Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain sports a trendy, shorter do on Instagram

Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain sports a trendy, shorter do on Instagram

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterBrown Eyed Girls’ Gain gets much passion online after sharing her new and shorter hairstyle. 

On April 29th, Gain surprisedlovers equally he posted footage of her newestcoiffure as she attempted to game an even shorter do. The singer used to beobserved posing with a pink turtleneck best and nail polish as she captured a chain of selcas for her account.

This left fans to remark on her trendy, short hairstyle and upbeat personality which additional enhanced her beauty.

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A photo posted by way of @songain87 on Apr 28, 2016 at 1:02pm PDT

A photo posted by @songain87 on Apr 28, 2016 at 1:04pm PDT

A photo posted by @songain87 on Apr 28, 2016 at 1:05pm PDT

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Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In Makes First Remark Since Photo Scandal

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In Makes First Remark Since Photo Scandal

Brown Eyed Women Ga In Makes First Remark Since Photo Scandalkminjungee April 24, 2016 0 LINE it!Brown Eyed Girls Ga In Makes First Comment Since Photo Scandal On April 24, Brown Eyed Girls Ga In posted a chain of pictures on her Instagram, with words of convenience for her fans, in the aftermath of her fresh photo scandal.

She writes, Did anything happen? Expensive fans, you guys were most definitelyin point of factunhappy and worried. I cancope with it, so just wait a little bit.

Her lovers warmly respond with supportive comments such as, You practically certainly had the toughest time. Weve overlooked you a lot, This is maybe why other peoplechange into her fans. Remain strong, and Youre the best! As expected from my girl crush.

Meanwhile, one media outlet prior to now reported on April 20 that positivespecific photos circulating the web were allegedly of Ga In and her boyfriend, actor Joo Ji Hoon. However, this grew to become out to be untrue, and either Joo Ji Hoon and Ga Ins respective agencies have acknowledgedthat they're going to exist taking strong felony action opposed tothe onesanswerable for spreading false rumors.

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Brown Eyed Girls Jea Updates Fanatics on Her New Unmarried And on Her Love Life

Brown Eyed Girls Jea Updates Fanatics on Her New Unmarried And on Her Love Life

Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea Updates Lovers on Her New Unmarried And on Her Love Lifestyles boxclub April 15, 2016 0 LINE it!Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea Updates Fans on Her New Single And on Her Love Life Brown Eyed Ladies member Jea has confident fans that her longer termdating amongst her boyfriend is going sturdy and that he has been supportive of her new single “Bad Girl.”

On April 14, she met with newshounds at a café in the Kangdam district and spoke about her new solo “Bad Girl,” revealing that, “although this may also be aunhappy emotional ballad, it has a feeling of spring and I suspect I sympathize so much with the lyrics.”

The song was once written, composed, and produced by capability of Brown Eyed Soul member Jung Yeop. It's miles a tune that tells the tale of any other love that has gave the impression and in conjunction with Jea’s husky vocals, it makes for a charismatic track.

Jea also printed that her 6-year relationship with manufacturer Choi Pil Kang is going well, announcing that as a fellow musician, her boyfriend also likes her new solo track. She shared, “As a composer, he became listening best to the melody but if I told him to also glance at the lyrics, he loved IT as smartly and was surprised.”

On April 15, Jea might be making her comeback as a solo artist for the primary time in 3 years and has planned many promotional activities to satisfy with the fans who had beenlooking ahead to her return.

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Brown Eyed Girls JeA Drops Bad Girl MV Featuring Jung Yeop

Brown Eyed Girls JeA Drops Bad Girl MV Featuring Jung Yeop

Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA Drops “Bad Girl” MV Featuring Jung Yeopilmare42 April 14, 2016 0 LINE it!Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA Drops “Bad Girl” MV Featuring Jung Yeop Brown Eyed Ladies leader JeA has made a comeback!

On April 15 at nighttime KST, JeA released her new ballad entitled “Bad Girl,” which functions RB singer Jung Yeop of Brown Eyed Soul. The song video positive factors JeA taking a lookstunning as she sings unfortunately to a lover, telling him no longer to forgive her for the entire bad things shes done that experienceharm him.

JeA released her first solo album “Just JeA” in 2013, which makes this her first solo project in 3 years. JeA produced her new unmarried album herself, and “Bad Girl” was once composed and written through Uniqnote and Jung Yeop.

What do you call to mind JeAs solo comeback track?

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Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha Published to be Dating and Bearing in mind Marriage

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha Published to be Dating and Bearing in mind Marriage

Brown Eyed Ladies Narsha Printed to be Dating and Making an allowance for Marriagehajima April 12, 2016 0 LINE it!Brown Eyed Girls Narsha Revealed to be Dating and Pondering Marriage Brown Eyed Girls Narshas representatives have released an reliableremark on reports of her dating news.

Her firm Mystic Entertainment released an official press free up on April 12 saying, After confirming with Narsha herself, it type of feels she is these daysassembly a same-age, fashion businessman whilstcontemplating marriage and not anything has been determined in detail referring to her plans for marriage.

Mystic Entertainment continues via asking the public to seem warmly on their courting and that Narsha can besellingthru solo activities.

Below is the total official statement from Mystic Entertainment:

Hello, here is Mystic Entertainment.

We are writing this to notify you concerning Brown Eyed Girls Narshas dating news.

After confirming with Narsha herself, it turns out she is currently meeting a same-age, fashion businessman while considering marriage.

However, nothing has been made a decision in detail regarding her plans for marriage.

Please glance upon their relationship warmly.

Narsha will be taking part in individual activities aside from Brown Eyed Girls soon.

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Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA Works With Brown Eyed Soul’s Jung Yeop for Comeback

Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA Works With Brown Eyed Soul’s Jung Yeop for Comeback

Brown Eyed Ladies JeA Works With Brown Eyed Souls Jung Yeop for ComebackJiwonYu April 6, 2016 0 LINE it!Brown Eyed Girls JeA Works With Brown Eyed Souls Jung Yeop for Comeback Brown Eyed Girls JeA may be making her solo comeback on April 15.

According to her firm Mystic Entertainment on April 7, JeA will be freeing her unmarried album Bad Woman (working title) on April 15. This may exist her solo comeback after 3 years.

JeAs new single will come with the identify song Bad Girl, which Brown Eyed Souls Jung Yeop helped produce, and two other ballad songs. Here's her 2d time operating with Jung Yeop after We could Hug integrated in her closing solo album.

For this comeback, JeA has participated in the generating and songwriting process, making loverslook ahead to her songs even more.

JaAs comeback album will be released on April 15 in the darkby method ofquite so much oftune sites.

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Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA to Make First Solo Comeback in 3 Years

Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA to Make First Solo Comeback in 3 Years

Brown Eyed Ladies JeA to Make First Solo Comeback in 3 Yearshajima April 4, 2016 0 LINE it!Brown Eyed Girls JeA to Make First Solo Comeback in Three Years Womanworkforce Brown Eyed Girls leader JeA might bestarting her solo activities after losing a new song in April.

JeA noted on April 2 that, I used to beshocked that news of my new song was once publicized in the direction of the reside broadcast of Produce 101. The agendabecame shifted ahead because paintingsat the album is coming along so muchquicker than expected Please sit up for it.

The new song is the first since her first solo album, Just JeA, in 2013. JeA not handiest sings, yet also she has been contributing to writing and generating numerous songs, development on her credentials as a feminine producer.

According to her firm Mystic Entertainment (APOP), You're going to existin a position to feel JeAs enlargement every bit a vocalist and manufacturervia this new song and please stay up for JeAs upcoming unmarried album, that may be released within the month of April.

So many comebacks in April!

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Brown Eyed Girls: At all times  Gambling A New Game

Brown Eyed Girls: At all times Gambling A New Game

20160305_seoulbeats_browneyedgirls_beg_apopBrown Eyed Girls: At all timesGambling A New GameWritten by ability of Sarah On March 9, 201620160306_seoulbeats_browneyedgirlsLast week saw the 10th anniversary of some of thewonderfulteams of K-pop, one of the maximumincessantly popular and continuously pushing-the-musical-envelope groups: Brown Eyed Girls. Long ago in 2006, when the 2nd one generation was once being established; TVXQ had just expanded to Japan, and the genuine K-pop dance craze had now not yet begun; 4 girls with impressive voices established a new RB crewbeneath Nega Network.

Unlike most present K-pop groups, whose individuals are selected by an organization brain or an audition tv program, Brown Eyed Womenchanged intoshapedmost commonly by the leader, JeA, herself, who was a trainee. She recruited rapper Miryo from the early popular hip hop neighborhood Honey Family (which also introduced Gary and Gil of Leessang). Narsha was remembered by her fanatics equallyan excellent singer from her topcollege days. And the youngest, Ga-in, was recruited after performingat thedisplay Battle Shinhwa, and failing to make it to the finals. Incidentally, Battle Shinhwa was the primary step for loads of other now noted K-pop idols  adding G.Na and Big Bang’s Seungri

The Brown Eyed Ladiesstarted their unorthodox occupation by performing in clubs and keeping several small underground concerts prior to their legitimate debut. They debuted officially on March 2, 2006 as an RB and Ballad organization alongside the song Come Closer. Notably, they were at the start a faceless group and the girls themselves didn'tin realityseem in their debut track video or have their faces appear on any visual media or promotions. Their debut song and album gainedsureexperiences from critics and sold moderately well. Their moment promotional song Grasp the Line, from their first repackage album, have become a a littlelarger hit. It was incorporated in the music for the preferred game Pump it Up and certainly helped put the gang on the map.

Their second album, with the songs You were given Me Fooled, Oasis and It’s Mine followed the similar RB ballad taste as their first, yet didn’t reachmassiveadvertisementluck either. Whilst ballads were incredibly popular in K-pop when the group was formed, they were slowly falling out of favor now, to be replaced soon by dance music and later by electronica and spacefashion songs.

When the girls made up our mindsto take a glance at outanything new with their 3rd album, it was an quick success. They showed off a new sound in 2008 with unfashionable dance music for the songs, L.O.V.E., Love Action and How Come, which controlled to snag their first #1 on music charts and established Brown Eyed Girls as a set to watch. Of direction information technology was 2009, which saw the unencumberin their super-hit Abracadabrawhich actually put them on the map the music was an enormoussoarin opposition to electronic pop that nobody in K-pop had attempted before, but was copied instantaneously after BEG’s success.

The “arrogant” dance choreography of crossed hands and swaying hips was repeated by each and every other idol around and became as iconic as Sorry Sorry or ‘Gangnam Genre e'er were even being reused irreverently in Psys Gentleman music video, starring Ga-in herself. The release of Abracadabra also saw the rebranding of the group’s symbol and the start of their now iconic and usuallyarguable adult style.

The music video for Abracadabra was observed as overly sexual being banned by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Circle of relatives for references to BDSM and other sexual acts, including an implied lesbian kiss. Their second MV for followup song Sign was criticized for appearingphotographs of violence and death, including scenes of the members drowning. It didn’t subject that the video was obviously a mini art movie and of course was spectacularly directed and edited to sloteither the music and lyrics. Yet in spite of the criticism, and most likelysince the group had stepped out of the box, Abracadabra also triggered their first wave of music prove wins and finish of the year awards.

2010 saw the starting of the ladies’ type bear witness appearances and broader entertainment careers. Ga-in kicked it all off by appearing on We Were given Married with 2AM’s Jo Kwon. Their virtual marriage lasted 15 months and is still one of the most enjoyed and oft referenced couples in the history of the show. Ga-in made her acting debut that year along Jo Kwon in sitcom All My Love, and a lasting friendship turns out to have grown out of their time spent filming together. Narsha also delved into other entertainment featureschanging into a fastened member of Invincible Youth, and debuting as a radio DJ with her own program.

Also in 2010, the group took to Japan with a revised Japedition of their 2009 album, Sound G. That year also saw their first solo works. Narsha released NARSHA while Jea collaborated with Thai pop big name Rattapoom on Head to head and with G.O. of MBLAQ for unmarriedSince you Sting which she composed herself. Ga-in got here out with her first solo album Step 2/4, which featured enduredappealing influential choices. Its name song, Irreversible had robust tango influences, which even carried over into the dance choreography.

20160306_seoulbeats_narshaNarsha’s first solo album had a, relatively new to K-pop, very dark and edgy Gothic sound to it, including electonic and Bossa Nova parts and influences. The singles I’m in Love, Bbi Ri Bba Bba (now thought to be the most iconic of her solo songs) and Mamma Mia ft. Sunny Hill, were produced and written by Lee Min-soo and Kim Eana who have worked with the women for their complete careers, growing many of their unique hit songs.

While Narsha’s first solo songs were sparsely successful, Ga-in’s Step 2/4 debuted at #2 on the Gaon weekly album chart. Irreversible accomplished an all-kill and went instantly to #1 on the Gaon Singles chart. Either one ofthose forays into solo paintings continued the group’s controversial trend. Narsha’s music videos were criticized for dark and violent imagery, and Ga-in’s Bad Temper was given a 19score for the lyrics.

Their next group release was for Sixth Sense, featuring the well-liked songs Hot Shot and Detoxing Cream, which was a throwback to their normal ballad sound. This album acquired eventideuppervirtual sales than their large hit of Abracadabra. Controversy was brought up again, this time for the music video for 6th feel a sexual progressive manifesto about the significance of interest in music and the topic matter for Cleaning Cream, bringing up the query of women’s makeup.

It was Sixth Sense which actuallystuck people’s attention again. Was it too sexy? What was the point of asking fans “to feel music as an alternative with their sixth sense,” as their corporatecommentary prodded? Was it a slightly hidden political feminist statement instead?

While striking BEG on the map with fans, Sixth Sense it appears that too put them on the map with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, as one after every other of their following releases were banned for some reason. Miryo’s next self-produced album saw two songs banned: Revenger, for violent lyrics, and Dirty for the use of the observe cross-eyed, which they claimed may smartly bevisible as a derogatory term for disabled people.

Ga-in’s second solo album, Talk About S, was also a victim of the Ministry, even though in lessunexpected ways. Her title track, Bloom, after all, did paint an image of a tender woman’s sexual awakening and the music video showcased not besthorny dancing and an excessively realistic bed scene, but also maybethe 1stpictures of feminine masturbation in K-pop.

By this time Brown Eyed Girls had clearly made a decision to include their newfound picture as controversial stable women and they determined to create a 19concert for themselves titled Tonight 37.2 °C (the frame temperature of the total publicall over sex, of course). For the entirety of the concert the girls told a love tale of “till death do us part” with each one member taking up a role of either seduction, desire, betrayal, or revenge.

The following couple of years saw the group that specialize in their music. After Talk About S, Ga-in also released a wonder duet album with soloist Cho Hyung-woo titled Romantic Spring, with the wonderfully recurring Brunch as the title track. Jea released an explosive self-produced album Just JeA, featuring Jung Yup of Brown Eyed Soul on the track Let’s Hug. Miryo and Narsha established a sub-unit MN with the song Tonight, written by them and promoted in two versions, both Korean and English.

And the group saw yet some other all-kill with Recipe, the pre-release to their comeback Black Box. The song was written by Miryo and Dynamic Duo’s Choiza and produced by Primary. At some level in this time all the group members also sang for many OSTs; leader JeA wrote most of acknowledged songs, fittingreferred to as a song-writer in her own right, and participating and writing for masses of other K-pop artists like B1A4 and Ailee.

Most recently, the group has been back in the scoop for controversial challenge matter yet again. Their songs and musicality have always been most sensible notch and not wavered, and they all the same push the envelope. Ga-in dropped her 0.33 solo album in 2014, Truth or Dare and the 2 championship songs both handledtough topics. In Fxxk You, she sings about a physically and emotionally abusive relationship, which she also showed in her realistically scary music video. Truth or Dare, on the alternative hand, puzzled the effect that paparazzi and scandals and rumors have on the lives of celebrities.

In 2015, while in the course of switching agencies, the ladies managed to placein combination a group comeback album, Basic. They worked back with manufacturer Lee Min-soo and lyricist Kim Eana; Miryo, JeA, and Ga-in also worked together on the album’s songs with title songs Courageous New World and Warm Hole, a song that unabashedly sings about sex and the feminine orgasm

Ga-in followed the theme with her 4th solo album in a while after, highlighting more sides of the adult female’s sex lifestyles with the two title songs, Apple and Paradise Lost. Giving voice to the sexuality of grown women is something nearly no other K-pop group does and Ga-in continue to lay it all on display. However, inserting it all in the market did be successful in getting the more sensual choreography of Paradise Lost banned, even if the more expressive lyrics of Warm Hollow did not.

20160306_seoulbeats_browneyedgirls_warmholeAs utterly adult idols (the older members are almost 35, and maknae Ga-in hasn't ever had hassle keeping up with mature themes), who have always been very self-sufficient, these four ladies have always had an extraordinarily loud voice in the normally sugar-coated world of K-pop. They arent afraid to exploit their impressivemaking a songtalents to give voice to oft-ignored field matter, and their song-writing and generatingconcepts are sometimes cutting edge. If Abracadabra hadnt been so eye-catching, then the wave of K-pop electronica may need been postponed by a couple of more years.

Not only are Brown Eyed Girls noticeably other in their audible sound rapper Miryo has always been ready to blend seamlessly into the other voices in position of having to have stand-alone rap breaks but they have got tried to be idols who open up different, and mature, conversations, and expressively provide them in very alternative musical styles with inspiration from in all places the world, bringing the ones sounds to a Korean and K-pop audience.

20160306_seoulbeats_browneyedgirls_warmhole2Where will Brown Eyed Girls go and what's going tothey are attempting next? Whatever it is, we know that it's going to existshocking and of the most efficient quality. Regardless of what they are singing about, these four highly talented ladies always give us their very best, and when they venture themselves they also challenge all of the Korean music industry.

So, cheers to the Brown Eyed Girls for effectively making 10 years of beautifully controversial and boundary pushing work, and I, for one, hope they continue to motivate the musicality and thoughtfulness of the more youthful generations of K-pop for plenty more years to come.

(Images by method of Nega Network, Mystic Entertainment, APOP Entertainment, Youtube 12 34567891011121314)


T-ara's Hyomin enlists assist of Brown Eyed Girls' JeA as vocal director for upcoming solo album!

T-ara's Hyomin enlists assist of Brown Eyed Girls' JeA as vocal director for upcoming solo album!

T-ara's Hyomin has enlisted the assistance of Brown Eyed Girls' JeA as the vocal director for her upcoming solo album!

MBK Entertainment lately shared a photo of the 2 singers running at the studio. Hyomin has in actuality put her perfect efforts into this new album, for my part enlisting the album's composers, stylists, MV directors, photographers, and more.

B2ST's Junhyung was once also in the past reported to have taken section in the lyrics of Hyomin's self-composed track.

SEE ALSO: JeA criticizes JYP trainee for her 'insincere vocals' on 'Produce 101'

The new album may be released this coming March!


Wish Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha a satisfied birthday!

Wish Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha a satisfied birthday!

One of the sexiest singers of K-Pop just greeted her birthday, and it is none rather then Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha!

SEE ALSO: Drama Review 'Reply 1988' - Episode 14

Believe it or not, the singer just became 34 (35 in Korean age); She used to be born on December 28, 1981. Thank you to her younger charms, you might think that she is still in her twenties. 

Let's all wish the singer a more than pleased birthday and masses of a blessings!