BTSs Rap Monster Casts Group Members As Friends Characters

BTSs Rap Monster Casts Group Members As Friends Characters

BTS leader Rap Monsters love for the American television show Friends is well known, and he has now shared his thoughts on which of his group members are similar to which of the shows famous characters!

When the group sat down with Elle magazine for a recent interview, Rap Monster was asked, What [Friends] character do you think youre most like? And what Friends character do you think each of your bandmates is most like?

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Rap Monster replied, Chandler! Ive always admired his sense of humor. But I cant choose a bandmate like him.

He then went on to cast Jungkook as Joey, Jin as Ross, V as Phoebe, and himself as Monica, adding that he couldnt decide on a group member that fit the character of Rachel.

Meanwhile, BTS is currently gearing up to resume their world concert tour on May 26 with their Sydney, Australia stop, after having won their first trophy at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas last weekend.

Are you surprised by the members that Rap Monster chose for each Friends character?