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Korean girl group MAMAMOO's lastest song to have the contribution of Rihanna and Lady Gaga's engineer

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Korean girl group MAMAMOO's lastest song to have the contribution of Rihanna and Lady Gaga's engineer

-- MAMAMOO has partnered with a world-renowned mastering engineer on its latest album.

According to a rep from MAMAMOO′s agency, the group worked on title track Um Oh Ah Yeah from its upcoming mini album with famed mastering engineer Chris Gehringer, who has worked with the likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Madonna and Nas.

Um Oh Ah Yeah is an RB style dance track, with lyrics written by the members themselves.

MAMAMOO will hold a media showcase at Ilchi Art Hall in Seoul′s Cheongdam-dong on June 18, before its second mini album Pink Funky is released on June 19.

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Chinese Korean boy group TimeZ "Awaken" in comeback MV

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Chinese Korean boy group TimeZ

Get "Awaken" with TimeZ in not just one language, but both Korean and Chinese!

The Chinese Korean boy group has just released both versions of their newest digital single. We"ve been treated to the Chinese version of the MV as well, which show theboys looking good in classy suits and even as bellboys while spying on a woman!

Even before you hear the song you know it"s going to be good because the song was written by the famous producing team "January 8 (Jam Factory)" who wrotemany other songs from top artists.

TimeZ will have their comeback performance on "M! Countdown", and after their Korean promotions, they will continue to promote in China.

Check out the Korean version of the song and the Chinese MV below!

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Korean Children Are One of the Unhappiest Group of People in the World

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Korean Children Are One of the Unhappiest Group of People in the World

The happiness rate for Korean children are at an all time low.

Save the Children, an international charity organization, and Seoul National University’s social welfare research center held a study comparing the levels of childrens happiness across the world. As a result, Korea ranked last in levels of subjective happiness.

According to a study based on 12 countries and 42,567 kids, out of a 10 point scale, kids at age eight ranked 8.2, age 10 ranked 8.2, and age 12 ranked 7.4, thus marking the lowest out of all countries.

Most notable is that even compared to countries with an underdeveloped economy system such as Nepal (8.4, 8.6, 8.5) and Ethiopia (8.2, 8.6, 8.3), Korea fell low.

For another study of satisfaction of family, materials, relationships, society, school, time use, and one’s self, held among 15 countries and 52,141 children, Korea yet again drooped lower than the average.

Satisfaction in looks, body, and grades were especially low, making 7.2, 7.4, and 7.0 respectively. The category with the highest satisfaction was family (8.9).

Lee Bong Joo, professor of social welfare at Seoul National University said, “We see that Korean kids have significantly lower levels of satisfaction regarding their looks and grades because parents compare them to the ideal standards of society.”

The results of the study will be presented at the International Symposium on May 21.

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Quiz: How many Korean idol group names can you remember off the top of your head?

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Quiz: How Many K-Pop Idol Group Members Can You Name? How many idol group names can you remember off the top of your head?

For this quiz we selected the top 30 boy groups and girl groups and will only give you the group name to start.

While there are 150+ names in each category, it starts out easy with the most popular groups in the beginning.

Full screen version: Boy GroupsGirl Groups Go to page two for the girl groups.

EXO Enters Billboard’s Main Chart, Best for a Korean Male Group

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EXO Enters Billboard’s Main Chart, Best for a Korean Male Group

EXO has entered Billboards main music chart at 90th place, the highest for any K-pop male group so far.

According to the latest Billboard 200 chart released on April 8, EXOs second album EXODUS came in at 90th place. They have sold 6000 copies of the album in America for the week ending April 5, which is the best for any Korean group in America. On the Top Albums Sales Chart, they placed 70th place.

Upon its release, EXODUS topped numerous iTunes charts around the world, proving the groups global popularity.

YG girl group 2NE1 still holds the record for the highest place on the Billboards main chart with their album Crush, which came in at 61st place last year. Taeyang holds the record for a Korean solo artist, at 112th with his 2014 release Rise.

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Chinese Korean boy group UNIQ are all smiles as they announce their comeback!

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Chinese Korean boy group UNIQ are all smiles as they announce their comeback!

Following the news of Starship Entertainment and YUEHUA Entertainment joining hands, Chinese Korean boy group UNIQ have announced their comeback in Korea!

Starship and YUEHUA announced UNIQ"s return with the image you see above, while telling us, "After completing successful promotions in Asia, UNIQ are looking to release their first mini album in Korea. They"ll be promoting actively to show a variety of images, so please give them your love and support."

As fans know, these boys are not just about good looks, but also talent with 4 years of training under their belts!

They"re said to be putting on the final touches for their comeback this month, so stay tuned for any updates to come!

T-ara to become the only Korean girl group to star in Hunan TV"s Lunar New Year special program

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T-ara to become the only Korean girl group to star in Hunan TV

T-ara will make their special appearance in Hunan TV"s upcoming Lunar New Year special program.

According to MBK Entertainment, T-ara will depart for China on February 1st via Incheon airport. They are the only Korean girl group to be invited in Hunan TV"s special program "Spring Festival Ball" for Lunar New Year.

The group is planning to stay in China for 4 days and return to Korea on February 4th.

My Taste in The Best Korean Boy Group of All Time

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My Taste in The Best Korean Boy Group of All Time

I have always fallen for irresistible charms of Korean Boy Bands. It makes feel so much interesting when digging up their past and seeing how they grow through the hardest time.

Boy bands are great because you get a selection and a variety of cute boys to choose from or pair together. Also, it is very difficult to find one person who has the trifecta of K-pop:

Most have two of the three

That’s why groups are so popular with the factories of K-pop. You may not have one idol who can sing (or rap), dance, and look good in skinny jeans, but you can sure find a cute kid who can sing and pair him up with another cute kid who can dance. Have more than two of them, and you got all the bases covered (plus you can harmonize and hide the poor dancers in the back).

Sports fans have their “fantasy” games, where they can make their own roster of the perfect team. Why not have on for K-pop? I call it “Fantasy K-Pop” and here are the house rules:

Rule #1: The boy band must consist of 5 members, each with their own specific position.

Rule #2: The positions are: Rapper, Vocalist, Dancer, Leader, and Maknae

Rule #3: You can only use one member per group 

Rule #4: The member must come from an active group (No picking out members from H.O.T. or something)

(For my fantasy group, I also added a special Noona rule to make things more interesting)

Noona Rule: Each member must have the visuals of a true K-Pop idol. That’s right, they must fit their role AND be ridiculously good looking. 

I spent the whole week brainstorming and comparing groups, and right now, I am pretty satisfied with my choices. Keep in mind I didn’t just pick my favorite rappers and vocalists, I picked ones I thought were genuinely talented and good looking, but also would fit well together in a group.

1. The Rapper : This is a self-explanatory position. For reasons I haven’t been able to comprehend, K-pop loves having rap in their songs. With the growing trend of “idol hip hop,” rappers are now equally as important vocalists.

My choice: Bobby from iKon

Bobby hasn’t even officially debuted in his group yet, but this kid is everywhere! He was the winner of “Show Me the Money” and collaborated with Hi Suhyun. I love his moon eye smile and watching the music video for “I’m Different” made me want to be sixteen again. Not only that, he has some serious lyrical skill with a raspy rap voice. He is definitely someone to watch out for (and people are already watching out for him. Anyone else following those idol rap diss battles?)

Runners Up: I originally picked T.O.P but then a friend pointed out he doesn’t fit in the general age group of the other members. Plus, I have a feeling T.O.P is sort of done with the idol life and more interested in becoming Choi Seung Hyun the actor.

2. The Vocalist: Although most of the group members must be able to at least stay on pitch, there is usually one or two members that are excellent singers to really carry the song vocally. This was the hardest position to pick because there are lot of good-looking decent singers and a lot of decent-looking great singers, but it was hard to find an idol that was equally adorable and talented.

Sometimes I look at D.O and I don’t know what to do with him. This tumblr post pretty much sums it up for me. Right now, Koreans love Kyungsoo, and I can see him become more popular as he gets into more acting projects. While he is adorable and fun to watch, he has this great powerful singing voice. This is still my favorite EXO song. Once I spent way too many minutes watching clips of D.O. getting interrupted with his own voice cracks, but now I think it happens less often which means he’s also improved since his debut.

Runners Up: Like I said, many vocalists and many visuals but not many who are clearly both. Different people suggested G.O., Daehyun, Jinwoon, and others.

3. The Dancer: Choreography is a huge part of K-pop and an important element that makes K-pop performances such fun to watch. The dancer sometimes gets special dance solos in songs.

My choice: Taemin from SHINee

Taemin is one of those rare idols who have the face, the voice, and the feet. He has grown up so much from being the weird baby of SHINee. I don’t think I could have predicted that Taemin would be the first to go solo, but with every album he continued to get bigger vocal roles in the songs, and he did well covering for Jonghyun when he was in the car accident. I was impressed but not surprised by his “Danger” performances (even when they were live), because that’s what I expected from a SHINee member.

Runners Up: My first choice was Kai, because that kid loves dancing so much and you can tell. He’s also so beautiful, but I had to keep the rule of one member from each group, and I needed a vocalist more than I needed a dancer. Lee Joon also came to mind, but he’s a bit older and who knows what’s happening with MBLAQ right now.

4. The Leader – This position usually goes to the oldest of the group and is often responsible for the groups and represents them at public speaking events. K-pop leaders tend to be a little…moody? Has anyone else noticed this? They also have the all important role of starting their group motto.

My choice: Rome from C-Clown

I know. This is probably the one that surprises you, it surprises me too. C-Clown is not a very well-known group, and if I am to be totally honest, I would not have chosen him if I had not met him and the rest of the group. I had a chance to interview them, and oh my goodness, they were so adorable. Not only that, Rome had all the staff crushing on him because he was really sweet and you could see how much effort he put into the leading the group. If you watch the interview, you can see him guiding the other members and making sure they’re all answering the questions. He’s also gotten pretty good looking, so good looking that I had to look up his age in hope that I wasn’t THAT much of a noona to him. Also, that Australian accent!

Runners Up: It really came down to him and Jinyoung from B1A4. I really like Jinyoung, and I think he’s a talented song writer and a good leader to the group. But when it came down to it, I decided to follow my eyes and picked Rome because I thought he was cuter. That’s it. Superficial, I know. Someone also suggest JB from GOT7. He’s cute too, but “Dream High 2” ruined him for me (that drama ruined a lot of things for me. I didn’t even finish it.).

5. The Baby (Maknae): This is probably the least official position, because while you need vocalists and a leader, you don’t really need someone to official be the youngest. However, as a noona I can see the baby of the group gets a lot of love and you do need someone in charge of aegyo. Also, a leader/maknae pairing can KILL fangirls.

I choose to stay away from Zelo. When I first saw him in “Never Gave Up” I was like who is adorable giant with too much eyeliner? I looked him up, and when I found out he was born in 1996 I closed the tab on this jail bait and swore that I would never follow whatever group he is in in fear that I became THAT kind of noona. Since then, he has gotten famous as the very tall but very young rapper in B.A.P and he still wears a lot of eyeliner. His stylist likes to use his hair like a coloring book.

Runners Up: I didn’t even consider anyone else, that’s how much I secretly like Zelo.

These are my picks! What are yours? Please share your roster (following the house rules) below!

CallMeN00NA couldn’t think of a name for her perfect idol group. She’ll be taking a break for the Holidays but will see you in the New Year! Meanwhile, you can talk to her on Twitter and ask her questions. 

*The opinions expressed in this editorial are solely those of the author.

South Korean Boy Band CNBLUE Bagged ‘Asia Best Group’ at '2015 iQiyi Night Awards Ceremony' in China

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South Korean Boy Band CNBLUE Bagged ‘Asia Best Group’ at '2015 iQiyi Night Awards Ceremony' in China

CNBLUE has been awarded with ‘Asia Best Group’ award!

On December 6, the 2015 iQiyi Night awards ceremony opened up in Beijing, China. Earlier, it was reported that CNBLUE was the only Korean artist to participate in this ceremony, and they ended up receiving the ‘Best Group’ award.

iQiyi is known as a professional video service provider established by China’s biggest portal site, Baidu. This year, it hosted the very first awards ceremony for movies, dramas, music, variety, and more for countries throughout Asia.

During the group’s acceptance speech, leader Jung Yong Hwa expressed, “Thank you, iQiyi. We built up many memories in China this year through concerts and such, and we hope to make even more memories in 2015.”

Additionally, CNBLUE graced the ending stage with a performance of “I’m Sorry” and “Can’t Stop.”

Korean Group EXO Took Home Four Awards at '2014 MAMA' Ceremony

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Korean Group EXO Took Home Four Awards at '2014 MAMA' Ceremony

December 3rd, 2015 is a wonderful night for EXO as the group bagged four awards on the red carpet of 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

It was a tough year for the band.  Two of Exo"s Chinese members filed separate lawsuits against their agency, SM Entertainment, and walked out of the group. But they managed to snag the Album of the Year and Artist of the Year awards, two of the grand prizes, along with Song of the Year. Exo also received Best Male Group and Best Asian Style awards.

Chen, a Chinese member of the group, said, "Thank you for all the 10 parents [of us] who are watching on TV". Korean member Chanyeol said, "I appreciate you … I want to tell you Exo is still alive and we will keep working hard so that you could root for us without worrying about us. Thanks Exo-L for trusting us no matter what happens".

Exo-L is the official fan club of the boy group. About 10,000 people gathered together to watch the annual awards in Hong Kong. Korean singers and groups such as Taeyang, Ailee, Sistar, Epik High, Winner, 2PM and TaeTiSeo performed at the awards show. U.S. singer-songwriter John Legend received the International Favorite Artist award.