BTOB celebrates 2000 days since debut

BTOB celebrates 2000 days since debut

BTOBis now 2000 days old.

The 7 boys debuted on March 21st, 2012, and they’ve come a long way to reach 2000 days.While BTOB is not one of the incredibly popular groups, they are definitely a group that has been slowly but steadily growing with a super dedicated fanbaseand is one of the most talented ones out there. Melodytweeted the hashtag “#비투비_2000일_예지앞사” for their boys, and it reached #1 on Korea’s trending list for 12 hours.

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The boys also tweeted and posted to Instagram. Leader Eunkwangwrote, “Ah… I wrote something serious not long ago so it’s embarrassing to be serious again… Congratulations to us on our 2000 days!!!! I always say I’m happy but I really am happy beyond imagination because of BTOB and Melody. All my people who are with me as I’m happy, I’m sure you will be too. Let’s be happy together! More than now, more than anyone else. Ah, I’m happy~~~ I’m so happy~~~ I’m happy!!We love MELODY in the world.”

Sungjaealso posted the following video saying thank you with the other members. Some can be heard saying, “It’s only been 2000 days?”, while others are saying “Wow, time flies”.

Penielalso tweeted the following:

2000 days! whoa~ thanks for all the love and support guys! 2000일! 와~~저희를 응원해주고 사랑해줘서 고마워요! #비투비_2000일_예지앞사

— Peniel Shin (@PenielShin) September 9, 2017

Congratulations to both BTOB and Melody on 2000 days.