BTS Already Got Their Invitation To Attend The Billboard Music Awards

BTS Already Got Their Invitation To Attend The Billboard Music Awards

BTS recently got the spotlight with the #1 trending hashtag of them for Billboard Music Awards. BTS’ fans succeeded in making the hashtag trending worldwide to show their support. The Billboard Music Awards will be held on May 21 and BTS will surely be at the event.

BTS is the first K-Pop group to get the nomination at Billboard Music Awards. They got nominated for Top Social Artist, Soompireported. They are the second artists of Korean Idols who got nominated for the award after previously Psy got the same nomination with his “Gangnam Style.”

BTS gets their popularity for their charms and cool music. Their hit songs like “Fire,” “Blood, Sweat and Tears,” “Not Today” and much more have captured fans’ hearts. Their performance on stage is always satisfying. They have really strong fan base named ARMY around the world.

Recently, BTS hashtag for the Billboard Music Awards got #1 trending worldwide, AllKpopreported. The hashtag got tweeted many times, far ahead of their competitor, Justin Bieber. To get the award, BTS are competing with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Shawn Mendes, Billboardreported.

Billboard Music Awards is scheduled to be held on May 21. Previously, ARMYs had sent a petition for the boys to get the invitation to Billboard Music Awards. They wanted their idols to attend the award event so bad. Recently, one of the ARMYs sent messages to the person in charge of the event asking whether BTS already got the invitation or not and he answered it with “Done,” AllKpopreported.

It was such a short reply but many ARMYs were really happy to have the news. They are now relieved that the boys will attend Billboard Music Awards. It will be a new challenge and experience for BTS members to attend such a big event.

BTS members previously have asked support from ARMYs for this award. They hope they can bring home the trophy. Yet, they will accept any result given as the event is already a great experience for them. ARMYs around the world are currently giving their support for BTS.

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