BuzzBeats #13: K-Pop Limbo, Comeback or Break Up

BuzzBeats #13: K-Pop Limbo, Comeback or Break Up

Welcome back to another episode of Buzzbeats.

Were close to hitting the midway point of the year and while were sure of groups that have disbanded and moved on, there are many that were not quite where they stand or what theyre even doing. There have been no comebacks, music releases, or official statements of disbandment, so whats going on? Cjontai, Lo, and I tackle a list of groups who have found themselves in what I like to call K-Pop Limbo and no, not the game/dance.

So whats our stances on groups like U-Kiss, N.Flying, Brown Eyed Girls, Big Bang, SNSD, and Super Junior? Youll have to listen to find out and to hear the full list, but be sure to share your thoughts in the comments before. And for irony, Sistar19 was on our list to talk about and we agreed subunits do not count, only to have the disbandment of Sistar announced a week later.

And two notes: firstly, apologies for the audio quality on my feed, technical error that I tried to fix what I could. Secondly, Buzzbeats will be on a short hiatus. Look for it to return in the Fall.

In the meantime, if there are any topics would you like for us to cover, let me know. Hear you all on the next episode!

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