BTS Suga Will Officially Release His First Fully Produced Track

BTS Suga Will Officially Release His First Fully Produced Track

According to an insider leak, BTS Suga will release a single with a female artist that he fully wrote and produced.

A specific date was not mentioned, but sometime during this month, Suga will release his fully produced single.  This will be his official debut as a producer as he has only released his tracks through a mixtape.

Suga released his mixtape under his producer alias: Agust D. He also released a mixtape with the same name and in one of his tracks, female vocalist Suran is featured. Suga will officially release a digital single with Suran in this upcoming track.

Suga released his mixtape Agust D on August 16, 2016.

Suga previously worked with Suran on a track called So Far Away in his mixtape and the artistic chemistry between the two was good. Due to this great chemistry, Suga decided to work with Suran again and make a hip-hop, rhythm and blues track with her.

Suran is a female vocalist that is attracting attention from many artists in the K-Pop scene and underground Hip Hop scene. Artists love working with her because she has a unique, refreshing voice. Past artists, shes worked with besides Suga are Beenzino, Prima Vista, and Primary.

Even though Suga has shown his talents as a producer with BTS and their albums, this digital single with Suran will be his official solo debut as a producer. Suga will take the role as a producer and writer of the song while Suran will be the vocalist.

Fans and the music industry as a whole are eagerly anticipating Sugas upcoming, official debut as a producer. His Agust D mixtape was critically acclaimed and praised by fans and media as well. Foreign media such as Billboard and Fuse TV also praised his mixtape.

Check out the link below to hear Sugas past song So Far Away featuring Suran.