Busan Flooded After Heavy Rains

Busan Flooded After Heavy Rains

A road is submerged due to a heavy downpour in Busan on Monday. /Yonhap

Torrential downpours drenched the southern port city of Busan on Monday with the heaviest rainfall in the morning hours causing flooding and submerging vehicles in low-lying roads.

The Busan Metropolitan Office of Education ordered 1,047 elementary, junior and senior high schools in the city to close for the day. Many parents who were taking their children to school in the morning had to turn back either due to inundated roads or school closures.

A part of the ceiling on the first floor of Gimhae International Airport collapsed from the rain and inundated the concourse. Around dozen flights were suspended due to heavy rain and high winds.

Firefighters said they received 230 calls for rescue or drainage of inundated homes, stores and offices.

The Korea Meteorological Administration said Sunday that Busan and other southern regions would see some 150 mm of rainfall on Monday, but in fact it was twice as much.

Yeongdo district saw 358.5 mm at noon on Monday, accounting for nearly a quarter of the city’s average annual precipitation.

Ban Ki-sung at meteorological information provider Kweather said, “Torrential downpours of more than 300 mm a day are quite rare and maybe happen once every three or four years, but we’ve had four times this year. Forecasters make errors because they have to rely on existing data”.