T-ara's Hyomin enlists assist of Brown Eyed Girls' JeA as vocal director for upcoming solo album!

T-ara's Hyomin enlists assist of Brown Eyed Girls' JeA as vocal director for upcoming solo album!

T-ara's Hyomin has enlisted the assistance of Brown Eyed Girls' JeA as the vocal director for her upcoming solo album!

MBK Entertainment lately shared a photo of the 2 singers running at the studio. Hyomin has in actuality put her perfect efforts into this new album, for my part enlisting the album's composers, stylists, MV directors, photographers, and more.

B2ST's Junhyung was once also in the past reported to have taken section in the lyrics of Hyomin's self-composed track.

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The new album may be released this coming March!


Brown Eyed Girls Create a Dreamy and Gorgeous Album with “Basic”

Brown Eyed Girls Create a Dreamy and Gorgeous Album with “Basic”

20151113_seoulbeats_browneyedgirls_1 Brown Eyed Girls Create a Dreamy and Gorgeous Album with Basic Written by Willis On November 14, 2015 The last time Brown Eyed Girls promoted a release was two years ago when they released Black Box. Since then, they have been busy with solo promotions, a digital single, and best of compilation. While they have kept busy, it is great to see the girls promoting together on stage for Basic.

Another monumental event was that all the girls have changed labelsjoining groupmate Ga-in at Apop Entertainment, a subsidiary of Mystic Entertainment. This seems like a great move considering their lack of activities since Black Box and abysmal promotions during that cycle.

A few months after their move, the Brown Eyed Girls released Basican album geared towards what the girls believe sets their group apart. It has been about 10 years since the Brown Eyed Girls have been in the industry and even one decade in, they just want to emphasize good music, singing, and performances.

While Basic does exhibit those elements, the album is also ambitious in its production. The pieces were cohesive and expansive. The album feels thoughtfully put together. The first four tracks were penned by frequent collaborator Kim Eana. Miryo writes all her rap verses, and Jea is involved on the production of a couple of tracks.

The album stars with Time of Ice Cream (아이스크림의 시간), which was produced by Primary and Shin soo-ran. The lyrics use the analogy of ice cream to talk about a sexual yearning. It is laid back, but the simplicity is quite beautiful. Like the last remnants of a blissful summer, it breezily simmers with a melancholic desire. I think Time of Ice Cream works well as an opener especially when compared with the closing song, Fractal. Time of Ice Cream has this upbeat acoustic backing that kicks things off and by the time we get to the slower acoustic beat of Fractal the rush of things winds down in a flurry.

Warm Hole (웜홀) is very in your face. As Lo noted in her review, it is unabashedly sexual. It is raunchy and the production has horns and a funky rhythm. It is cheeky and full of personality. I also love the breakdown. This song shows that not all songs need a rap break. Its theatricality and vivaciousness is fun and immediately injects energy to the album.

Wave is a smooth number that pairs guitar and a slinky base to create an ethereal atmosphere. The lyrics also speak to a resolve against environmental factorsa strength to not become numb even against the different outer forces that may batter against you.

I want to feel, so why cant I feel

Im asleep in the waves

The bass is effectiveadding heaviness to the song. The weight of the bass also mirrors the lyrics as it gets covered in the harmonies during the choruses. Wave functions well in carving that despondent tone, showing a different type of vulnerability from the ladies.

I would describe title track Brave New World (신세계)as a funky disco pop number, but I still think that would not fully encompass the glory of the track. It opens with these soaring funky strings that is reminiscent of Michael Jacksons Dont Stop Til You Get Enough. Then, it drops the strings and keeps the bass for the verses. Throughout Brave New World, there are chants, reverb echo effects, and harmonies that add to this surreal listening experience that transports the listener to a different space and time.

All the patterns and colors

The world of experience is different to the reality

The lyrics allude to an outer body experience. The ladies share these thoughts with a significant other and cast their relationship as a complicated mystery in an infinitely complex universe. The song is gorgeous and definitely a great choice as the title track from Basic.

Obsession, produced by Echo Bridge, has a slow Latin rhythm and the lyrics tell a tale of being enamored by someone. It also hints to recurring themes of reality, curiosity, and fantasy. Narsha adds a sultriness to the songpainting someone who is teetering on the edge of giving into their inhibitions. I especially like Miryos spoken word section, which works well with the tempo and boosts this disbelief in realitygiving into this fantastical obsession.

God Particle (신의 입자) picks up the tempo from the prior track. It is a full band number that is driven by powerful vocals and a spirited backing. It is in these numbers that I think Brown Eyed Girls show their strength most completely. They are able to integrate the rapping with strong vocal showings from each member in a upbeat piece. It is funky and bursting with energy and sounds like it would be phenomenal to witness live.

Jea and Texu produced the next song, Light. Light has an uplifting refrain backed by the vocalists and is driven by the rap verses Miryo puts forth. Miryo shines here with her lyrics speaking of hope in the face of hardship. It transforms a track that could have been forgettable to one that stands out.

Atomic continues this lyrical thememixing physics concepts with analogies of sex. The production, helmed by G.Gorilla, plays up an elation to touch that is compared to an atomic accelerator. Jeas high note at the end is glorious as it soars a few levels. There is a magnetic tension that brews here and the vocal layering is well donehighlighting the teamwork of the ladies.

Dice Play (주사위 놀이) features a quicker Latin rhythm with plucked guitars and Latin drums. I really enjoy the variety of instruments featured in Basic, andDice Play (주사위 놀이) is a great example of a track that uses those instruments to great effect. The electric guitar comes in halfway to add a flair to a song that is filled with complex rhythms.

Fractal closes the album. It was the second song produced by Jea and Texu. Also, the song was written by Misung from Sunny Hill. I initially lauded how Fractal brings the album full circle. It is fully acoustic and steers the album back to Earth with a guitar led song. Ga-in, Narsha, and Jea all sound exquisite with the minimal backing. Their harmonies are effectively sweet and delicate. After singing stop, dont breaking my heart, each voice croons out with a sensitive look at their broken memories. It is a down-trodden note to end on, but one that has a quiet strength. Despite the ups and downs of experiences in their lives, this journey is one that they can stand up and grow from.

Brown Eyed Girls continue to experiment here and there with how they incorporate harmonies and rhythms with Basic. If there is one extremely positive thing to be said about these ladies, it is that they go for it. They consistently deliver strong vocals, and there is a good mix of rhythm in Basic. This album at times feels intergalactic with lyrics that question reality and play on physics concepts. The production also keeps the listener guessingwith distorted drops and off kilter beats. At the core, Basic does hold a very human touch that keeps their audience connected. Brown Eyed Girls have excelled with their work on Basic and show that they can still offer a fresh perspective even after a decade in the game.

Album Rating: 4.5/5

(Images via APOP Entertainment, YouTube, Lyrics via ILyricsBuzz)


Brown Eyed Girls Singer Miryo Releases 3rd Teaser Image For Upcoming Solo Album Queen

Brown Eyed Girls Singer Miryo Releases 3rd Teaser Image For Upcoming Solo Album Queen

(Photo : Nega Network) Brown Eyed GirlssingerMiryo released the 3rd teaser image for her upcoming second solo album "Queen."

In the teaser image, Miryo caught her fans" attention by showing off a mysterious and sexy charm that felt different from what she used to show with her group members.

The singer is seen wearing a revealing leather bondage-style outfit and her mouth is covered with the albums title so that only her piercing eyes are shown.

Miryo"s new album "Queen" already received media"s attention when it was revealed that Rhymer produced the album. Ryhymer is a popular hit track composer from a hip-hop label record called Brand New Music. Accordingly, anticipation is rising to see what kind of music Rhymer and 1st generation hip-hop musician Miryo will present.


Brown Eyed Girls Miryo has set to  launch the Solo Album before the  return  date of the group

Brown Eyed Girls Miryo has set to launch the Solo Album before the return date of the group

Brown Eyed Girls Miryo to Release Solo Album Ahead of Group Comeback After dismissing rumors of Brown Eyed Girls disbanding, the groups agency Nega Network stated, The recording for Miryos solo album is done and ready. We are discussing specific release dates. We are looking at late June to early July.

They also revealed that Ga In will be featuring in Miryos album and that it would be released before Brown Eyed Girls group comeback.

Previously, there had been rumors that the group was disbanding. Their agency commented, Rumors of Brown Eyed Girls disbanding are not true at all. We have never even discussed it. We are currently working on an album. We have not said anything about adding a new member or disbanding.

Also, while Ga In was promoting her solo album recently, she mentioned that Brown Eyed Girls would be making a comeback.

Brown Eyed Girls debuted in 2006 and have had solo and unit group promotions.

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Brown Eyed Girls reportedly to comeback with an album on their 10th annniversary

Brown Eyed Girls reportedly to comeback with an album on their 10th annniversary

Brown Eyed Girls" Gain previously stated that the group will probably make a summer comeback, and more credits have been added to her statement since today Brown Eyed Girls were revealed to be planning for a new album while aiming for the release to be on their 10th anniversary.

A rep of Brown Eyed Girls told the press on April 1st,"It"s true that Brown Eyed Girls are preparing for their comeback, but the exact date hasn"t been decided yet".

The rep continue,"Since this year will be their 10th anniversary so it"s true that we are discussing about a 10th anniversary album, but nothing has been confirmed. The comeback time maybe around May or June, but it could be pushed further".

Brown Eyed Girl" latest release was the best album "Special Moments" in August, 2014.



Brown Eyed Girls Preparing to Return with 10-Year Anniversary Album

Brown Eyed Girls Preparing to Return with 10-Year Anniversary Album

It has been reported that the members of Brown Eyed Girls are planning to make a comeback as a full group for their 10-year debut anniversary.

On April 1, a representative of the group’s agency revealed, “Gain in still in the middle of her solo promotions. The new album productions will speed up as soon as her promotions end. It’s still in the planning stages, but it is very likely that it will be their 10-year anniversary album.”

Brown Eyed Girls are currently aiming to set their comeback period sometime during May or June. This is year will be the group’s 10th year into their music career since debuting in March of 2006 with their first full-length album “Your Story.”

The agency rep continued, “Although they are a team that doesn’t get to promote often, the members are still very close. Narsha, Jea, Miryo, and Gain are all looking forward to their team activities.”

This will be Brown Eyed Girls’ first comeback in about two years since the release of their fifth album “Black Box” in July of 2013.

Are you excited to see them return as a full group?

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Ga In Reveals Brown Eyed Girls Is Currently Working on New Album

Ga In Reveals Brown Eyed Girls Is Currently Working on New Album

Brown Eyed Girls to Work on Start New Album Soon

Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In revealed that her group is currently making preparations for a new album comeback this year!

It has been a year and nine months since the group released an album, and so fans can’t wait to find out when they will next be heading into the recording studio together.

“The plan is that after I finish my solo album promotions, we’ll be going straight into working on the next Brown Eyed Girls album,” says Ga In. “But I’m not sure when it will be released. We all feel the pressure to make great music and do an even better job than before, so it takes a really long time to complete a single song. Rather than rush to get the album out sooner, we want to focus on the quality.”

According to Ga In, her fellow members in Brown Eyed Girls were a huge help to her while she worked on her solo album “Hawwah.”

“We have a group chat for us members. We talk about everything there, from trivial stuff in our daily lives to notes on things we noticed while watching each other sing or perform on stage. Their support has been a big help for me while I prepared for this album.”

2AM‘s Jokwon, who was Ga In’s virtual husband on “We Got Married,” has also been cheering her on during her recent comeback.

“I’m still friends with Jokwon, and we still contact each other a lot. He really liked this album. I think he was excited about it and enjoyed it because the style of my music is so unique.”

Are you looking forward to a new Brown Eyed Girls album?


Brown Eyed Girls Gain Debut Her New Album

Brown Eyed Girls Gain Debut Her New Album "HAWWAH" on Mwave's MEET&GREET

Your wait will soon be over! Brown Eyed Girls′ Gain is on her way coming back to Mwave′s MEETGREET.

Gain will be coming to MEETGREET in April to introduce her new album, HAWWAH, while interacting with fans around the world and giving out neat items.

Brown Eyed Girls′ Gain Debut Her New Album HAWWAH on Mwave's MEETGREET

Signed copies of Gain′s HAWWAH are available at the Mwave shop!

When Gain comes to MEETGREET, she will be greeting fans and giving away special badges to 15 fans on each mosaic board.

The Top 2-5 Supporters will each receive a Polaroid photo of Gain, while the Top 1 Supporter will get three mini Polaroids and a special gift from Gain!

Signed Gain posters will also be given out during Happy Hour.

April will bring Gain to Mwave, so stay patient and get excited for Gain′s MEETGREET, only on Mwave!


Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In Found it Difficult to Express Concept of Her Fourth Album

Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In Found it Difficult to Express Concept of Her Fourth Album

Ga In Finds Expressing the Concept of Her New Album Difficult

In a short interview, Brown Eyed Girls' Gain opened up about concept image of her fourth album, “Hawwah,” which is expected to drop on March 12th!

Ga In held a press conference and music video preview for her album on March 9. Hawwah is the Jewish name for the biblical Eve, the first lady to cross the line due to temptation, and the album recreates her with a modern twist through Ga In’s daring concepts. The double title songs are “Paradise Lost” and “Apple,” and other songs included in the album are “Free Will,” “The First Temptation,” “Two Women,” and “Guilty.”

During the preview, Ga In shyly says, “I had a hard time expressing this album’s concept.” She adds, “I even drop and dance on the ground to express a snake,” anticipating another shocking performance.

Meanwhile, “Paradise Lost” is written by the hit song maker Lee Min Soo and lyricist Kim Lee NaJay Park features in the song “Apple,” raising the bar of perfection with his exceptional rapping skills. Unfortunately, “Apple” has been rated R for its suggestive lyrics, such as “I want to do it more because you say no,” “I’ll close the door and show you the real deal,” and “We clasp hands to cross the line.”

Ga In showed her disappointment in the song’s rating, saying, “I felt the song was on the edge when I first received it. It isn’t totally vulgar, but at the same time, it adds the necessary details to give the song the right kick. I’m sorry to hear that it was rated R.”


Brown Eyed Girls Member GaIn Announces Plans For New Solo Album Next Month

Brown Eyed Girls Member GaIn Announces Plans For New Solo Album Next Month

Gain hawwah teaser 1 (Photo : Gain Facebook page) Recording has been finished for Gain"s new solo album coming out in mid-March. The Brown Eyed Girlsmaknae"s new album will be titled hawwahwhich is the classical Hebrew name for Eve, the first woman created by God and wife of Adam based on Abrahamic religions.

Gain explained that the new album draws on her modern interpretation of Eve, and promises that the album will contain original music and concepts that echoes the qualities of Eve as the first female.

Jo Young Chul, a producer for APOP Entertainment that handles Gain"s solo activities, was reported to have been ecstatic with how the album came out, posting on his SNS: "Ga In"s recording is finished. When you make an album, there are always 1 or 2 tracks that don"t meet expectations, but this time, I"m happy with them all!"

Gain also revealed two teaser photos for her album. The first, shown above,has a baby pink background with the name and facial drawing of hawwah plus Gain"s name at the bottom.

Gain hawwah teaser 2 (Photo : Gain Facebook page) The second also has a baby pink background with the letter "g" to stand for Gain"s name, plus the album title shown as a palindrome or a word that reads the same forward or backward.

The actual album jacket photo will likely show Gain in a sparkly dress and a secret hair color, as she had earlier teased on Instagram.

Ga In"s new album continues her solo career path of using provocative concepts that presents herself as a mature, independent and sexy South Korean woman. In early 2014 she released her 3rdmini album Truth or Darewith the title track of "Fxxk U" where she portrayed a woman caught up in a passionate but also abusive relationship with a man played by actor Joo Ji Hoon.