She is a vital member of the group as the group at all timesdesires her around.

Lastly, he mentioned Junghwa. Junghwa is somebodyI'mcontinuously sorry towards. Since she got to work in this industry at an extraordinarily young age, she experienced a massive number of hardship. Because of this, she is quite mature for her age. She speaks well, gets along side the older members, and is intensely responsible.

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April Speaks Out About Wasting a Member

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April Speaks Out About Wasting a Memberkiddy_days November 26, 2015 0 It isnt simple to get over your leader leaving for such young girls. On account of that, all and sundry asks them, How do you do it? and Isnt it hard?

On November 9, womanworkforce Aprils control company, DSP Media, relayed the within track that the leader of April, Somin, can be leaving the group. The individuals were stunned that their leader left the gang just five months after their debut. Since they were having a lookahead to their comeback, they had to rework all of the choreography, and redivide the portions in their new song.

Recently in an interview, the April members were asked how they are going through the situation. At this, the ladies said, We knew that Somin used to besuffering with opting for her trail for a long time. Even so, we still were a little bitsurprised because she made up our minds to leave so suddenly. They added, Yet nosotrosmade a decision to admire her opinion. Neatly withal be cheering each and every other on, even in the future.

April has had to change their six-member choreography for their debut song Dream Sweet and their new song Muah! into a five-member choreography. Commenting at the choreography the members said, Since we had to do a six-member choreography as a five-member group, we felt even more obligation on our shoulders. So we practiced even harder.

April is currently starring in their own truth show, Here Is going April, and are selling their new album Boing Boing.

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SPOILER Which AOA member is this week's morning angel on '1 evening 2 Days'

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SPOILER Which AOA member is this week's morning angel on '1 evening 2 Days'

Guess who guested in this week"s episode of "1 Night 2 Days" as morning angel? AOA"s Seolhyun!

As an exemplary Ace of Angels member, Seolhyun guested at the form display as morning angel to cook ramen breakfast for the 3 participants who won. Before getting began with cooking, Seolhyun shyly revealed, "I don"t in point of fact cook ramen much."

As the members watched Seolhyun cook the ramen, Cha Tae Hyun jokingly commented, "It"s going to be salty," according to how much water Seolhyun installed the pot in ratio to the baggage of ramen she opened.

When the 3 members were after all ready to take a bite of Seolhyun"s ramen, their expressions changed, hinting that the ramen was once subpar. Kim Jun Ho said, "I can feel the sincereness, yet I guess you"ve never cooked ramen before," drawing out laughter from the viewers.

Meanwhile, Seolhyun also gave a solo functionality of "Heart Attack" throughout the episode as well. take a glance at angel on earth Seolhyun on "1 Night 2 Days" above!

SPOILER Which B.A.P member was once these days on 'Masked King'?

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SPOILER Which B.A.P member was once these days on 'Masked King'?

Babyz have a good time as individuals of B.A.P are actively promoting, acting on quite so much of kind presentations and interviews for their newest comeback with "Matrix." This week, primary vocalist Daehyun was noticed on "Masked King" giving his first ever solo functionality on air. The usage of the pseudonym "Fresh Man," Daehyun gave a lovely and touching rendition of Nam Jin"s "Empty Glass." Regardless that he ignored the timing in the beginning, Daehyun endured flippantly and professionally. Once his identity was revealed, Daehyun told the viewers, "Since it"s been a year and a part since I"ve been on a level like this, the butterflies in my abdomen did no longer stop." When asked why he chose the song "Empty Glass," Daehyun choked up as he said, "During my long hiatus, my father would cheer me on whilst i used to be at home. My father and I went to Karaoke in combination and it"s the song that he sung for me." Once Daehyun left the stage after his ultimate interview at the show, he was visible looking to hide away his tears with his hood, revealing that he was crushed with happiness now that he was ready to accomplish on stage again. take a glance at his performance on "Masked King" and interview above and below!