Bride Of The Water God Receives Mixed Reviews Despite High Ratings

Bride Of The Water God Receives Mixed Reviews Despite High Ratings

After much anticipation, tvNs new Monday-Tuesday drama Bride of the Water God premiered on July 3. However, the drama is receiving mixed reviews.

Bride of the Water God had initially been highly anticipated by fans of the original manwha of the same name. After the first episode, some viewers expressed that the drama did not live up to its hype.

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The first episode of Bride of the Water God introduced the encounter between water god Habaek, played by Nam Joo Hyuk, and debt-ridden psychiatrist Yoon So Ah, played by Shin Se Kyung. The two bump into each other while So Ah is considering selling her fathers land for money. The episode comes to an end when Habaek, who had lost his powers in the human world, tries to seduce So Ah.

The overall tone of Bride of the Water God was more lighthearted and comedic than expected. Despite his god-like visuals, Nam Joo Hyuk continuously delivered cheesy dialogue. Meanwhile, Shin Se Kyung was able to portray So Ahs deprived and edgy personality well through her solid acting, balancing out the dramas mood.

Some viewers expressed that they were disappointed by Nam Joo Hyuks acting, while others were intrigued by the dramas dialogue and comedic plot. There were also reviews that suggested similarities between Bride of the Water God and Goblin, since both dramas tell the love story between a god and human. However, the two dramas differ in that Nam Joo Hyuks character lacks understanding of the human world compared to Gong Yoos Goblin.

Regardless of the reviews, Bride of the Water God scored impressive ratings. According to ratings research institute Nielsen Korea, the first episodes ratings were greater than 3 percent.

Will Bride of the Water God be able to make a turnaround and impress in the second episode?

“Bride of the Water God” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10:50 p.m. KST.