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Hwa Young's Breast Exposed On TV- Can It Happen Again? Yes

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Hwa Young's Breast Exposed On TV- Can It Happen Again? Yes

Wardrobe malfunctions happen all the time. They are largely the result of clothing that is too revealing. With flimsy fabrics that only cover small portions of the star's body, anything can happen. Although this is new in the world of kpop, American stars are no stranger to the always dreaded wardrobe malfunction. With that being said, stars need to understand the importance of wearing proper clothing.

Photos Park Shin-hye looks shy with her brow exposed

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Photos Park Shin-hye looks shy with her brow exposed

The 10th breast cancer awareness crusade via W Korea was once held in 4 Seasons Hotel Gwanghwamun on October 27th.

Park Shin-hye arrived at the venue dressed in a ponytail with all of the hair tied in the back of her head. She kept covering her exposed brow with her hands, which is generally hidden by her signature bang.

Meanwhile, f(x) Krystal, Jessica, Oh Ji-ho, Jang Yoon-ju, Esom, Kang Hye-jeong, Cheon Woo-hee, Hong Jong-hyeon, Jeong Kyeong-ho, Kang Sp-ra, Yoonhan, Lee So-yeon, Park Joo-mi, Goo Ha-ra, Goo Ha-ra, Ji Chang-wook, Son Tae-yeong, Park Joong-hoon and other celebrities attended the event.

Girls' Generation's Sunny provides recommendation about breast implants

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Girls' Generation's Sunny provides recommendation about breast implants

Girls" Generation"s Sunny gave advice about breast implants to a viewer at the September 30th episode of JTBC"s "Chain buying groceries Family".

Sunny and other visitors were asked via a viewer whether she must use her complete savings so as to augment her chest or to move off on a shuttle to Europe. Regardless that Park Ji Yoon and comic Kim Sook advised that it was once very best that she spend her cash on surgery, Sunny took the alternative side.

The Girls" Generation member said, "I think it"s greater to visit Europe. Whilst you visit Europe, you"ll see a huge number of those that wear clothing that works for them without reference to breast size. I believe it"s better to go to Europe and gain more self belief in addition experience. i believe herbal is better."

What do you recall to mind Sunny"s advice? 

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Dongwoo"s extraordinary dorm behavior exposed on "Choi Hwa Jung"s vitality Time"

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the men of infinite were discussing their dorm existence on "Choi Hwa Jung"s power Time" when some juicy main points inevitably surfaced all the way during their revealing communicate. 

Woohyun used to be telling of the crowd"s existing existence when he discussed that he secretly took an image of Dongwoo. He stated, "One day at the dorm, Dongwoo used to be at the pc utterly bare. as it used to be so funny, I took an image from the back, yet you'll be able to still see during the chair," flustering deficient Dongwoo.

A stunned DJ Choi Hwa Jung became to Dongwoo to determine the validity at the back of Woohyun"s tale. Dongwoo may just maximum effective give an embarrassed laughter and admitted, "It"s true. It"s bothersome to place on anything at the dorms," making each person burst out into laughter. 

Dongwoo"s ordinary conduct don"t just finish at going com guydo, on the alternative hand. The infinite participants often known as him out for collecting other folks"s junk. Choi Hwa Jung wondered the rapper, "what is the your maximum gratifying locate latestly?" Dongwoo spoke back, "Desks. I picked up five desks. I carried them on my back, there"s a workout pass more or less like that.

Unfortunately, the alternative infinite participants didn"t appear to believe Dongwoo"s trust that one guy"s junk is any other guy"s treasure. Sunggyu part-jokingly told the the listeners, "I in point of fact don"t locate it irresistible," drawing laughter. 

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Lee Yoo-bi and Lee Joon-ki, why did he put his hand on Park Ha-seon"s breast?

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It turns out that actor Lee Joon-ki put his hand on actress Park Ha-seon"s breast ago.

This episode used to be told at the MBC display "phase tv" when they were filming "Two Weeks".

Lee Joon-ki claimed the placement put him in an awkward spot yet it used to be a just right reminiscence.

Park Ha-seon acknowledged, "If I displayed embarrassment it'll be even more so for Lee Joon-ki so I told him to do what he sought after.

Ryoo Soo-yeong who used to be also in the similar drama acknowledged, "i used to be fearful for him".

in the meantime, Lee Joon-ki is starring in the hot MBC drama "scholar Who Walks the night" as Kim Seong-yeol.

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G-Dragon has admitted to never hanging his photos in his house due to his Paparazzi-Exposed Life

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G-Dragon Does Not Hang up His Pictures at Home Because of His Paparazzi-Exposed Life The lives of stars are often like an open book with little privacy due to the paparazzi. BIGBANGG-Dragon, who knows very well what it is like to be exposed to the camera 24/7, revealed that he didn’t have pictures of himself hung up in his house for this reason.

On the episode of OnStyle’s “Style Live” aired on June 25, G-Dragon revealed the inside of his art exhibition, “PEACEMINUSONE.”

G-Dragon transformed his pictorials into virtual cubes, and while presenting the pieces, he says, “I’m actually not the type of person to put up pictures of myself at home.”

“Though I try to avoid hanging up my photos because my job requires me to be exposed to the camera anyways, this exhibition gave me the opportunity to choose my favorite picture. Each picture here has been hand picked by me from a spectrum of pictorial images taken over the past few years.”

G-Dragon collaborated with 14 modern art teams to display his vision of culture through the language of modern contemporary art at his exhibition “PEACEMINUSONE.” “PEACEONEMIUS” is another word for G-Dragon’s ideal world, meaning the crossing point (ONE) between a PEACEful world and reality’s lack of peace (MINUS.)

It will be held in Seoul from August 9 to 23, then move on to Shanghai, Singapore and major Asian countries.

Sin Se-kyeong"s breast exposure

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Sin Se-kyeong

Sin Se-kyeong"s dress brought along the hot topic of her exposure in the movie "Tazza: The Hidden Card".

Actress Sin Se-kyeong took off her underwear and revealed her hip line in the movie.

In a former interview with News N she"d said, "I can"t say it doesn"t bother me. Even actors have to go through some exposure at some point so I wondered when would be the right time for me".

Son Ho Joon’s Idol Background Is Exposed on “Laws of the Jungle”

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Son Ho Joon’s Idol Background Is Exposed on “Laws of the Jungle”

Son Ho Joon’s pretty looks aren’t only used for acting—he was also an idol singer in the past.

On the recent episode of SBS’s “Laws of the Jungle in Indochina” which aired on April 17, the crew has to survive on Can Gio Island in Vietnam.

When Lim Ji Yeon, Seo In Gook, and Son Ho Joon huddle together in front of the camera, the actress comments, “We look like idol stars.”

When Son Ho Joon shrugs the matter off by saying, “What idol? That’s ridiculous,” Seo In Gook jokingly exposes his past by revealing, “You know what it’s like to be an idol.” Lim Ji Yeon adds, “You do come from an idol background,” mentioning Son Ho Joon’s participation in the group Tachyon.

Son Ho Joon is thoroughly embarrassed as his idol past is exposed. Others, however, cannot help but laugh as they watch him try to shake off the embarrassment.

Yoo Yeon Seok Reveals That Son Ho Joon Used to Be the Leader of an Idol Group

Lee Honey, "I was offered breast implants"

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Lee Honey,

Actress Lee Honey confessed that she was once suggested breast surgery on the cable channel On Style "Get It Beauty".

During a talk regarding breasts, Lee Honey said, "There are different types in a beauty clinic with different shapes".

"I was suggested the idea once. I was asked if I would want shape alteration because it was a trend. I was surprised there even was a "trend"".

Some of the women in the audience revealed their breast sizes and so did the MCs.

MC Kim Jeong-min asked what sized she looked like and everyone yelled "B" which was the right answer.

Lee Honey said, "I thought I was big but I guess not". So Yoo also said, "I think I"m big but sometimes I"m not happy when I look in the mirror".

[Spoiler] "Blood" Ahn Jae-hyeon exposed himself as vampire trapped by Ji Jin-hee

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Ahn Jae-hyeon turned into a vampire.

On the February 17th episode of KBS drama, "Blood", Ji-sang (Ahn Jae-hyeon) fell through into a trap by Jae-wook (Ji Jin-hee).

As Jae-wook noticed that Ji-sang should take medication each time before he performed a surgery, he manipulated Ji-sang"s safe where he kept his medication so that Ji-sang could not access it.

Lee Jae-wook put Ji-sang in charge of an important surgery and Ji-sang had to go into the surgery room without the medication.

When Ji-sang saw blood during the surgery, he felt dizzy, the color of his eyes turned green and his nails started growing long.

Jae-wook was excitedly watching the scene while Ji-sang was turning into a vampire.

"Blood" is a fantasy medical drama depicting romance and medical performance by a vampire doctor.