Bus driver falls asleep on a busy highway leaves 2 dead and 16 injured

Bus driver falls asleep on a busy highway leaves 2 dead and 16 injured

On July 10, Seoul’s Seocho District Police Station reported that two people were killed from a freak accident on a highway connecting Busan to Seoul. The incident had occurred after a tour bus driver Mr. Kim (51) had fallen asleep behind the wheel.

Police personnel stated that a warrant will be issued two weeks later considering the victims ‘ families in mourning.

According to police, Mr. Kim was driving on the Gyeongbu Expressway on July 9 around 2:40 pm KST taking the two-lane expressway rather than the bus-only lane when the bus slammed into another vehicle causing the deadly pile-up collision.

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At the time of the accident, a K5 sedan which the bus crashed into, was trampled under the bus causing the two people in the car, Shin couple (both 59) to die instantly on the scene and leaving 16 people injured.

During the investigation, Mr. Kim commented, “I lost consciousness after driving for strenuoushours,” which police deemed he had fallen asleep while driving.

However, the black box cameras did not capture Mr. Kim yawning or dozing off in between prior to the collision. He had been wearing sunglasses and appeared to be looking out ahead. He had taken control of the steering wheel just moments before the bus collided with the K5 sedan but was too late.

It was revealed that Mr. Kim had worked from early in the morning on the day of the accident where police are investigating the working regulations.

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