BTS Topped The Brand Value Ranking For Idols In April

BTS Topped The Brand Value Ranking For Idols In April

BTS’ popularity is no joke at all. Gaining many likes on YouTube, performances, and their appearance, they just got the nomination on Billboard Music Awards. They even won the brand value ranking for idols in April.

The brand value ranking is from the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation. From the data gathered from Mar. 28 to Apr. 29, BTS was on top. In the second place, there was WINNER and TWICE took the third place,AllKpopreported.

BTS gets another achievement after another achievement. For the Billboard Music Awards, they are nominated for the Top Social Media Artist, Soompireported. They are the second K-Pop idol to get the nomination after Psy. Previously, Psy got the nomination and won it for his global popularity with “Gangnam Style.”

BTS is scheduled to attend the Award event on May 21 and they hope that will win it. Previously, the CEO of Big Hit Entertainment has stated that he asked for the full support of ARMY so that BTS could win at Billboard Music Awards.

Meanwhile, BTS has just finished their concert in Indonesia. The concert was really successful with many Indonesia ARMYs satisfied with their performance. BTS sang 27 songs at the two halls of Indonesia Convention Exhibition in BSD, Tangerang, TheJakartaPostreported.

During the talk, Jin revealed that he had gone to Sulawesi, one of the big islands in Indonesia, but he said that Jakarta was more beautiful. He said it in Indonesian. Some other members also tried to get close to Indonesia ARMYs by speaking Indonesian.

BTS has rocked their last comeback with “Spring Day” and “Not Today.” Their concept was different from other boy groups and their uniqueness has brought them into the fame. There have been many headlines about their success in the music industry despite being in a small label.

Now, Big Hit Entertainment has grown bigger since BTS’ success. Both BTS and the company hope to gain more popularity in the future.

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