BTS Suga Revealed He Struggles With Depression Over His Image

BTS Suga Revealed He Struggles With Depression Over His Image

BTS Suga has always voiced out his thoughts towards the standard celebrity image but it was on the lyrics he wrote that admittedly talk about his struggles towards his own image and mental health. 

Suga may be known to his fans for being reserved but it was on the songs that he released where they found the true essence of his thoughts.

During his days as a trainee, Suga was reportedly supporting himself by working part-time and balancing his time as a trainee. Things changed, however, when he sustained a shoulder injury then.

He revealed his thoughts as to how this injury created quite an impact in his life and how it affected his body image.

This was a transcript from a radio interview in 2014.

Suga: In the past, my body was quite large. People may not believe it but I had a really big frame so I worked really hard at exercising.

MC: Did you lose weight then?

Suga: After I hurt my shoulder, I went to the hospital and they told me not to exercise. I worked hard to stay worn out and tired.

Suga’s struggles on body image eventually also led to his admission of his own mental health. These confessions seeped their way to his works as an artist. In BTS’ track “Tomorrow” which he participated writing in, Suga talked about his battle with depression.

Part of the lyrics revealed: I wanted to become happy and strong but why am I getting weaker?

Where am I going? I’m going here and there but I always come back here

Yeah, I’ll probably flow somewhere, is there an end to this maze?

The same pattern emerged when he released his mixtape Agust D last year. The mixtape was a collection of own his work with lyrics that tackled themes on success and the reality of mental health issues such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and social phobia amongst others.

In the track “The Last,” Suga discussed his experience on seeking professional help and understanding the terms of his own career as a K-Pop artist.

An interview with publication Grazia also allowed Suga to discuss the shock value brought by the lyrics on his mixtape and revealed why he did so.

“The mixtape was everything I wanted to do with hip-hop as a foundation. There were bold lyrics that made people Huh? Did he say this? and Is it okay for him to write such lyrics?’ Anyways, I was relieved to tell all the stories in my heart.”

He also pressed his thoughts on image struggles against the standardized image put upon many celebrities.

“The press is raising issues with the standard of beauty as how thin someone is. On the other side of the world, however, there are those who die from starvation. We should be more interested in that. If I became influential and honorable, I will try to turn people’s attention towards them.”

These were only some of the evidence found against Suga’s ongoing struggles as a member of an influential idol group.

However, despite braving through issues on mental health and body image, he remains honest to his fans about it. No wonder he caused a bit of worry when he boldly stated going on a diet as an attempt to make a small jab at the entertainment industry.

Source: Donga, Billboard, and Pann

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