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[Video] Added Korean drama 'Bridal Mask' final episode 28

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[Video] Added Korean drama 'Bridal Mask' final episode 28

Added final episode 28 for the Korean drama "Bridal Mask"

Directed by Yoon Seong-sik

Written by Yoo Hyeon-mi

With Joo Won, Jin Se-yeon, Park Ki-woong, Han Chae-ah, Shin Hyeon-joon, Song Ok-sook,...

28 episodes - Wed, Thu 21:55

This program features smart actions of a nameless Korean hero during the Japanese colonial rule in the 1930s, who punished the villains ruthlessly, giving hope and consolation to the Koreans.

The program is a story about a man who chose to go the way of a nameless hero and had to give up his love as invaluable as his life in the turmoil of history, and a woman who loved a man braving death by living unhappily but cherishing an imperishable love.

The drama depicts their beautiful love story.

The drama also shows two men, a Korean and a Japanese, who share friendship and their fate, but have to stand against each other in a sterile plain in Manchuria to kill each other. It is a great tragedy for one to have to kill his close friend.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2012/05/30

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[Video] Added Korean drama 'Bridal Mask' episode 27

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[Video] Added Korean drama 'Bridal Mask' episode 27

Added episode 27 for the Korean drama "Bridal Mask"

Directed by Yoon Seong-sik

Written by Yoo Hyeon-mi

With Joo Won, Jin Se-yeon, Park Ki-woong, Han Chae-ah, Shin Hyeon-joon, Song Ok-sook,...

28 episodes - Wed, Thu 21:55

This program features smart actions of a nameless Korean hero during the Japanese colonial rule in the 1930s, who punished the villains ruthlessly, giving hope and consolation to the Koreans.

The program is a story about a man who chose to go the way of a nameless hero and had to give up his love as invaluable as his life in the turmoil of history, and a woman who loved a man braving death by living unhappily but cherishing an imperishable love.

The drama depicts their beautiful love story.

The drama also shows two men, a Korean and a Japanese, who share friendship and their fate, but have to stand against each other in a sterile plain in Manchuria to kill each other. It is a great tragedy for one to have to kill his close friend.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2012/05/30

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Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 28 Screenshot Recap

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Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 28 Screenshot Recap

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 28 Video Preview

Gaksital Bridal Mask Final Episode by Softy :

There is a message posted on the screen-they give you like two seconds to read it

Starts from the wedding when D walks down the aisle and K smiles at her. they bow to yang as the army and officers run over there. yang says seeing young people who are this loving and beautiful my heart is happy. from here on while living no matter what terrible things happen -with the strength of your burning love -i hope you overcome it. also with the strength of that love, have about ten sons and daughters one right after another.  it makes everyone giggle

S arrives and that mole comes over. S asks where is K. the mole says K and D are getting married now. S: what? where? The mole points to the direction saying go up that way and you can see them. S tells the guy in charge of the army – I will take a few of my men and go that way so you take charge of the attack on the camp. S tells the mole to tell the army guy the way. The mole takes the army with him

S tells his men to follow

Yang tells K and D to bow to family and friends so they do. The wedding is over. Sunwha says congratulations and D gives her bouquet to sunwha. Kim is happy.

S runs over and sees K and D happy. S points his gun and aims at K. D sees him and hugs K just as S shoots. K thought she was hugging him but he realizes what’s happened. D falls to the ground. S is in shock and lowers his gun. K carries her away. S gives chase. Ahn takes yang away. Jo stops S and S says let go. S shoots Jo but Jo still wont let go. He shoots again and Jo dies. Kim takes sunhwa away. Jin gets shot and dies. DJ tries to take yang away

S runs through the woods and sees the trail of blood. He follows it. K is still running and carrying D. she says put me down. He says to endure a little longer. She begs him to put her down -it’s too hard on me. They look at each other. D: don’t cry. Today is our wedding day. He keeps crying. S follows the trail. D says what to do cuz this happened to me. I wanted to cook a warm meal for you every day. I wanted to put the flower rings on every day. Have strength even though I’m not here. promise me you will have strength. He cries and nods. S looks for the blood trail. He looks around frustrated. He must have lost the trail.

D cries and touches K’s face. She closes her eyes and dies. K yells and hugs her tighter. S hears him and makes his way towards K. K is there over her body crying. S arrives and sees that. he yells out K’s name. S: it’s cuz of you. baek knocks S out before he shoots K. baek goes over and tells K to run away. K carries her and goes with baek

Back at camp DJ’s group and the army are fighting and shooting. The army and officers won. They walk through the camp and abe looks at the dead bodies of students. Spy girl’s brother wakes up so one of DJ’s men covers him with his body and gets shot instead of the boy. The boy cries

S wakes up and looks at the bloody ground. He kneels and touches the blood. He is crying. he remembers how happy she was after her wedding. He just kneels and cries in the wood

Yang and DJ are at his cliff hideout. Yang asks ahn about who died. Ahn says I will bury Jin when it gets dark. Yang asks him to take care of jo too. And also Kangto. Ahn says I will look for him.

S goes to see the governor. S says how many were killed. Yoshi corrects him and says it was 300. Governor compliments S. he asks did you find the armory. S says we are going through their camp so we will find it soon. Governor asks why they didn’t catch yang, dj, and gaksital. Yoshi says don’t worry cuz S will do it cuz he is after his father’s killer

S goes to his office and sits in the dark. His phone rings and he ignores it.

Jun and H go there to see S. she tells Jun to wait outside.

H goes in and sits across from S. H: do you know how much I looked for you. why didn’t you pick up if you were in your office. She says I heard DJ’s lair was attacked. What happened to K and mokdan. you don’t have to reply – it’s better if I don’t know. S: mokdan died. I killed her. I was going to shoot the guy that killed my father but mokdan shielded him and died in his place. Right after she married K. It was the first time I saw her so happy. the one who killed mokdan was K -not me. I was going to kill K. just wait and see I will chase him till the end and kill him.

K leans against D’s grave.  It’s like life has gone out of him. He remembers how she said I wont ever let you go alone – I will follow you till the end and cheer you on. whether it’s to a thousand fathoms deep ocean or a fiery pit, I will always go with you.  then how she said gaksital has to stay alive for the korean people. K says to himself – have some strength. You promised you would have strength. Baek goes over to him. K is still crying silently. Baek says Think of Boon and please get up. They killed everyone who was going to participate in the revolt. K asks what did you say ajussi? Baek: they all died. K: what do you mean all of them. those I promised to save-you are saying they are all dead? Baek says the river is full of all those young people’s blood. K asks about yang. Baek says yang escaped with DJ to his hideout. K says to Boon – I will get up. I will have strength. He stands up.

K goes to see DJ and yang. He bows to them. He goes over but they stand. K: I came. Yang welcomes him and DH says it’s good you came. K says thank goodness you two are safe. Yang thanks him for living. Yang asks about D and K tells her where he buried her. yang says what a waste of lives today. Let’s stop being sad. DJ says we have to get our country back for our fallen comrades

S and yoshi are getting lectured by UH for not catching the leaders. S says we killed their men so they cant have that rebellion. I spread a trap in the papers that DJ is dead so he will show up to prove it’s not true. H listens to all that

DJ and song are dressed as a priest. Yang as a monk. K wants to take yang but yang says they know your face. K tells him to go carefully. Yang says we will meet again for sure. K: I will wait teacher. they hug. Ahn says let’s go.

Spy girl’s brother  is bleeding and runs into DJ. DJ hugs hum and thanks him for staying alive.

S is driving and remembers how happy D was right when he shot her. he pulls over.

S misses seeing ahn run past pulling a carriage with yang inside

Spy girl is crying and hears her brother’s voice. Her brother brought DJ hear saying the food is here. she says my dongsang is alive. They hug and he says I told you I would come back alive. He introduces DJ and she says so you are alive. DJ and song asks her to spread the word he is alive so she promises to do that.

S goes back to the office. The guy says I found the picture. S says you did well.

S goes to his office. He looks through K and D’s wedding pictures and his eyes fill with ears. He stops at a photo of D. tears stream down his face. he is overcome with emotion and cant stop crying

Baek asks how much longer K is going to just stand by and watch S – meaning he should kill S. but K says before then I have to go to UH and take care of him

UH asks why did you come back cuz you could have run off when S didn’t kill you. she says how could I leave your side father. UH says you loved gaksital, didn’t kill him, and dare to call me father. H says K saved me when I was a young gisaeng. I didn’t know he was gaksital. UH says in his head: you are trying to trick me till the end. I think this is the end for us. he orders his samurai to draw his sword. He goes over to kill H. Jun stands there and then fights him. UH orders Jun to stand down but Jun doesn’t listen.

Gaksital shows up. samurai gets killed when gaksital throws his knife at him and then when Jun slashes him from the back to finish him off.  UH yells out to H to help, but gaksital goes up to UH and accuses him of what he has done. you took away my family and S’s. UH says what needs to be done in a war and for the country. K says you guys are criminals. I came so that you can pay for your crimes. He hits UH and kills him.  K looks over at H and walks out.

Before he leaves she chases after him and says wait a minute. I heard the news about D. I was always concerened about how much your heart would be hurting, but there was nothing i could do. to tell you the truth S is in pain too. like I saved you couldn’t you forgive S just once. even if you kill him your anguish wont disappear. I don’t want you to have anguish anymore. He walks away without a word

S is in front of his father’s picture. He remembers DS saying there wont be an end no matter how much you try – why do you live your life wasting your effort. There is a call. H called him and said gaksital killed the chairman. S: he did. then he will come for me soon. She asks couldn’t you avoid K even just for tonight. He says avoid him? when I can finally capture K.  H: you aren’t thinking of doing anything foolish right. S: you really dont know me. are you going to leave now? H: yes. S: alone? H: if I am alone will you hold onto me saying dont leave? S: go well and live well. H: you too. She hangs up

S takes out a gun from a drawer and gets it ready to shoot and closes the drawer again

Jun drove H to a street. He asks where are you leaving. I will take you to where you are going. She says it would be better to part here. Jun: I will ask one more time. couldn’t I stay next to your side as a shadow-couldn’t I do that. she says living your whole life looking at someone who doesn’t love you isnt good. Thank you for everything you did all this time. she walks away and turns and says my name is choi H.J. Jun: I will remember your name for the rest of my life. she walks away

K goes and looks at taro’s memorial. He takes off his mask. He walks to S’s room. S is sitting and waiting just like his dad did. K opens the door and comes in. S  pours two drinks. K closes the door. S: did you come. Sit. K goes over and sits across from him. S gives him a drink. S: kangto cant we at least have one glass of alcohol? Since it will be the last anyway. K drinks and then S drinks. S: did you send mokdan off well? K: did I send her off well? S takes out the wedding pic and shows it to K. K looks at it and closes his eyes to hold back his tears. K looks at S staring at the photo. S: this is the first time I saw her smile like this. even though she was smiling cuz of you. if only she was alive. K: you must be tormented too cuz you didn’t mean to kill mokdan. cuz at least you would never have thought to kill mokdan. S: I kept this to give you when you came. cuz it’s yours. K takes the picture and puts it away. K: now after you killed mokdan with your own hands? S: don’t do that too much – I sent her off without seeing her face closely even once. K: do you think I came cuz of one person Mokdan? did only Mokdan die by your hands? He lists all the comrades S killed. staring with comrade park, the comrade who bit down on her own tongue and died in front of you, comrade who held the dynamite to him and blew up, comrade yoon who died by your gun, tailor park, leader jo, and also leader DS too. are those all? S looks down in guilt or shame with tears in his eyes as he realizes just how many people died cuz of him.  K: All those young kids of DJ’s,  someone’s sons, husbands, younger siblings, fighters who gathered to get their country back, they all died by your hands (S and his army). not killing you back then – I had no idea I would regret it this much. S: I know how that feels too. when you killed my father, I didnt kill you – I regret that.

K: shouldn’t we see the end now?  between you and me– one of us has to die for this to end doesnt it? Are you ready? S smiles and says yes. I’m ready. See you out in the yard. I will go quickly. K walks out.

S told him to meet out in the yard so K would think they will fight till one of them dies. But this is how S planned to end things. He had no intention of fighting K. S takes his gun out and holds it to his head and smiles one last time.

K walks away and hears the gunshot. he stops and tears drop so he closes his eyes.  The nanny runs in and cries over S’s body. K opens his eyes and keeps walking.

She is cradling S’s head on her lap and crying over him. He looks at peace

Back at camp. Everyone is making gaksital masks and Korean flags. They pass it out and spy girl gyesoon tells people DJ is alive

K and DJ and the rest finalize their plans for the revolt

There is a banquet with the governor. He makes some speech about the war. Yoshi gets up and makes a speech japan will be the best. They all stand and say banzai.

DJ’s men are marching down the street armed. Officers come out. Lackey says what are they. Koreans show up with bridal masks on and holding flags following behind DJ’s men. They cheer for korea. Officers aim their guns at the crowd. DJ’s men attack. Bombs go off at the precinct. Gaksital walks among the crowd. He stops in front of the camera.

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 28 Recap by minyk2002

In the process of marriage , Shunji and people who take his side run into that place. Gangto and Mokdan's wedding :)

Yangbak officiates their wedding he says that you have many babies

The man says to Shunji, Mokan and Gangto are marrying.

The policemen prepare to attack the Dongjin's hideout.

Shunji saw that Gangto and Mokdan smile seeing each other.

Shunji shoots the gun ㅜnㅜ Mokdan gets hurt instead of Gangto. ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ.

Many supporters killed ........because of their attack....

Shunji follows Gangto continueously.

Gangto carrying with Mokdan. She says please leave me..

and don't cry because today is our wedding . Both of them cried..(also me).. She says about her wishes and way to go Gangto for our independance.

Shunji finds blood that wears on the plants. Mokdan...died..

After hearing this sound, Shunji also comes here..

He realized that he kills Mokdan who he loves.

He also says it is because of you !!!!!!!!!!!!

The man who wears hat helps Gangto. Dongjin associations

counterattack the japanese policemen and soldiers..but..there are so many casualties.

Shunji wakes up..and sees the trace that actually it is Mokdan's blood.Shunji cries..and memorizes her smile.

Yangback asks about casualties such as Mokdan and Jodanjang....he doesn't know where gangto is..

Shunji reports that we kill all the memeber of Dongjin association...except a few.

Shunji is little thrown into confusion because of the Mokdan's death. The phone is ringing...

Hongju meets Shunji.. she says Why didn't you get a call from me? and asks about Gangto and Mokdan..

Shunji tells that I kill ...Mokdan... I was supposed to shoot Gangto... and saw her smile that happily...

Actually I will kill Gangto surely.!!!! Mokdan was not killed by me,,,it's because of Gangto.

Gangto casts back the memory of Mokdan and decides to cheer up myself. The man who wear the hat says our soldiers and student soldiers were killed all..over 300..

Gangto brings one to himself and comes back to Yangbak.

Yangback makes sure of our independance.This is no time for sorrow.

Wooyaeno worried about Dongjin because Shunji missed him. Shunji sets him at ease.

Yangback left to find a solution for independance.

But Gangto is left in the hideout because he is more danger if someone sees him. All the media brocast that Gaksital and Dongjin were dead.

Oh sister ! Sister thought his brother was dead. he comes to with Dongjin. The media is all fault.

The japanese policemen that shunji has some problems..

Shunji sees the wedding pictures that they seems really happy. He cries because of his guilty that he kills Mokdan...

The man with Gangto says it is time to decide about Dongjin.

Gangto.. before him, we have to kill someone who is the center of the japan.

Wooyaeno angries about his daughter's acting.

He orders his guard to kill her. That moment her guard defendes her from a sword.

Suddenly Gaksital appears ! He is ready to kill Wooyaeno.

He says that because of your ambition, I and Shunji lost our family ! I come here to defeat you.

Wait a second Hongju says..

I can't do nothing because of your sorrow about Mokdan.

Shunji also is desperated .. please forgive him more I saved you. I hope you don't get hurt from this situation.

Wooaeno was killed by Gangto. please evade this time.

Shunji says It is the only chance to capture Gangto.

Hongju tells that I will go off... please stay healthy.

Hongju and her guard prepare to farewall.

Her guard says Do you leave really? Even thought I just stay with you as a Guard not a man..., is it impossible to go together ?

Hongju says is so cruel .. I will go alone..

and she tells her real name Hongju to him.

He says I remeber it forever.

Gangto and Shunji see each other.

he also says thatIt will be last that we drink together..and what about Mokdan?

Two men ...says about Mokdan.

Shunji says it is the most beautiful smile I've never seen...

This picture is yours so I wait you until now.

Gangto angries about Shunji's acting and tells about all the members of his sides who killed by Shunji

I regret that I didn't kill you before..

Shunji also says I understand your mind as my father's case.

Gangto says it will be finished only one of ous die.

Shunji Okay see you at front yard

Shunji kills by himself..

Many people try to achieve independance.

"Dongjin is alive now if you want to fight, get together..."

Many japanese congratulate about thier victory of the war.

(maybe i think it is the second world war)

Dongjin association and many nations come out of the street to achieve independace from Japan.

Cry Hurrah for independance !

ㅜnㅜ this is final episode of Gaksital ...

Really disappointed about Mokdan's death...

But this is an really impressive drama for me !!!!

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 28 Screenshot

Watch "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 28 Recap, online new korean drama in korean Series, "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 28 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 28 Recap TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 27 Screenshot Recap

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Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 27 Screenshot Recap

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 27 Video Preview

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 27 Recap by minyk2002

CHARATER: Gangto/ Shunji/Mokdan/ Gimurataro(Taro)/Yangbak../Dongjin?

Gangto enter someone's home very carefully.

oh it is in Taro's home. They meet each other.

some assasins try to kill kangto.

I come here to kill you because you killed my parents.

Gangto says. and he kills Taro.

Taro says Japan will forever even if I dead right now.

And soon Shumji come to the house and Gangto goes away.

Two men fight each other very fiercely.ㅜnㅜ

There is a chance to kill Shunji for Gangto.. but he can't because they were really close friend long time ago....

One grandmother comforts Shunji.

Shunji sees Taro..He cried so much because of his father's death.. "Father I'm sorry....ㅜㅜ"

Mokdan waits Gangto..She really worries about him.

She prepares the lunch for Gangto.

and she asked what happened to you.

Gangto telles the truth that I killed Taro who shunji's father.

He thinks I will see shunji again sometime...because Shunji never gives up to find me..

Shunji decides to kill Gangto surely in front of his father's picture. One grandfather calls to Shunji and that orders that you can kill Mokdan and control your anger.

The grandfather command something to his daughter.

(something maybe go to the Shunji?)

It is mistake the grandfather says to Shunji you can kill his daughter !!!! not Mokdan... sorry everyone ㅜnㅠ my mistake

But he doesn't kill the woman he says I can control my anger unless I kill you.

The grandfather wants to punish her daughter because she conceal Gangto.

The grandfather and his coworkers discuss about the draft

for koreans. Studetns soldiers who were drafted into army forcely from Japan.

Gangto and his coworkers discuss how we rescue the student soldiers. They plan to cause a Dongjin rebellion.

Taro has hot eyed to find hindout of Gangto Dongjin..Yangbak. He says I must find the hindout.

Taro sees someone by chance. And he learns intuitively it is related to the woman who wears a green dress.

They dragged the woman and the guy into torture chamber.

Shunji asked why he who is seen in the street comes to your shop? The guy who wears purple vest.... is tortured...ㅜnㅜ

And the guy tells the key information that Gangto and his coworkers will attack the farewell of soldiers.

The guy sorries to her because he told the truth.. He says I was reall afraid....

The woman decided to close their shop..because of her weakness.

Shunji tells the key info to the his boss and he hatches a plot to catch Gangto.

Tomorrow is the day of the farewell of soldiers and Gangto asked the 10 armies to go with. but..they don't know that their enemies know their plan.

Mokdan and Gangto smiles looking each other.

Gangto says close your eyes and gives a flower ring.

and says..."Would you merry me ? ...>d

Yangbak will officiate our wedding."

Mokdan says Okay I'm satisfied wherever I were you.

The grandfather will punish her daughter...soon..

His daughter doesn't bung off because here is the kingdom of the power..she likes authority..and power...

Her worrier tells his mind to her. but she tells that I like the man who has power.. authority.

In the day, farewell of soldiers.

Bridal-mask appears to rescue the student soldiers and fight with them.

Shunji sees it behind the wall.

The guy who wears black clothes says,

If you guys want to fight for our independance, follow us !!!!

Some member of the soldiers actually Shunji's side.

They camouflage to know the hideout of Gangto and his coworkers.

Yangbak support the guys in front of them to achieve independance. All members of Dongjin association way to go!

Mokdan and some womans say about Mokdan's wedding.

Two suspicious man report all the things to Shunji.

And they plan to attack the hideout tomorrow!

ㅜnㅜ (tomorrow is gangto and mokdan's wedding)

Shunji report to the boss about hideout and their plan

The boss wonders why didn't you kill my daughter?

Shunji says I don't care about her but I have something to tell you. Her life depands on me, So even if you are.. you can't kill your daughter.

Shunji talks with his daughter he says about tomorrow's plan and he will kill Gangto. His daughter says if you kill Gangto, Mokdan will be really desperated..

But Shunji strongly denys because i will be with her !!!!!!!

Yangbak gives formal dresses to Gangto and Mokdan.

Shunji prepares to attack Gangto and his coworkers

and he requests that you guys have to catch alive Mokdan and Gangto and Yangback. He says Gangto will be killed only by me!!!!!

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 27 Screenshot

Watch "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 27 Synopsis Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 27 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 27 Synopsis Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 27 Synopsis Preview

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Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 27 Synopsis Preview

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 27 Video Preview

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 27 Synopsis Preview Translation:

Gaksital strikes down Kimura Taro.

Rushing in at that moment, Shunji sees his father’s bleeding and lying unconscious/dead…

Unable to control his burning rage, both engage in fierce fighting…

In Dong Jin’s camp,they begin to plan the manseh movement.

To ensure strength of the fighters, Gaksital decides to rescue the students who were to be drafted…

After losing Gaksital, Shunji is dead set on finding Dong Jin’s hideout

Because Gaksital and Dong Jin attacked the sending-off of the student soldiers

So they can obtain information by rescuing the students (not too sure what this part means although it does translate as that, roughly…)

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 27 Synopsis by hitomiakiko

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 27 Video Preview:

Kang To mutters, “From now on what will happen to Shunji?” as in flashback, he is shownrunning from the Kimura residence, Shunji hot on his heels and them both fighting. Mok Dan calls him “Young Master!” as in the fight, Kang To throws down his Gaksital weapons and takes off his mask. In voiceover, he says, “One day, Shunji and I will have no choice but to fight!“

Dong Jin and comrades discuss their plan and he says, “All we have to do now is to gather our troops and the Mansei movement will be all set to move into action.” Shunji whispers something to Koiso n there’s too much music in between so I can’t understand it. As Shunji stares out his office window, he mutters, “Alright, Lee Kang To… Let’s take this to the end!” Koiso brings two students to meet him-the students who are to be drafted for the army!

Dong Jin tells his comrades, “We must succeed!” and they hold hands together. In conference with the governor general, Wada is briefed by Yoshio, “Kimura Shunji is presently going after the Dong Jin’s death troops. This time we can be sure.” Wada excitedly asks, “Really?“

Shunji loads his gun defiantly, ready for a kill and in announcement to his officers, “This time, when we move out to the tiger’s den, make sure to catch Yang Baek, Dong Jin and Oh Mok Dan. But, I will kill Lee Kang To!”

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 27 Screenshot

Watch "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 27 Synopsis Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 27 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 27 Synopsis Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama

[Video] Added Korean drama 'Bridal Mask' episode 26

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[Video] Added Korean drama 'Bridal Mask' episode 26

Added episode 26 for the Korean drama "Bridal Mask"

Directed by Yoon Seong-sik

Written by Yoo Hyeon-mi

With Joo Won, Jin Se-yeon, Park Ki-woong, Han Chae-ah, Shin Hyeon-joon, Song Ok-sook,...

28 episodes - Wed, Thu 21:55

This program features smart actions of a nameless Korean hero during the Japanese colonial rule in the 1930s, who punished the villains ruthlessly, giving hope and consolation to the Koreans.

The program is a story about a man who chose to go the way of a nameless hero and had to give up his love as invaluable as his life in the turmoil of history, and a woman who loved a man braving death by living unhappily but cherishing an imperishable love.

The drama depicts their beautiful love story.

The drama also shows two men, a Korean and a Japanese, who share friendship and their fate, but have to stand against each other in a sterile plain in Manchuria to kill each other. It is a great tragedy for one to have to kill his close friend.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2012/05/30

Note : Videos may not be available in your country

[Video] Added Korean drama 'Bridal Mask' episode 25

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[Video] Added Korean drama 'Bridal Mask' episode 25

Added episode 25 for the Korean drama "Bridal Mask"

Directed by Yoon Seong-sik

Written by Yoo Hyeon-mi

With Joo Won, Jin Se-yeon, Park Ki-woong, Han Chae-ah, Shin Hyeon-joon, Song Ok-sook,...

28 episodes - Wed, Thu 21:55

This program features smart actions of a nameless Korean hero during the Japanese colonial rule in the 1930s, who punished the villains ruthlessly, giving hope and consolation to the Koreans.

The program is a story about a man who chose to go the way of a nameless hero and had to give up his love as invaluable as his life in the turmoil of history, and a woman who loved a man braving death by living unhappily but cherishing an imperishable love.

The drama depicts their beautiful love story.

The drama also shows two men, a Korean and a Japanese, who share friendship and their fate, but have to stand against each other in a sterile plain in Manchuria to kill each other. It is a great tragedy for one to have to kill his close friend.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2012/05/30

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Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 26 Screenshot Recap

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Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 26 Screenshot Recap

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 26 Video Preview

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 26 Recap by Softy

Starts from DJ’s men, Ahn, and Jin breaking into the police station. Ahn throws smoke bombs below and officers duck for cover.

In the interrogation room, lackey and S put K inside that box in the wall. Jin throws down a smoke bomb and they go in and attack the officers. Jin gets the keys and unlocks K and gets him out. she grabs the mask on their way out. S gets kicked in the head and knocked out

When they get out K tells them how tailor park was taken but ahn says it’s too late we have to get out of here in a hurry.

Lackey comes to and wakes S up. they go outside and shoot at the truck with K and them. S keeps shooting as the truck drives off. S screams out K’s name.

Song tells DJ not to worry about K too much. DJ says gakistal has been broken out. he worries about yang being safe.

S beats Park and says how K was in the shop for over an hour. He asks if park’s shop is where the rebels are. He kept beating him all this time and park doesn’t move. Lackey checks too and park is already dead. Lackey says what to do cuz we didn’t find out anything. S says I am going to his shop so come with me

At the tailor shop they are all packed and ahn goes down. Jo asks what it’s like outside. Ahn says how there are officers outside. DS says we need a distraction for yang to escape and offers himself. Ahn says I will go with you, but DS says you take the teacher. Leader Jo offers to help DS. Yang doesn’t want to use DS to escape but DS reminds him how he almost died if it wasn’t for Yang. Thanks to you I lived and was able to have a pretty daughter. D worries about her father but he says you know I escaped from them 8 times. Ahn says they know my face so I will go with you. DS stands and makes his farewell greeting and tells yang you go first and I will follow.

DS dresses like yang and asks if Ahn is ready. DS asks are you ready. They are about to leave but D shows up and says father. He says don’t worry about me and go cuz there is someone waiting for you (K). she says you are going to come back right. You are going to keep your promise right. He says I am fighting like this for you to live happily right? They hug and cry. He says to ahn let’s go. They leave

S pulls up in the car and someone yells it’s yang baek. So S says chase them.

D and Jin are dressed like wealthy women and come out with DS and yang dressed as servants carrying their bags.

S shoots the car and DS and Ahn have to pull over in the tunnel. DS gets shot in the leg and tells ahn to leave cuz Ahn has to take care of yang. Ahn doesn’t want to go without DS but DS makes him so ahn runs off. S and them go over to DS who is slumped over in front of the car. S takes the hat off and sees DS laughing. S calls him a bast&^%. DS says cuz of you I lied to Boon. I told her I escaped 8 times and I bragged I would escape 10 times. S says drag him over but DS says you think you can catch yang, DJ, and gaksital. he says how among all the Koreans there are yangs, Djs, and gaksitals. There wont be an end. Why are you living like that. S says you guys are living in a country that’s dying. DS says be well poor friend. He shoots himself in the head and dies.

leader Jo is taking the group through the fields and D looks back. They go to DJ’s camp. Yang introduces D as DS’s daughter.

K is sitting inside when kim brings D over to him. K smiles at her and tries to get up but he cant. D runs over to him. She asks are you ok. He says I am ok. Kim says he isnt ok – he almost died. K tells him to stop kidding. K asked him a favor to get medicine from baek. D tells him not to act like he doesn’t hurt on purpose cuz of her. he says I am ok my body is having a hard time but I feel better in my heart cuz now I don’t have to worry about getting caught. He asks if yang is ok. She says he arrived well. He asks about her father and she says my father will arrive well. He hugs her and says how worried he was that he would be caught by S.

S goes into the tailor shop and wants the men to go through everything. They start looking for a hidden room and stuff. One finds a door open and calls S over

S goes downstairs and sees the Korean flags everywhere in the room yang had all those meetings. S remembers what DS said –that it wont end with killing yang, DJ, and gaksital cuz there are more among the Koreans. So S says no if I just kill the 3 of them – gaksital yang and DJ it will end. He starts trashing the place so others join him

Yang and them talk about DS and jo says how DS will make it out of there. ahn arrives and says how DS was shot in the leg and made me run away. He was caught by them so he shot himself. Yang is in shock and jo asks how do we tell D this truth? Yang asks where is D now. She shows up with K. they all look at her and look away. Jo cries and avoids her eyes. She understands what happened and cries. K hugs her.

UH is upset and says you still have something to say. S says I am doing my best. UH orders samurai to kill S so taro tells S to beg UH but S says father I did my best. Just wait a short while longer. UH takes back his order and says I will spare your life so be sure to pay me back. S: ok

S is in the room and H goes in to see him. She asks how he can be so brave. It would be good for you and me to give up.D came and saw me that you found out K’s identity and she kneeled in front of me. I told her to run away with K. I couldn’t understand why she turned me down but when I saw her kneel I knew. She doesn’t love just K but gaksital as well. She loves everything he is doing. I just like K – the Japanese officer. S says what if I cant catch the two of them and yang and DJ. S cries and looks at her. he is bitter about putting on the uniform to catch them and not being able to finish so he says to her just wait and see I will get it done. He leaves the room and she stands there crying

S meets with taro and yoshi. Taro thinks yang went to DJ’s lair. Yoshi thinks setting fire to the courthouses was for more than the registry. Taro and them think it’s for “mujang” terror.Taro says we just have to pull out yang and DJ. He comes up with an idea about threatening to kill the Koreans to make yang and DJ surface cuz they wont be able to stand by and just watch

The elderly couple are told that the count and countess were killed by the rebels. Taro tells them not to worry. She asks why did you call us. he talks about their students. How could the make students just study when their fathers are fighting. They come up with a plan to make students join by force

Spy girl gyesoon meets her brother. He says how he has to go to the army. She asks how can a student go but he says all the officers are already checking to make sure we don’t run away cuz now we all have to go to the army. Instead of running away I will just join. She asks when he is leaving and he says soon. She worries cuz he is their hope (cuz he is their only son). She worries about their parents. He promises to come back alive and take care of her. he orders a bowl of soup for her. she says I am not hungry. He pleads with her to eat cuz she suffered in his place and he wants to buy her a bowl.

Koreans are at the market looking at posters of K and them. Kim sticks up for K saying he isnt a bad person. He tears up the posters. He sees sunwha and goes after her. her brother was beat up. he yells who is your teacher. She tells kim to be quiet. He asks what the kid is learning. He says learning from Japanese will only turn him into a Japanese. You don’t have to go to that school. The kid likes Kim and asks for his name. he says how D wants to meet her so follow me. He takes the kid’s hand and runs off so she calls out go together

D is passing out food to the men in camp. Sunwha comes over with kim and her brother. They hug. Yang watches D with K. K says I don’t know how to comfort her. she lost her mom at the age of ten and now she lost her father. If something happens to me what will she do. I should have left with her. yang asks what do you think is precious enough to lose your life. I think it’s love. I love my country my wife my son and my mother. If you really love D, you have to stay by her side and fight the people who torment her. I had people I love in the hospital dying but I couldn’t go to see them. I am fighting so others wont have to go through that anguish and pain. K says I am sorry. Yang pats his shoulders. K watches D

Sunwha is feeding her brother. D is crying as she eats. Sunwha asks what’s wrong. Did anything happen. D says nothing at all and leaves the table. K watches her walk by

He goes and sees her crying alone. He sits next to her and takes her hand.In front of me don’t act like you aren’t hurting or not having a hard time. she says even though I am trying to hold it in but I cant. I know I shouldn’t do this.can we really win?can we really push those out? he says your father said an egg could break a rock. Even if an egg is weak. After time the rock will be crushed. Have strength. You know that’s why I am fighting the enemy right? He hugs her

Abe is crying and saying I really didn’t know K was gaksital. lackey asks you are on the same side as K right. Abe say no and gets up and does the mansai cheer. Lackey asks where does K sleep. You know right. Abe says he often sleeps in his mountain home. Officer says someone saw K. lackey asks if S is in. he says yes. They leave abe alone in the room and he starts to cry

Baek is packing up some medicine and stuff for K and says to Kim – let’s go. Baek hears some steps and makes kim leave through the window. S and the officers come in and S orders them to chase after baek and kim. S looks around the room. He sees the newspaper clippings of all the deaths – park, the banker, etc.

S says we lost them. Taro says gaksital was lee sun’s son. He prepared his father’s reveng. He will come after me now. S asks why is gaksital after you. taro says gaksital knows whatI did. S says don’t worry I have your back.

DJ, yang, K, and song meet. DJ reports how many Koreans are being taken away to the army. They divide up where they will go. K says just listening to the two of you talk makes my heart race. DJ asks if song has some trouble. Song asks to speak to K so yang says I have something to say to DJ

Song tells K how he heard about what taro is planning. If yang and DJ found out they wont stay still. K says I have to go after taro now. Kim shows up with kim. Baek asks if K is ok. K says you worried a lot didn’t you. baek says S found our place. We ran away from him. K says now S knows the truth that K is lee sun’s son too. Baek swears to follow K like a shadow. Song wants to help too but K says leave it up to me. I will go alone

D meets with leader Jo. She says I am ok. He says of course cuz whose daughter are you. she says father told me to be comfortable. They talk about how circus people left for safelty so jo says just let me know when you want to leave. She says some woman gave me tickets and money to run away with K but I turned her down. After father died I regretted thinking what if we all die. maybe we should leave. But father knew he could die and went. Until the day I die. I will stay here and do my best. He says yes you should do that.

D and sunwha are doing dishes. Kim’s mom says sunwha ispretty. What is your name. Kim comes over and says what sunwhas name is. He says to D – K is going to leave so stop him cuz if he goes now it’s the end of him

She goes over to see him. She says he looks like young master now. He says I will go to the capitol. She asks why. He says I have something to do. She says go and I will wait. He promises to come back. She promises to make his favorite dish for dinner so he says I will be back before dinner. He kisses her on the forehead and leaves

Yoshi says to taro – your connection with K goes back that far. S says don’t worry that he has guards set up so taro just has to act normal. Governor comes in and asks if it’s true about yang and DJ holding up at the tailor shop. Taro says it’s true that yang and DJ were in the tailor shop. He implies how the governor always dropped by there. he says there were no Japanese staff so don’t worry. We will leave now and they leave the governor fuming alone

Taro goes home and is greeted by the nanny grandmother. He sits in a room and she brings him tea. He pours and waits. Gaksital goes over the wall at taro’s home. He looks around and sneaks over to the door. He opens and goes in. taro closes his eyes and hears the nanny being startled. Taro gets his sword ready. Gaksital comes through the door. Suddenly two more guys in black show up with swords ready. Gaksital fights the two men and knocks them out.

Taro faces gaksital with his sword drawn

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 26 Recap bysunshine4ever Updating....

Recaps of scene with FF fighters and DJ gang came to police station (like how episode25 ended) and took KT away from police station.

The FF people and DJ people took KT out, but on the way out KT was saying something to them. I'm not sure what KT said, but FF people convinced him that they must go? So they proceeded to leave. Maybe KT was worrying about the guy that was in the Tailor Shop that got caught?

Koiso woke up and SJ also woke up. SJ came out and fired some shots at the truck as the truck drove off. SJ screamed Kangto's name "Lee Kang To" after the truck drove off.

DJ people were taking care of KT. KT was lying on bed with a blanket while two DJ people were talking to each other which they mentioned BM.

Back to police station, Koiso was whipping the Tailor Shop guy? SJ came in and said something about KT. (KT was so sweet to think of this tailor shop guy even as they were leaving the police station).

Koiso touched the guy they captured at the tailor shop guy that they just whipped and said something to SJ. Maybe they will be heading to the tailor shop place soon as they knew it might be a place for FF?

Tailor shop secret room - Comrade Ahn came to tell everyone about what was going on. DSR was responding and talking to Ahn.

I don't know what they were saying, but DSR looked very happy about what he was saying. Maybe he was planning to do something to help the team out?

I'm thinking Ahn probably came in to tell them to leave the shop.

Scene with Takaga, Takeda, Koiso, and SJ driving in the car together. Maybe heading to tailor shop.

DSR in his honbok talking to comrade Ahn. Mok Dan came into hug her daddy. Mok Dan and Dad had some conversation. Maybe he taught her something about being courageous throughotu this time? She was crying and they had a big hug.

Scene with SJ and gang arriving at tailor shop or something, but there was something going on.

Leader Jo, FF lady, MD, and YB all wore different clothes and left Tailor Shop. Thank goodness they left otherwise they're doomed because SJ was on his way there!

SJ was driving towards another car. Oh my gosh, so it turned out DSR and comrade Ahn were trying to distract them.

Oh, no, MD's dad got shot? Md's dad to Ahn to run off. *tears* Oh, no please don't let him die.

MD dad told Anh to leave and he left, but MD's dad got a shot on his foot. *tears*

SJ came closer with the police and DSR was sitting in front of the car. So DSR was trying to pretend to be Yang Baek.

I don't know what DSR was saying to SJ, but it had Yang Baek in it. Sorry for my poverty for not understanding the language.

Oh, my God, did SJ just kill DSR? He got shot and died. RIP Dam Sa Ri.

Showing a scene of Mok Dan turning back and looking. Oh man this hurts so much. I can't imagine what Mok Dan will be feeling when she found out about this later

Mok Dan and the other people arrived at DJ station camp.

Mok Dan came into a room and KT was sitting on the floor. He smiled at her and she smiled back.

Village hot guy was making fun of them? lol. KT was saying something back to village guy and he went off. Looks like they're in good terms.

Mok Dan probably told him about her dad leaving and his plan? They had some talk and embraced each other smiling.

SJ came to the tailor shop but it's all emptied.

SJ and police staion went in to search for what's going on there. Koiso mentioned about the back door. They came inside and found the secret room with the Korean flags and the unification logos?

SJ saw a flashback of DSR saying something about YB. I think DSR was saying that YB & BM will unite along with DJ to fight against the Japanese government or corrupt the government and he was gladly to die for them? SJ saw a flashback of that and went screaming and kicking. Crazy dude.

Koiso destroyed the logo for unification.

Back at DJ camp everyone was sitting out door and talking including DJ and YB. MD & KT were not there. Ahn came in and YB was asking about DSR and Ahn told them he left? I think everyone will take that as bad news.

YB and Leader Jo were shocked to hear the news including everyone who were sitting there. *sobs*

Then Mok Dan was helping KT to come out and everyone's looks just showed bad news. MD was turning around and hugging KT and cried. Oh man, yesterday I was crying for KT and now for MD today.

Ueno wanted to kill SJ or something in the scene because he was yelling at SJ for letting BM leave? Sj came up with some other reasons about why his mission fell? KP was holding sword, but took back his sword after SJ gave his explanation. ueno gave Sj another chance. Rie was looking onward to SJ.

Rie came into a room that SJ was standing in. This is Ueno's place so Rie was wearing Kimono here. She said something here to him that involved MD in it. Maybe she told SJ that MD came into her place to beg for help for KT. Maybe it touched her? Like the way MD could kneel down and beg for KT?

Show a scene of posters and people were looking at them. Hot headed guy from village ripped off posters.

He saw Seowah coming and he called her name. Seowah's brother was talking to hot-headed guy. He had a long conversation here. Oh, so cute. I hope he can take care of her. Don't you guys think they're cute together?

Hot headed guy and SW's brother were saying something together. It seems like hot-headed guy from village is taking her in or something. Awww....hehehe...cute. SW's brother and hot-headed guy took off together.

DJ camp and MD was serving food to people. SW and bro came and met up with MD. They were hugging each other. Then YB and KT were seeing them behind and they were talking together about MD.

YB was saying something to KT it made KT looks so emotional. And it showed him looking at MD crying. Maybe YB was giving him tips about how to deal with this kind of problem?

MD was eatinga nd she seemed to be breaking down. MD left and sat and cried. KT followed her. He came and sat next to her. Maybe he's counseling her? Comfortingn her? He held her hand and hugged her in the scene.

Oh my gosh, scene with Koiso taking in Abe and asking Abe about KT or something?

Takeda came into report something to Koiso and Koiso immediately left.

Abe --- poor thing. Now found out that BM is KT?

Hot-headed village guy and Baek Gun were packing up to leave or something at KT's secret hide out.

Oh no, they heard noise and left using the window instead. Sj and his gang came and they ran after the other two. SJ was behind and see the pictures.

It showed some pictures of the people who got killed by BM. I think maybe SJ will get this that KT will eventually kill his dad because his dad's picture is in there? It showed a picture of the Count too?

Not sure but he took pics to Taro. Taro and his dad had some talk.

DJ station and people were talking together which included DJ, YB, KT, and Reporter Song and they were all smiling. Maybe something positive came up?

YB looks like he's a daddy figure for KT here sitting next to him.

Song reporter took KT into a room and they had some conversation. Maybe he mentioned about killing of Kumura Taro? Just then hot-headed village guy and Baek Gun came into the scene and KT talked to BG.

BG probably told KT that SJ came into their location here. They had some long conversation which I have no idea what they were saying.

Scene with Leader Jo and MD sitting together. Leader Jo was drinking some tea? MD looked happily and talked to Leader Jo about her dad.

Leader Jo said something about MD & KT. MD talked for a while about her dad. Poor MD.

MD seemed positive here and MD & Leader Jo smiled together.

MD and SW were picking out vegetables at the camp and some lady came to talk to them.

MD & KT talked to each other about something. And then he kissed her forehead. Gosh. censorship here? lol. Why are they so conservative?

Scene with Taro, SJ, Mayrama guy sitting in uniform and talked. Kaka came into the room and said some stuffs to them looking very worried. Taro said some stuffs and left Kaka sitting by himself.

Taro came back to his house and the nanny was saying hi to Taro.

Scene with SJ driving in his black car.

Taro wearing black kimono sitting with sword on his table. Nanny came in and gave him tea.

He looked like he was thinking about something and poured out tea.

BM coming into the house? He jumped over the wall and came in. Oh no so I guess KT was telling MD he is going to go and kill SJ's dad?

SJ's dad was sitting with sword waiting? OMG.

Nanny was yelling. SJ's dad looked like he's ready. OMG.

Bm opened the door and came in. SJ's dad was ready.

Then some other people also came out along with KT which were all in Taro's side.

KT used a knife to cut them all off. Oh no, this cannot be avoided. Poor Sunshine. Stop looking for salvation here.

Oh, my gosh, please don't show me that SJ seeing his dad being killed?

It ended with SJ's dad with sword ready, SJ coming towards dad, and KT about to kill SJ's dad.

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 26 Screenshot

Watch "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 26 Synopsis Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 26 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 26 Synopsis Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 26 Synopsis Preview

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Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 26 Synopsis Preview

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 26 Video Preview

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 26 Synopsis by hitomiakiko

Shunji is torturing Park and shouts “You are also together in this with Lee Kang To! The tailor shop is your hideout, right?” Meanwhile, Deuksu brings Dan to see Kang To who worries if he is alright. Kangto tells her he is okay, “Now I don’t have to worry about being caught and being on the edge.” Yang asks, “Lure?” and meets with Damsari who says in voiceover, “Now let’s play cat and mouse with the Japanese.” He meets with Dan, teary, as if going on a mission again.

Shunji finds the hideout in the tailor shop and rips the Korean flag down. Koiso asks in voiceover were Lee Kang To used to stay and Abe replies, “Maybe in the house on the hill.” Abe is also crying. Koiso perks at that-hill? Shunji finds the cottage and the whole wall covered with the posters and news clippings Kang San collected.

Taro mutters, “Gaksital was indeed Lee Sun’s son!” Baek Gun comes wot meet Kang To with Deuksu and tells him, “From now on, I will follow Young Master everywhere like a shadow!” Shunji and Taro contemplate Kang To’s clippinds and Taro says, “That fellow will definitely come and find me very soon.”

Kang To tells Baek Gun in voiceover, “I have to fight.” He is shown jumping the boundary of Taro’s house and entering the house and a flashback as he says, “It seems the time has come for me to deal with Kimura Taro.”

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 26 Screenshot

Watch "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 26 Synopsis Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 26 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews "Gaksital Bridal Mask" Episode 26 Synopsis Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 25 Screenshot Recap

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Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 25 Screenshot Recap

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 25 Video Preview

Gaksital Bridal Mask Episode 25 Recap by Softy Updating....

Starts from Ahn and that woman stealing the briefcase full of money and Jun and H fighting them.

Then Gaksital and the samurai get ready to battle it out. H gets beat pretty bad but the comrade. Ahn beats Jun too and knocks him out. ahn and the woman take the money and run

Gaksital starts fighting the samurai. Gaksital manages to him in the neck and stops a punch with his forehead. Gaksital is fighting better today and kicks him down a few times. He uses his legs to kick him a few times and then he runs and jumps and kicks and this time the samurai stays dwon. Ahn and the comrade come out and they all make it over the wall and leave

Lee goes into the room and calls out his son’s name. he finds him on the floor with blood on his head. He cradles his son in his arms and cries. The wife comes in and screams. She leaves the room as he calls out my baby. S comes over and looks in the room. he remembers how he yelled at lee jr saying what – a friend you think I am a korean. he walks down the hall.

Jung, H, taro, and yoshi are all kneeling in front of UH. He is yelling at S and everyone about what happened. He says how can they take care of the future. How could you disappoint me. How can you catch yang and JB. S asks for another chance to kill yang and JB but UH doesn’t have faith in him. Taro asks for another chance too. So UH gives one more chance. S thanks him and says I will keep my promise to you

K goes down and sees DJ and song and brings the money. they shake hands and they say K worked hard. Song says after we get the bombs preparations are doen. K says I will get the bombs. DJ says his men will help

The comrade is helping D pack cuz if S knows he was deceived then D will be in danger. D says Jo has to go too so ahn says hurry

S arrives with officers at the motel so D shows them into a room so they can hide. S goes to each room and looks for her. he hears a sound and sees Ahn jump down. S jumps after him and shoots the car as they drive off.

K is pacing at baek’s home until ahn shows up with D. she calls out young master. K thanks ahn. Ahn says your welcome and says I will go to teacher (yang). Baek stands there. D asks if K is going to work cuz S knows your identity. Baek asks what that means. She says how the spy girl said S said he was tricked by two people so who else could it be. K thinks he was found out by S at that time but didn’t kill me. Baek and D ask if that means S knew who K was and didn’t kill K. K says it was to catch yang and DJ so until S gets them S wont kill me. K says we just need bombs. After that I will quit. She tells him to be careful. He smiles at her

K goes into work over the wall. He sees guards posted everywhere. K goes in anyway

S says D has disappeared and leader Jo is gone too. He wonders if K is not going to show up. he worries what if he doesn’t show up. he checks and sees that K came in. he goes out and punches K. he asks what did you do last night. K says do I have to report what I did after work. S kicks him and says what. K takes the kicks and hits back. He asks why are you doing this –what did I do wrong. S keeps kicking saying what did you say. Abe and the rest come in. S says if you answer like that again you will die by my hands. He calls a meeting in 5 mins to the rest. Abe goes over and helps K up. he asks are you ok. Lackey grins and walks off. Abe wonders why everyone is like this.

S watches K preparing for the meeting. S thinks you should know the truth that I know you are gaksital but you showed up. what are you planning. K thinks in his head I have to rob the armory so it would be nice if you were tricked one more time

S starts the meeting and says how gaksital stole money for the army to use for terrorists. He asks K what do you think yang and DJ joined forces to do. K asks do you mean the governor’s HQ wasn’t bombed. What if it gets bombed later. We should be careful. S says no matter what we have to find yang and DJ. He calls an end to the meeting. S says K knew everything and came in to tell lies. You think I will be duped by you again

Suddenly DJ’s men wearing handkerchiefs start bombing a building.

Taro has a meeting with other heads and says how DJ did that. yoshi says DJ is acting up just as yang came so doesn’t that mean they are working together. S thinks the bombing is cuz of the registers. Spoints out how DJ was responsible for the flag incident. Taro wonders why they haven’t even seen a shadow of yang or DJ but S says don’t worry I have a way to get them (meaning K)

K goes to meet yang. K asks about the bombing and yang says how they are going over their plans. DS says how it will be dangerous for K so K says don’t worry cuz S knows my identity so there is not much time. yang says how K is going to throw away the name sato hiroshi and you have somewhere you need to come with me. K gives them info about the armory and where to meet when he calls

When K leaves the tailor shop lackey saw him and drove after him.

Lackey goes back and reports to S that K left the tailor shop

So S goes to the tailor shop. S asks if K drops by here often. S thinks K cant afford clothes here on his salary. Tailor makes up a lie. Ahn is about to leave and sees S there. S asks which suit K chose and tailor says he is picky so he just looks. S says I was going to get the same suit as him. Tailor says I will let you know when he makes one. S leaves

Lee and his wife are taken to see UH. Jun just shoves her after she says do you know who I am. She complains to UH saying did you drag me here. I collected the money but it’s not my fault it was stolen. H tells her to shut up. H shows them the letter Lee’s son wrote. He wrote that the money would be going to the rebels. She yells at her husband asking did you know. Lee cries and talks about kishokai. The wife says the son is bringing misery on me even in death. He is not my real son. UH tells them to leave kishokai so lee says how he never sided with the rebels and his wife asks for forgiveness just once. H says how much money was stolen and wants Lee to sign over his property so he agrees. UH nods and Jun and samurai both kill Lee and his wife. UH tells H about trust

S sits in his car and thinks they need bombs to bomb the governor’s HQ.

S goes into work.S says how we were duped by a Korean about the bombing. He says sorry to K. I should have kept the guy in custody but let him go and you didn’t get to avenge your mother and hyung. S offers to buy drinks at angel club

The officers are drinking and dancing but K and S drink with the madam in the room. Waiter says please make our madam stop drinking. S asks if her heart is hurting cuz of lee jr. K asks did something happen to him. Waiter says how Lee jr shot himself. K is shocked and asks why did he die. S says didn’t you know. he gave over the money to gaksital and died. If I knew this would happen I wouldn’t have been mean to him. I knew how weak hearted he was.Kangto I killed him too. S says I don’t like myself. I don’t want to live. He passes out (or pretends to). K stands and leaves. S opens his eyes

K goes out and looks at all the officers getting drunk. He makes a call to the comrade. She says we will leave right now. K leaves. S comes out and all the officers are not drunk at all and follow S out. except for Abe. He is passed out and says don’t touch me.

Gaksital takes out the guards posted outside. Ahn takes out another one. They all rush into the police station and take down guards. They get the keys and break into the armory

S arrives with the officers and see the guards knocked out. they pull out weapons and go in

Gaksital and ahn are moving the boxes. There are men outside in trucks loading them and Kim is one of them. S walks down the hall and sees all the guards knocked out. he says it was the armory and rushes over. She warns they are coming but K says hurry and leave. She says you have to go with us but he says move the bombs first. They leave and gaksital fights off guards. S holds his gun to K’s head and says take your mask off. K doesn’t listen to S takes the mask off. Lackey and others see K’s face and are shocked.

Kim tries to go back in but she says there is no way to rescue him now. Ahn says we have to go now and they leave

Lackey orders K chained up in the torture room. Lackey says this basta&^% was gaksital. all this time you put on a show that you would catch gaksital. K just stares at him so lackey doesn’t like it and whips him repeatedly. S comes down and watches K being beaten

Comrade and ahn go down to see yang. D asks about K but the woman says sorry. DS asks if he was caught. Yang is shocked andcries as her dad goes over to comfort her

K and S sit and K says you know kenji killed my mother. S asks so you are the one who killed my hyung. My friend who I loved more than my brother. My friend beat him to death? K says I had to do that or else I would have gone crazy. My hyung KS who was a fool was gaksital the one you were crazed to catch. I wanted to catch gaksital so I shot my hyung. I didn’t know kenji would go after him and shot my mother. So cuz of my hyung KS I ended up wearing that mask. S cries. K: S – thank you for catching me. S: what? K: since I have been caught like this I wont end up killing you with my own hands. S cries more and stands up. he leaves the room without a word.

S goes up to his office. He remembers how K said now that he has been caught he wont end up killing S. he cries and remembers how they both cried on that bike that day. He cries more and then stops

H is told a visitor came.H goes out and D is standing there. D says I came to ask you a favor. I will do whatever you want. H asks what she is saying. D says please save K. H asks what do you mean. D says you know K is gaksital too don’t you. he was caught by S. please save his life. if you save his life I will leave if you want and forget him. Please save him. H says sorry. Go back. I don’t have the power to that anymore. D gets on her knees. Please please I am begging you. H looks down at her

S tells taro and yoshi about K. Yoshi is shocked. taro says K is gaksital. S says K was robbing the armory last night and we caught him. Taro asks if K killed kenji. Yoshi says how could gaksital be among my officers. S says I will catch yang and DJ through him. But taro leaves so S gets alarmed and follows

Taro goes over to K. he looks him in the eye. He remembers his dead son kenji. He grabs K’s face and says you dare to kill my son. K says he killed my mother. Taro says you dare to kill my son.Out him in the nail crate. S tells him to be patient cuz they have to catch yang and DJ but taro says put him in there now. Taro rocks K back and forth in the nail crate. K screams. S asks K: where is yang and DJ. If you talk I will let you out. K says I don’t know. taro kicks the cage so K screams louder.

They tied him back up and K is passed out. S leans over and calls his name. he throws water on K to revive him. S asks where is yang and DJ. K: how many times do I have to say I don’t know. S says since you aren’t going to talk I called someone to help. Come in. the officers bring in the tailor (Park). S asks park where is yang. You know don’t you. park says I don’t know. S says if K doesn’t talk then park will be tortured and shot. S starts to drown park so K says don’t do that. do that to me instead.

Comrade says park was caught so let’s move locations (and not stay at the tailor shop) but Yang says I wont move till K comes back. DS and others plan to get K out tonight. Since DS knows the way in better than anyone

They all go and knock out guards and go into the station.

Lackey put K into the box against the wall. DJ’s group and comrades come in and rescue K. S watches them leave and then gets knocked out. K turns to look at S.

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