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Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha fainted due to exhaustion from overwork for MBC "2012 KOICA's Dream"

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Brown Eyed Girls Narsha fainted due to exhaustion from overwork for MBC 2012 KOICAs DreamIt has been reported that Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha visited Nepal in mid-September for volunteer work as part of MBC's program "2012 KOICA's Dream." There, she partook in construction work in a small village at the Nepal Himalayas.

A photo of Narsha was revealed, which showed her with a shovel and hard at work. However, it was revealed that due to the weather and the conditions, as well as her ambition to work, Narsha was forced to seek medical help due to exhaustion.

Narsha's appearance on the "2012 KOICA's Dream" will be broadcast on October 24th.

Source: Herald Newspaper

Brown Eyed Girls, Nell, and more to perform at the ’2012 Jisan Valley Rock Festival’

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Brown Eyed Girls, Nell, and more to perform at the ’2012 Jisan Valley Rock Festival’

The full line-up of artists for the 2012 Jisan Valley Rock Festival has been revealed.

The annual Jisan Valley Rock Festival will be kicking off its 4th year on July 27th and will last for three days at the Jisan Valley Ski Resort located in Incheon.

The Jisan Valley Rock Festival presents a variety of music performed by international and domestic artists, and has quickly become one of the biggest festivals in the country.

Check out the line-up below!

July 27: Radio Head, Brown Eyed Girls, Daze 47, The Black Skirts, Kim Changwan Band, Lowdown30, Busker Busker, Black Bag, Achime, Negoto, DJ Conan, Beat Burger, M. Ward, James Iha, Common Ground, Glen Check, Loros, Elvis Costello and The Imposters, Peterpan Complex.

July 28th: Apollo 18, James Blake, Motion City Soundtrack, Lucid Fall, Underwears Band, The Strikers, Spyair, Owl City, Eaeon, Lee Juk, Taru, Peppertones, Hollow Jan, Harry Big Button, Astro VoizeKingMCK.

July 29: Nell, The Stone Roses, Los Lonely Boys, Monni, Boom Boom Satellites, Beady Eye, Sekai No Owari, Yellow Monsters, Jang Pil Soon, Hanumpa, Monkeyz, Baek Seung, Twenty One Pilots, ChampagneTelepathy.

Source: Jisan Valley Rock Festival

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In is busy watching the Euro 2012?

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It seems as though Brown Eyed Girls Ga-In has been tuning in to the Euro 2012 matches, which has been taking place since June 8th.

On June 23rd, composer Lee Min Soo, the mastermind behind past hits such as Brown Eyed Girls Sixth Sense, Abracadabra, IUs Good Day, Sunny Hills The Grasshopper Song, and more, left several posts on Twitter to update fans on the latest about maknae Ga-In.

In addition to sharing the three photos of the singer (below), he wrote:

(Euro News) Team doctor, Son Ga-In, is currently checking Fernando Torress condition!! The point is her eyes of a hawk!

(Euro News) Octopus Son Ga-In is currently predicting the opponents for the finals, while watching the previous games!

(Euro News) Özil Son Ga-In has selected Germany as (Spains) opponent in the finals! Simply because she wants to see Mesut Özil and Fernando Torres in one field together.

Upon seeing Lee Min Soos posts, fans responded, Thank you for the Euro news!, I love Ga-In, but Im rooting for Germany, Which team are you rooting for?, and more.

Brown Eyed Girls Ga-In is busy watching the Euro 2012?Brown Eyed Girls Ga-In is busy watching the Euro 2012?Brown Eyed Girls Ga-In is busy watching the Euro 2012? Source: Lee Min Soos Twitter

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In attends ‘Linda Farrow’s 2012 S/S Collection’ launch

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On February 22nd, Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-In attended the 2012 S/S Linda Farrow Collection event that was held in Shinsadong.

The collection introduced Linda Farrows new products such as Linda Farrow Gallery, Linda Farrow Project, Linda Farrow Luxe, etc.  Ga-in was sexy and chic in an all black ensemble, but for a bit of sequins on the arms of her blazer.  Of course, she also was also wearing Jackie O inspired black sunglasses from Linda Farrows Luxe collection.

Other celebrities that attended the event were Han Go Eun, Ko Joo Hee, Song Jong Ho, Lee Sung Soo, and more.

Check out the photos from the event below:Brown Eyed Girls Ga-In attends Linda Farrows 2012 S/S Collection launchBrown Eyed Girls Ga-In attends Linda Farrows 2012 S/S Collection launchBrown Eyed Girls Ga-In attends Linda Farrows 2012 S/S Collection launchBrown Eyed Girls Ga-In attends Linda Farrows 2012 S/S Collection launchBrown Eyed Girls Ga-In attends Linda Farrows 2012 S/S Collection launchBrown Eyed Girls Ga-In attends Linda Farrows 2012 S/S Collection launch

SourceImage: MyDaily via Nate

Brown Eyed Girls Create a Dreamy and Gorgeous Album with “Basic”

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20151113_seoulbeats_browneyedgirls_1 Brown Eyed Girls Create a Dreamy and Gorgeous Album with Basic Written by Willis On November 14, 2015 The last time Brown Eyed Girls promoted a release was two years ago when they released Black Box. Since then, they have been busy with solo promotions, a digital single, and best of compilation. While they have kept busy, it is great to see the girls promoting together on stage for Basic.

Another monumental event was that all the girls have changed labelsjoining groupmate Ga-in at Apop Entertainment, a subsidiary of Mystic Entertainment. This seems like a great move considering their lack of activities since Black Box and abysmal promotions during that cycle.

A few months after their move, the Brown Eyed Girls released Basican album geared towards what the girls believe sets their group apart. It has been about 10 years since the Brown Eyed Girls have been in the industry and even one decade in, they just want to emphasize good music, singing, and performances.

While Basic does exhibit those elements, the album is also ambitious in its production. The pieces were cohesive and expansive. The album feels thoughtfully put together. The first four tracks were penned by frequent collaborator Kim Eana. Miryo writes all her rap verses, and Jea is involved on the production of a couple of tracks.

The album stars with Time of Ice Cream (아이스크림의 시간), which was produced by Primary and Shin soo-ran. The lyrics use the analogy of ice cream to talk about a sexual yearning. It is laid back, but the simplicity is quite beautiful. Like the last remnants of a blissful summer, it breezily simmers with a melancholic desire. I think Time of Ice Cream works well as an opener especially when compared with the closing song, Fractal. Time of Ice Cream has this upbeat acoustic backing that kicks things off and by the time we get to the slower acoustic beat of Fractal the rush of things winds down in a flurry.

Warm Hole (웜홀) is very in your face. As Lo noted in her review, it is unabashedly sexual. It is raunchy and the production has horns and a funky rhythm. It is cheeky and full of personality. I also love the breakdown. This song shows that not all songs need a rap break. Its theatricality and vivaciousness is fun and immediately injects energy to the album.

Wave is a smooth number that pairs guitar and a slinky base to create an ethereal atmosphere. The lyrics also speak to a resolve against environmental factorsa strength to not become numb even against the different outer forces that may batter against you.

I want to feel, so why cant I feel

The bass is effectiveadding heaviness to the song. The weight of the bass also mirrors the lyrics as it gets covered in the harmonies during the choruses. Wave functions well in carving that despondent tone, showing a different type of vulnerability from the ladies.

I would describe title track Brave New World (신세계)as a funky disco pop number, but I still think that would not fully encompass the glory of the track. It opens with these soaring funky strings that is reminiscent of Michael Jacksons Dont Stop Til You Get Enough. Then, it drops the strings and keeps the bass for the verses. Throughout Brave New World, there are chants, reverb echo effects, and harmonies that add to this surreal listening experience that transports the listener to a different space and time.

All the patterns and colors

The world of experience is different to the reality

The lyrics allude to an outer body experience. The ladies share these thoughts with a significant other and cast their relationship as a complicated mystery in an infinitely complex universe. The song is gorgeous and definitely a great choice as the title track from Basic.

Obsession, produced by Echo Bridge, has a slow Latin rhythm and the lyrics tell a tale of being enamored by someone. It also hints to recurring themes of reality, curiosity, and fantasy. Narsha adds a sultriness to the songpainting someone who is teetering on the edge of giving into their inhibitions. I especially like Miryos spoken word section, which works well with the tempo and boosts this disbelief in realitygiving into this fantastical obsession.

God Particle (신의 입자) picks up the tempo from the prior track. It is a full band number that is driven by powerful vocals and a spirited backing. It is in these numbers that I think Brown Eyed Girls show their strength most completely. They are able to integrate the rapping with strong vocal showings from each member in a upbeat piece. It is funky and bursting with energy and sounds like it would be phenomenal to witness live.

Jea and Texu produced the next song, Light. Light has an uplifting refrain backed by the vocalists and is driven by the rap verses Miryo puts forth. Miryo shines here with her lyrics speaking of hope in the face of hardship. It transforms a track that could have been forgettable to one that stands out.

Atomic continues this lyrical thememixing physics concepts with analogies of sex. The production, helmed by G.Gorilla, plays up an elation to touch that is compared to an atomic accelerator. Jeas high note at the end is glorious as it soars a few levels. There is a magnetic tension that brews here and the vocal layering is well donehighlighting the teamwork of the ladies.

Dice Play (주사위 놀이) features a quicker Latin rhythm with plucked guitars and Latin drums. I really enjoy the variety of instruments featured in Basic, andDice Play (주사위 놀이) is a great example of a track that uses those instruments to great effect. The electric guitar comes in halfway to add a flair to a song that is filled with complex rhythms.

Fractal closes the album. It was the second song produced by Jea and Texu. Also, the song was written by Misung from Sunny Hill. I initially lauded how Fractal brings the album full circle. It is fully acoustic and steers the album back to Earth with a guitar led song. Ga-in, Narsha, and Jea all sound exquisite with the minimal backing. Their harmonies are effectively sweet and delicate. After singing stop, dont breaking my heart, each voice croons out with a sensitive look at their broken memories. It is a down-trodden note to end on, but one that has a quiet strength. Despite the ups and downs of experiences in their lives, this journey is one that they can stand up and grow from.

Brown Eyed Girls continue to experiment here and there with how they incorporate harmonies and rhythms with Basic. If there is one extremely positive thing to be said about these ladies, it is that they go for it. They consistently deliver strong vocals, and there is a good mix of rhythm in Basic. This album at times feels intergalactic with lyrics that question reality and play on physics concepts. The production also keeps the listener guessingwith distorted drops and off kilter beats. At the core, Basic does hold a very human touch that keeps their audience connected. Brown Eyed Girls have excelled with their work on Basic and show that they can still offer a fresh perspective even after a decade in the game.

(Images via APOP Entertainment, YouTube, Lyrics via ILyricsBuzz)

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In surprised through Joo Ji Hoon Look-Alike

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Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In bowled over by Joo Ji Hoon Look-Alike Recently, singer Ga In used to be shocked to satisfy a guy who resembled her boyfriend, actor Joo Ji Hoon.

On the November thirteen broadcast of JTBC’s “Witch Hunt,” the Brown Eyed Girls member got here head to head with a guy in the target market who appeared like Joo Ji Hoon.

“Their eyes look similar,” the MCs said. “For about 3 seconds, he’s Joo Ji Hoon.”

The look-alike shared, “I have heard that I resemble him before.” He then went directly to express regret to Ga In, the genuine Joo Ji Hoon’s girlfriend, for the awkward comparison.

Ga In and the remainder of the Brown Eyed Ladies are currently selling their new song, “Brave New World.”

Brown Eyed ladies Elementary Album Strengthen the artist by purchasing Brown Eyed Girls - Basic from YesAsia Related

Watch Live: “Music Core” 11.14.15: VIXX, Brown Eyed Girls, SEO In Young, and More

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Watch Live: “Music Core” 11.14.15: VIXX, Brown Eyed Girls, SEO In Young, and More

♬ Come♡back- VIXX 『Chained up』,『Stop it Girl』- Brown Eyed women 『Brave New World』,『Time of Icecream』- Seo In-young 『Shout it out』

♬ Heart♡Attack- f(x) 『4 Walls』- MONSTA X 『HERO』- two times 『Like OOH-AHH』- RANIA 『DEMONSTRATE』- ROMEO 『TARGET』- DIA 『My Friend’s Boy Friend』- TAHITI 『Skip』- M.A.P 6 『Storm』- VAV 『Under the moonligh』- myB 『MY OH MY』

♬ Sweet♡Sound- BTOB 『Way Back Home』- N.Flying 『Lonely』- Gavy NJ 『Hello』- OH MY GIRL 『CLOSER』- LU:KUS 『Beautiful』- A-daily 『Spotlight』

Brown Eyed Girls′ Jea Says Gain is in Keep watch over of the Group

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Brown Eyed Girls′ Jea Says Gain is in Keep watch over of the Group

--> Brown Eyed Girls′ Jea published who′s in reality answerable for the group.

Jea and Gain lately recorded an upcoming episode of JTBC′s Witch Hunt, where they engaged in candid conversations.

When Yoo Se Yoon said, "There′s a rumor that Gain is in rate of the group," to which Jea said, "It′s true," drawing laughs.

Jea continued, "Gain participated in the choreography for the comeback identify song. There′s a phase in the choreography where we want to fit the angles, and if we′re off even a little bit, Gain yells at us informally and fixes it immediately."

She added, "Gain is in maximum cases well mannered to the unnies, yet once dance practice session starts, she′s actually intense. i am getting in problem via Gain a lot."

The episode of Witch Hunt featuring Gain and Jea will air on November thirteen at 11 p.m. KST.

Narsha proves herself to be the maximum are compatible out of the Brown Eyed Girls

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Narsha proves herself to be the maximum are compatible out of the Brown Eyed Girls

Narsha proved herself to be the most fit member of the Brown Eyed Girls on the November 11th episode of "Weekly Idol".

Narsha, Miryo, Ga In, and JeA competed to look who may face up to doing a squat the longest, and Narsha placed first with 70 seconds. Bearing in mind that the reasonable for teens is 53 seconds, she did mighty fine for now not even being the youngest member of the Brown Eyed Girls.

Host Jung Hyung Don expressed his surprise, and the remainder of the individuals appeared inspired because it was once evident they attempted their best.

Brown Eyed Girls' JeA finds that Ga In is a dictator in the prepare room

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Brown Eyed Girls' JeA finds that Ga In is a dictator in the prepare room

Brown Eyed Girls" JeA published that Ga In is lovely harsh in the practice room.

On the November 11th episode of "Weekly Idol", the Brown Eyed women featured as visitors and laid in to their youngest member Ga In. JeA said, "There are times that Ga In is fairly company in the style she speaks. She"s generally nice, yet she utterly adjustments in the practice room. She"s scarier than the dance leader. She tells us to get our angles right."

Ga In responded, "I scold JeA the most," while Miryo commented, "When I see how JeA gets scolded, i am getting made up our minds to paintings hard."

Did you are expecting this from Ga In?