Bullied student shares thoughts after finding out about the bully’s sudden death

Bullied student shares thoughts after finding out about the bully’s sudden death

A netizen’s message regarding the sudden death of her school bully is receiving much attention. The title of her viral post reads, ‘The kid who bullied me during my early school days is dead’.

The person revealed that she’s currently in her 30s working in the corporate world. “Back when I was a sophomore in high school, there was this girl who got left back one grade.” She continued, “The girl liked this oppathat I was close with and I was bullied for that reason.”

“After I came out of a tutor late in the night, she would wait outside and take me to an isolated area to hit me. And when it started happening in school too, my close friends told me that they couldn’t be around me anymore.”

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Not being able to take the abuse much longer, the person confessed to her parents during her junior year.

Furious, her parents took the incident to the police and she ended up transferring schools.

Since attending a different school, she had forgotten about the events when years later, she happened to meet a former classmate who told her the shocking news.

The woman had found out that bully had died in a ferocious fire. “I heard that she had died in a fire accident. I heard news reports of a similar accident and later found out that it was her.”

“I felt sorry for her, but I couldn’t help that a smile formed across my face. Ever since I became a bully victim, I experienced much difficulty communicating with people and bonding with others.”

She then wrote, “There’s this saying that what goes around, comes around; karma. Though I can’t always be a good person to everyone, I hope that I won’t become a bad person.”

Netizens who read this, commented, “It seems the person that died was punished for her sins; you reap what you sow,” “Though it’s likely the bully only meant it as a joke, it’s bound to leave a scar in the victim’s heart forever,” “This is why you have to live as a good person.”

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