“Bride of the Water God 2017” Krystal, the True Goddess

“Bride of the Water God 2017” Krystal, the True Goddess

Red lips and vivid blue long dress, Krystal returned to us in her true form, the true goddess she is!

Before tvN drama, “Bride of the Water God 2017” even began, people started tuning into Krystal’s style change. Krystal’s most famous nickname out of many is the Goddess. Knowing that, it had to be intriguing when we found out she will be acting as an actual water goddess. She is also loved as one of the biggest fashionista in K-pop industry, always coordinating herself with natural, yet impactful style.

Her daily style goes something like, basic shirts, denim and snickers. These items are easy, yet hard because styling with the most basic items is difficult to look put together, because it can easily look careless. Yet, Krystal’s chic aura, body proportion near-perfection, and her fashion sense always saves the day.

In the drama, “Bride of the Water God 2017”, Krystal appear as a vain water goddess, who is the definition of beauty and chic. Along with her goddess business, she has a separate identity in the human world, being the “National Goddess, actress Hye-ra”. She is someone that shines anywhere and everywhere, the beauty destined to gather attention.

She is styled in numerous styles of dresses and all of them is fit to her personality. In the cream-toned dresses, she is grace itself, the mystical, sophisticated divine being. Even her soft wavy hair identifies her as the water goddess, as if her silky hair creates water ripples.

Other times, often in the human world as actress Hye-ra, Krystal wears a lot of flamboyant style dresses with vivid colors. Her confidence and elegance is upgraded in vivid blue dress and red dresses. Showing off her delicate shoulder line is also a big part of her styling, emphasizing her charms.

Compare to other characters, Krystal’s character haven’t been exposed as much, but just by the few scenes she appears in, everyone’s eyes are focused on this irresistible goddess. In the production announcement, Krystal actually announced that she put a lot of effort in the styling of this goddess character, from clothing to hair, and makeup. She mentioned that the staffs expected vibrant, colorful styling, focused on her visual.

Personally, I think Krystal is one of the most beautiful K-pop idol/actress in the Korean entertainment industry not just because of her looks but because of her undeniably charismatic aura. There is no other actress fit for this role and I hope her character will be loved as much as she is.


Bride of the Water God 2017