BTOB’s Sungjae serenades for Gummy on ‘Fantastic Duo 2’

BTOB’s Sungjae serenades for Gummy on ‘Fantastic Duo 2’

During this week’s episode of ‘Fantastic Duo 2’, Gummy came on the show as the main singer.

Gummy was presented with many talents to choose from in order to sing a duet. BTOB’s Sungjaeappeared as one of the contestants on the show. To show off his abilities and charm, Sungjae sang an OST from ‘Goblin’, a popular drama he was on. He sang Crush’s “Beautiful” for Gummy this night. The audience and Gummy herself were amazed by Sungjae’s voice but also how carried out the song. Afterward, Gummy said, “I listened to the song with my eyes closed and I think he has a very charming and soft voice that many females really like. He has everything from his good looks to his amazing voice.”

Did you catch Sungjae and Gummy on this week’s ‘Fantastic Duo 2’?

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