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5-member Chinese Korean boy group UNIQ to make their debut on the 20th with "Falling In Love"

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5-member Chinese Korean boy group UNIQ to make their debut on the 20th with

5-member Chinese Korean boy groupUNIQwill make their debut on the 20th with single, "Falling In Love"!

These boys may already be a familiar name to some as their upcoming debut has already been mentioned in China under Yuehua Entertainment. They"re finally releasing their debut news in Korea with a press release and their teasers being uploaded onto 1theK"s channel. Although not yet officially announced, it"s been whispered for a while now that the members have received some of their training through YG Entertainment as Yuehua and YG have ties.

It seems the agency they"ll be active under in Korea is called Dragon Music, as the reps of the company introduced the group through a press release, stating, "[The name of] the group UNIQ stands for "unique" and the mythical and mysterious animal "unicorn". They have been receiving intense training for the past 3 years and 9 months, 1400 days in total."

UNIQ is a 5-member male idol group which consists of Korean members Sung Joo and Seung Youn, and Chinese members Wen Han, Zhou Yi Xuan, and Yi Bo. They are expected to carry out promotions in Korea and China.

Get a better look at the members through the individual teasers below! Also follow them on Twitter hereand Weibo here!

K-pop Girl Group LADIES CODE Member Kwon Ri Sae Non-Fluent Korean, Just Like Ayumi?

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K-pop Girl Group LADIES CODE Member Kwon Ri Sae Non-Fluent Korean, Just Like Ayumi? kwon ri sae ayumi korean accent Girl group LADIES' CODE's member Kwon Ri Sae imitated singer Ayumi's non-fluent Korean as they are both from Japan, arousing laughter.

In SBS entertainment program "Star Faceoff" aired today, Kwon Ri Sae sang Ayumi's song "Cutie Honey" in the same accent that Ayumi sang it in.

LADIES' CODE wore shining jackets and white skirts on this day to reveal their cute charms.

Yoona Voted Most Popular Idol Group Member | SNSD Korean

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Well, being an equal opportunity SNSD member support blog-site, here now is a little something for supporters of our Deer Yoong.

On a recent episode of Arirang TV Pops In Seoul, Yoona ranked Number 1 in a poll to determine the most popular member of an idol group.

Her versatility in all aspects, whether singing, acting, dancing or fashion modelling, coupled with her inherent beauty and flawless complexion. made her a shoo-in for the top spot in the TV poll.

Please check out the accompanying video for the full details:

Once again, our angelic Yoona has achieved another accolade to add to her growing lists of achievements Yoona Voted Most Popular Idol Group Member | SNSD Korean. Congratulations on another win !

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To unveil Chinese-Korean idol group TimeZ’s fifth member Tian Yi Chen

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To unveil Chinese-Korean idol group TimeZ’s fifth member Tian Yi Chen

CJ EM and Chinese agency Super Jet Entertainment have worked together to produce a new idol group named TimeZ.

The group is formed by 6 members including 4 Chinese members and 2 Korean members. The group is scheduled to make their debut on October 18th and has intended to introduce their members with individual video teasers.

After the first four members Mao Ruo Yi, Liu Guan Xi, Kim Seong Hwan, and Lee Hyeong Joo were introduced, they have revealed their fifth member Tian Yi Chen!

April Release Teaser For Comeback As 5 Member Group

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April Release Teaser For Comeback As 5 Member Group

Just on the heels of member Somin"s departure, rookie girl group April have announced their comeback.

On November 16, April"s company DSP Media revealed the news through a teaser posted on their official YouTube channel. Pretty in pink, the teaser announces April"s first single album titled "Boing Boing."

In addition to the sparkly teaser photo on YouTube DSP Media released a unique set of math equations. The image includes the release dates for April"s logo, concept, spoiler, trailers, and album coded behind a series of math equations. Fans have been having a fun time engaging with the math problems while they wait for April"s return.

Earlier this month member Somin announced her decision to leave the group. DSP Media explained that Somin will move onto new aspects in her life away from April. "We reached an agreement to respect her opinion," DSP Media explained in a report by Korea Herald. They further announced the return of April as a five member group.

April debuted in August with the EP Dreaming and title track "Dream Candy." As their upcoming first single marks the group"s first comeback since debut fans are excited to see what sort of look April will return with.

Their official comeback date is November 25.

April Member Somin Leaves Group

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April Member Somin Leaves Group DSP Media announced these days that Somin, leader in their new lady group April, can be leaving the group.

DSP Media said “April will regrouped as five-member team. Somin is leaving the gang at the reward time and having a brand new start.”

It explained, “Somin has been wondering about her trail in nowadays and age and we talked about it so much together. After much thought, Somin has left the team, yet as her control agency, we will be in a position to be giving her all our make stronger and encouragement.”

Girl group April just recently debuted this August with “Candy Dream.” April, now as five, is expected to make a comeback this month.

April's Somin leaves the group, leaving it a 5-member group

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April's Somin leaves the group, leaving it a 5-member group

April"s leader Somin is leaving the group.

On the 9th, DSP Media announced, "April has been reconfigured into a 5-member group. beginning today, Somin may be leaving the crowd for a new start. Somin has been thinking deeply about her long term lately. She mentioned this with us, and we talked for a while. After much consideration, Somin will be leaving the group, yet DSP Media will be frequently supporting Somin as our label artist."

April will be coming back as a 5-member staff at the finish of November. we would like the maximum efficient to either Somin and the remainder of April.

GOT7′s Jackson Says He′s the Manliest Member in the Group

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GOT7′s Jackson Says He′s the Manliest Member in the Group

--> GOT7′s Jackson acknowledged that he′s the manliest of the members.

The GOT7 contributors gave the impression as visitors at the October thirteen broadcast of SBS Vitality FM′s Cultwo Show, where they explained their new song If You Do.

During the show, JB said, "If You Do is a coarse boy concept. It′s the song of a guy who is angry as a result of his egocentric girlfriend."

When the DJs asked, "Who some of the GOT7 members fits the rough boy thought best?" Jackson said, "I′m the closest. I believe I′m the maximum rough, manliest man," drawing laughs.

Former Sugar Member Ayumi to pass back to Korean tv With Appearance on “Witch Hunt”

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Former Sugar Member Ayumi to come back to Korean Television With Appearance on “Witch Hunt” Girl group Sugar‘s former member Ayumi might be returning to the Korean entertainment scene with a guest appearance on JTBC‘s communicate display “Witch Hunt.”

An partner from JTBC told the media on September 28 that Ayumi will be a guest at the show, adding, “We’ve made up our minds to invite her to the prove after hearing that she is thinking of having a comeback in Korea.”

This would be the former idol star’s first comeback to the Korean television in nine years. She released her solo album “Cutie Honey” in 2006. She has been most commonly active in Japan, below the degree name ICONIQ.

Ayumi’s episode of “Witch Hunt” will air on October 9.

Ayumi debuted as a member of Sugar in 2002, with Park Soo JinHwang Jung Eum, and Yook Hye Seung.

Red Velvet′s Joy Says She′s the Sexiest Member in the Group

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Red Velvet′s Joy Says She′s the Sexiest Member in the Group

--> Red Velvet′s Joy picked herself as the sexiest member in the group.

Red Velvet is decided to look at the September 23 broadcast of MBC Every1′s Weekly Idol.

During the show, the individuals will seek to turn out whether leader Irene′s remark ago that "Red Velvet′s charm is that we are fresh, lively, mesmerizing and sexy" is true. MC Jung Hyung Don and Defconn reportedly couldn′t hide their fatherly smiles upon seeing the members′ brand new and energetic charms.

When the MCs asked Red Velvet to blow their own horns their sexiest poses, Irene showed a 180-degree transformation from her quiet and blameless image, striking an old-school attractive pose. Defconn and Jung Hyung Don answered with comments like, "That′s the pose Cho Hye Ryeon nuna used to do," "She′s an old style person, which is tricky to come via in a lady group."

Meanwhile, when asked to select the sexiest member in the group, Seul Gi and Joy either picked themselves without a moment′s hesitation. Jung Hyung Don then acknowledged to Joy, who is recently filming MBC′s We were given Married, "Joy isn′t sexy, yet a sae-saek-si (translates to ′new bride′)," drawing laughs with his play on words.

Photo credit: MBC Every1