BTS Remake Seo Taiji's 'Come Back Home'

BTS Remake Seo Taiji's 'Come Back Home'

The boys of BTS are making hit after hit with their own songs, but the award-winning boy group decided to change things up a bit. This time, the group is paying homage to the Hallyu Wave Culture President Seo Taiji by releasing their very own rendition of the famous “Come Back Home.”

Seo Taiji has been in the music game for quite some time, since 1989 to be exact! Seo Taiji and The Boys was his first appearance on the stage and “Come Back Home” was their unique step into the rap genre. Seo Taiji revealed the lyrics are based on his own experience of running away from home!

With BTS being a popular group and known for creating some stand-out lyrics for each of their songs. it is a welcoming gesture to see them recreating a masterpiece from someone as talented as Seo Taiji. Main rappers Rap Monster and J-Hope played a considerable huge role in the remake. Check out the video and get lost in the music again!

What did you think of the video? Are BTS doing it right with this remake or is there nothing like the original? Let us know in the comments below!